The durion has been acknowledged and obsessional in south-eastern Asia since ancient period, However, the Western universe merely know about around 600 old ages. The initial identified European indicant on the durion is Longobardi Conti ‘s record, who go to the southeast south-eastern Asia in 15th century.Garcia de Orta described durions in India available in 1563.

In 1741, Herbarium Amboinense by the German phytologist Georg Bernhard Rumphius was published, given that the most comprehensive and true study of durions over a century. The type Durio has a complex classification that has seen the generalisation and accretion of much assortment since it was formed by Rumphius. During the early period of systematic survey, there has some confusion between prickly custard apple and durian ( Annona muricata ) , for these type had spiky green fruit. It is attractive to observe down the Malay first name for the prickly custard apple was durian Belanda, significance Dutch durion. In eighteenth century, Weizmann measured the durion to experience right to Castaneda as its fruit was similar to horse chestnut.D. zibethinus introduced into Ceylon by Portuguese in the 16th had reintroduced many times.

It has been works in Americas but restricted to botanical gardens. The first seedlings had sent from England ( Kew Botanic Gardens ) to St. Aromen of Dominica in 1884. The durion has been civilized for centuries at the small town degree, perchance from the tardily eighteenth century, the commercial in south-east though the mid-20th century.

In twelvemonth of 1949, the British phytologist ( E. J. H. Corner ) published Origin of the Modern Tree and the Durian Theory.

His thought is endozoochory ( the incentive of animate beings to transport seeds by their pot ) arise before some other technique of seed spreading, and that ancient ancestor of Durio kind were the initial practicians of that attack, specially the ruddy durian fruit demonstrate the ancient fruit of blooming workss.From the early 1990s, the require for durian in domestic and international organisation of South-East Asiatic Nations ( ASEAN ) part has enlarged radically, partially due to the increasing prosperity in Asia.


Durian trees are rather immense, it can lifting up to 25-50A meters ( 80-165 foot ) in height, depending on assortment. The foliages are opposite, evergreen, elliptic of rectangle and 10-18A centimeters ( 4-7 in ) lengthy. The flowers are formed in three to thirty clump jointly on big brushwood and the thorax, each flower holding a calyx ( sepals ) and 5 petals. Durian trees have one to two blossoming and fruiting periods per twelvemonth, while the clip of these vary depending on cultivars, part and assortment.

A characteristic durian tree can let fruit after four to five old ages. The durian fruit can hang up from the limb, mature in around three months after pollenation. Among the 30 identified type of Durio, so far nine type have been recognized to fabricate tantrum to be eaten fruits: D.

zibethinus, D. graveolens, D. grandiflorus, D. dulcis ( ruddy fresed durion ) , D. kutejensis, D.

testudinarum, D. oxleyanus, D. macrantha and D. lowianus. on the other manus, there are many species has ne’er been collected or analyze and other species with suited for eating fruit may be.

D. zibethinus is the lone species commercially sophisticated on a big scope and available exterior of its local country. Since the species is open-pollinated, it shows significant assortment in olfactory property and coloring material, size of flesh and seed, and tree phonemics.

the assortment name, zibethinus refers to the Indian civet. There is incongruousness refering whether this name, present by Linnaeus, refers to civets being so affectionate of the durion that it was use as annoyer to lead on them, or the smelling of durian like the civet.Durian flowers are big and soft with legion nectar, and exude a heavy, rancid and indigestible smell. These characteristics are typical of flowers which are pollinated by certain assortment of chiropteran as they eat nectar and pollen..

Harmonizing to the research which carry out in Malaysia during 1970s, durions were pollinated about wholly by cave fruit chiropterans ( Eonycteris spelaea ) . Nevertheless, a more current investigate finished in 1996 indicate that two assortment, D. oblongus and D. grandiflorus, were pollinated by spider huntsmans ( Nectariniidae ) and the other assortment, D. kutejensis, were pollinated through honey bees, birds and bats.ats.


