Tube Products of India is a taking maker of preciseness steel strips and steel tubings which is located at Avadi. which comes under the avadi municipality. Thiruvallur territory. Tamilnadu. The extent of land at TPI is 86. 39 Estates and 2000 employees working in three displacement footingThe mill is located in between the Chennai Thiruvallur High route and Chennai Bangalore Rail path for the North and the south side severally.

Nagammai Nagar is located at the east side of the mill and Tamilnadu Special Police is located at the west side of the mill.Need for the Survey:To fabricate the steel strips and tubes it requires immense measure of H2O for assorted intents like chilling. procedure and domestic demands. they get the H2O 8 KM off from the mill country since the land H2O quality inside the mill premises is non run intoing their demand. even though they have initiated many H2O preservation undertakings through recycling the waste H2O to their fabrication procedure and chilling demands to cut down the ingestion of groundwater.To use the land H2O from the mill premises itself they need to originate the rain H2O reaping method to better the land H2O quality and to utilize the H2O for their demands.

Aims:* To better the measure and the quality of the land H2O by reloading the rain H2O.* To place appropriate location to reload rainwater.Methodology:The methodological analysis used to better the land H2O quality and the measure is by reaping the rainwater in aggregation pools and reloading the dullard WellssHow to make the aim?* Topographical Survey* Existing form of recharge & A ; Discharge* Primary & A ; Secondary informations aggregation* Existing Quality of land H2O* Developing IDF curve* Runoff Calculation

Topographic SurveyTopographic study was conducted at the Tube merchandises of India site for acquiring the topographic informations chiefly for turn uping and planing the rain H2O recreation. aggregation and storage constructions.Data Collection:* Rainfall Data* Existing Water ingestion* Existing Water quality

Rainfall Data:Thiruvallur rain gage station is the nearest rain gage station and the aggregation of rainfall informations of the nearest rainfall station for the period 1980 to 2006 has been computed utilizing the rainfall informations for the Thiruvallur rain gage station. The maximal inundation discharge has been computed utilizing the rainfall informations for the monsoon months.

Existing Water Consumption:TPI is pulling land H2O from Paruthipet small town which is located at 8 KM from Avadi where the industry is located. The conveyance of H2O is through pipe line and this is pumped by 15 horsepowers motor. Every twenty-four hours they draw 220 KL for their top up in procedure. chilling and domestic intent.Actual ingestion of the industry is 637 KLD.

The industry has taken many enterprises to cut down the H2O ingestion and succeeded. To cut down the land H2O pulling industry has taken many enterprises like recycling & A ; reusing of trade wastewater and sewerage wastewater. 437 KLD of those wastewaters is recycled and reused through Ultra filtration.

Rearward osmosis and Mechanical Evaporator.Existing Water Quality in TPI:TPI is holding Six dullard Wellss all about. of shallow deepness from 150 to 200 pess. the Defense Intelligence Agency of dullard Wellss are 6 inch’s the quality of the dullard Wellss are non run intoing the demands of the industry. The entire dissolve solids and the chloride degrees are higher than the demands of the demand of the industry.The TDS varies from 2500 PPM to 4500 PPMThe Cl varies from 780 PPM to 1200 PPM
Developing IDF Curve:From the analysis the strength of rainfall is arrived as 56. 80 mm/hr for 60 proceedingss continuance and three twelvemonth return periodRunoff Calculation:* Calculation of Area* Calculation of Coefficient of overflow* Calculation of Runoff

Calculation of Area:Area Calculation|| Covered & A ; paved area| Un paved| Total in Hectares| Area 1| 8. 4| 3.

5| 11. 9|Area 2| 5. 2| 4. 9| 10. 1|Area 3| 7.

3| 5. 6| 12. 9|Total| 20. 9| 14| 34. 9|Calculation of Coefficient of overflow:Runoff Coefficients Based on Surface Type for Rational Equation By Surface Type—Use as Basis for Computation of Composite Runoff Coefficients| Surface Type| Runoff Coefficients|Industrial Light Heavy| 0.

50-0. 800. 60-0. 90|Gravel surfaces. compacted| 0. 85-0. 95|Gravel surfaces. notcompacted| 0.

50-0. 70|Parks. golf classs. farms| 0. 10-0. 20|Lawns.

grazing lands. hayfieldsFlat ( & lt ; 2 % inclines ) Average ( 2-7 % inclines ) Steep ( & gt ; 7 % inclines ) | 0. 10-0. 150.

15-0. 200. 20-0. 30|

Industrial Heavy country: 0. 75Un Paved country: 0. 20
Coefficient of runoff|Area 1| 0.

59|Area 2| 0. 48|Area 3| 0. 51|

Calculation of Overflow:Rational FormulaThe Rational Method is based on the Rational Formula:Q = 2. 778 CiA
Q = the maximal rate of overflow three-dimensional metre per second ( cumecs ) C = overflow coefficient stand foring the fraction of rainfall that becomes overflow I = rainfall strength for a continuance equal to the clip of concentration ( mm/hr ) A = drainage country ( Square KM )Area Calculation| Runoff Calculation|| Covred & A ; paved area| Bare land| Total in Hectares| | Area 1| 8. 4| 3.

5| 11. 9| 1. 10| M3/S|Area 2| 5. 2| 4.

9| 10. 1| 0. 77| M3/S|Area 3| 7. 3| 5. 6| 12.

9| 1. 04| M3/S|

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