Numerous cultivars ( cultivars ( ringers ) of durian fruit have arise in south-eastern Asia in surplus of the centuries. They used to turn from seeds with better quality, but are now propagate by layering, selling, or more normally, by transplant, including flower, coating, Lodge, belt or U-grafting on seedling of arbitrary rhizomes.

Different cultivars can be well-known to some degree by fluctuation in the fruit form, merely like the form of the spinal column. Durian clients province penchant for precise cultivars, which obtain higher monetary values in the market.There are so many assortments of durian in Malaysia. Sometimes the names are in Chinese, sometimes in Malay, sometimes in codification, and sometimes it is from the topographic point that it was grown plus the class that grow at that place.The assorted assortment of durian in Malaya:Durian Raja Kunyit – odoriferous Durian with gluey soft flesh and particular relishDurian Tawa – syrupy and acrimonious spirit with soft flesh and yummyDurian Tracka – scented Durian and good spirit with syrupy and acrimonious spirit of high valueDurian Hor-Lor – sugary and strong spirit with bulky and dry flesh of high valueDurian Dato Nina – odoriferous Durian with steamy chunky flesh and little cavity of high categoryDurian Udang Merah – syrupy and gustatory sensation excellent with satiny flesh of high valueDurian Mas Selangor – odoriferous Durian and good quality relish with chunky and soft flesh and sweetie SweetDurian Jiuji – syrupy with little cavity, syrupy and silky of high characteristicDurian Mas Johor – syrupy and first-class olfactory property with soft flesh and ruddy fleshDurian No. D-24 – Strong olfactory property and first-class relish with syrupy and acrimonious relish with soft fleshDurian No. D-88 – syrupy and acrimonious relish with strong olfactory property and chunky flesh and tastyDurian No. D-96 – syrupy and first-class olfactory property with soft flesh and ruddy, bulky flesh

Flavour and odour

The unusual smell has driven a batch of people look for an accurate account.

Comparisons have been made with the civet, muss musty puke and rotter spray. The broad scope of descriptions for the odor of durion may hold a great compact to make with the broad incompatibility of durion odor itself. Durians from different species will hold appreciably different odor ; for illustration, ruddy durion has a deep caramel spirit with a gum terpentine odor, though red-fleshed durions emit a odor of roasted Prunus dulciss. The grade of adulthood has tremendous consequence on the spirit every bit good.The gustatory sensation of ruddy flesh durion ( sukang ) is about similar with other durions merely it as sweetish sour comparison to others. Others who have tasted sukang describe it holding a carrot-like spirit. The smell of this durion is far weaker than other durions.

Ripeness and choice

The durion is prepared to devour when its shell begins to check.

However, the best phase of adulthood to be like varies from province to province in Southeast Asia and besides by assortment. Some species grow really tall, therefore merely be composed one time upon a clip they have fall to the land, while most cultivars of D. zibethinus are about ever scratch from the tree and allow it from the tree and allowed to maturate while waiting to be sold. Some people prefer their durions moderately immature, when the bunchs within the shell are still crispy in surface and soft in spirit. The front-runner for the durion is squashy and judicious in odor as likely. In Singapore and Malaysia, most clients prefer the durion to be comparatively rather matured and may even guess leting the fruit to maturate after its shell has broken unwrap on its ain.

In these fortunes, the flesh become copiously creamy, somewhat alcoholic, the odor chiseled and the spirit extremely many-sided.The different penchants about the adulthood among different clients make it tough to subject the general statements about taking a “ good quality ” fruit. Durians that autumn off the tree continue to maturate for about two to four yearss, but following five or six yearss would see it over mature and unpleasant. The common suggestion for a durian consumer in taking a full fruit in the market is to look at the quality of the chaff or chaff, which loses wetness as it ages: a large, difficult chaff is a symbol of freshness.

Dishonest merchandisers wrap, coat, or take the chaff wholly. Another frequent suggestion is to agitate the fruit and listen for the seeds traveling sound, stand foring that the durion is really mature, and the crush has dried out slightly.

Choice and storage

The durian fruit is native to Southeast Asia. It is sold in markets all over the Asiatic universe and is besides imported in the United States and Europe. Peoples have differences in penchants sing ripeness, while some like somewhat ripened, tart flavoured durions while others might wish to cherishA over ripened.

Normally, mature fruit that falls off the tree is collected and put to sale.AIn the shop, take a durian fruit with house chaff. It is one of the expensive fruit ; some of its assortments like D24 ( Sultan ) is in high demand and commands higher monetary value.

The fruit can besides be stored in the icebox for few yearss.



Durian is prized for its mush and is either eaten as a natural fruit or as an ingredient in bars and ice pick or preserved in a sugar solution and sociable with spices as a gusto. ( The theory and pattern of workplace acquisition in the acceptance of in targeted plague direction by tropical fruit agriculturists in Thailand, Barry Elsey and Kittipong Sirichoti.2003 ) Durian fruit normally used to season broad assortment of cloying nutrient merely like rose biscuits, ice kachang, traditional Malay confect, dodol, or ice pick, milk shakes, Moon bars, and cappuccino.

Pulut Durian is sort of gluey rice cook with coconut milk and served with mature durion. In the Sabah, ruddy durion is served as a side dish as it ‘s fried with onions and chili. Red-fleshed durion is customarily auxiliary to sajur, as sort of Indonesian soup which made from fresh H2O fish.

Tempoyak refers to fermented durian, normally made from lower value durion that is unsuitable for direct ingestion. Tempoyak can be eat by cooked or rare, its usually devour with rice, and besides be used for cook the curry. Sambal Tempoyak as Sumatran dish prepared by the coconut milk, fermented durian fruit, and a digest of spicy ingredient known as sambal.Malaysians make both sweet and piquant jam from durian. When durian is mix with onions, acetum and salt, it is called boder. The durian seeds, that the size about similar to chestnuts, can be eaten after they are boiled, roasted or fried, with a quality that is similar to yam, but stickier.

In Java, the seeds served as confectionery which sliced thin and cooked with sugar.. Shoots and immature foliages of the durion are often cooked as leafy vegetables. Sometimes the pulverization of the burned coat is added to particular bars.

The durian flowers ‘ petals are eaten in the Batak province at Indonesia.

Preparation and functioning methods

Outer surface of the Durian fruit is to the full covered with crisp irritants like spikes, capable of doing cuts ; it is hence, one should be careful while managing it. Cut unfastened the fruit longitudinally the same manner you do in JackfruitsA to expose implicit in creamy yellow mush. Slice the mush to take seeds.

Here are some functioning tips:

Durian fruit is used as a flavour base in a broad diverseness of sweet commissariats such as rose biscuits, ice kachang, traditional Malay confect, dodol and etc.It is besides used in the readying of ice pick, milk shakes, Yule logs and cappuccino.Red-fleshed durion is traditionally added to sayu ( Indonesian soup cook by fresh H2O fish ) .Ikan brengkes, A a a fish cooked in a durian-based sauce, customary in Sumatran islands in Indonesia.

Green durions may be cooked as a veggie in assortment of dishes.Durian seeds which taste similar to jack fruit seeds or yam can be eaten poached or roasted.

Nutritional and medicative

DURIAN ‘s Nutrient /Nutrition Facts Summary



Amount per Serving1 cup, chopped or dicedDaily Recommended IntakeKilogram calories357 Kcal( Based on a 2000 Calorie Intake ; for Adults and Children 4 or More Old ages of Age )Fat13 A g20 % of 65gSaturates0 A g0 % of 20gMonounsaturates0 A gA N/APolyunsaturates0 A gA N/ACholesterolA 0 A milligram0 % of 300mgASodium5 A milligram0 % of 2400mgA ACarbohydratesA 66 A g22 % of 300gAFiberA 9 A g36 % of 25gA ASugarsA 0 A gA N/AProtein4 A gA8 % of 50gA BeginningVitamin a1A A 0 A AµgA N/AVitamin CA A 48 A milligramExcellent Source of Vitamin C80 % of 60mgA ACalcium15 A mgAA A 2 % of 1000mgAIron1 A mgABeginning of Iron6 % of 18mgA AVitamin E0 A AµgAN/AAVitamin K0 A AµgAA 0 % of 80AµgA AVitamin b11 A mgA AExcellent Source of Thiamin66.67 % of 1.5mgA AVitamin b20 A mgAA A 0 % of 1.

7mgANiacin3 A mgA AA A 15 % of 20mgAVitamin B12A A 0 A AµgAA A 0 % of 6AµgAPantothenate1 A mgA AA A Source of Pantothenate10 % of 10mgAPotassium1059 A mgAExcellent Source of Potassium53 % of 2000mgAPhosphorus95 A mgABeginning of Phosphorus10 % of 1000mgA AMagnesium73 A mgAA A Good Source of Magnesium18 % of 400mgAZinc1 A mgA% of 15mgAVitamin B61 A mgAA A Excellent SourceA 50 % of 2mgAFolic AcidA A 0 A AµgAA N/A“ Beginning of… ” , “ Contains..

. ” At least 5 % of the recommended day-to-day consumption. 5 % A“ Good beginning…

” , “ High in… ” At least 15 % 30 % A“ Excellent beginning.

.. ” , “ Very high in… ” , “ Rich in.

.. ” At least 25 % 50 % A

Nutritional Analysis

Good Nutrition

NoA saturated fatNoA cholesterinVery low inA NaHigh inA dietetic fibreHigh inA vitamin B1High inA vitamin B6Very high inA vitamin C

Health Benefits:

Durian fruit contains a high sum of sugar, vitamin C, K, and the serotoninergic amino acid tryptophan, and is a good beginning of saccharides, proteins, and fat. It is suggested as a first-class resource of natural fats by legion natural nutrient advocator, while others classify it as a high-glycemic or high-fat nutrient, urging understating its ingestion.Clean and jerks blood, it is found that durion has a filtering characteristic that can divide urine waste from the blood.

Builds musclesA Durian contains high degree of soft protein which makes it a good musculus builder.Durian contains high degrees of the amino acid tryptophan, known to relieve anxiousness, depression, and insomnia, and create feelings of felicity, by raising degrees of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the encephalon.AphrodisiacA durion is found to be a really powerful aphrodisiac for our sexual life.FiberA that aids in digestion, and washes off drosss accompanied by unhealthy nutrients.MagnesiumA that helps our organic structure absorb Ca, and strengthens castanetss, and in maintaining our bosom healthy, and musculus relaxation.Rich in vitamin B, C and with high Fe content. Eating durion is alleged to reconstruct the wellness of ailing worlds and animate beings.

IronA is of import for the production of RBC that is of import in our immune system and helps in blood oxygenation. Vitamin C for our unsusceptibility.Vitamin B-Complex vitamins are indispensable for keeping the nervous system, healthy tegument, eyes, hair, oral cavity, liver, musculus tone in the GI piece of land, back uping immune map, bring forthing energy, and helping in the metamorphosis of saccharides, fats and proteins. Aids in the release of energy from nutrients.CarbohydratesA for energy.

Sulphur, yes even the thing that makes it smell bad has a benefit, it ‘s really an aminic acid in order for the collagen a protein responsible for the protection of our castanetss in order for them non to hold clash and a really agonizing hurting.potassiumA as we all know K is an electrolyte, it is one of the electrolytes responsible for normal acerb base balance and normal maps of musculuss, nervousnesss and encephalon and one of the most of import constituent in the transition of animal starch from bld. sugar.HasA antioxidantA that helps to forestall disease.

Durians medicative and negative consequence of consume durion

In Malaysia, a usage of the foliages and roots as an antipyretic.

The leaf juice applied on the febrility patient ‘s caput. The most comprehensive account of the curative usage of durian as medical specialty for febrility as Malay intervention, collected by Burkill and Haniff in 1930. Decoctions of the foliages and fruits are applied to puffinesss and tegument diseases.Durian Fruit Products, Inc. , at New York City produced a merchandise named “ Dur-India ” as a good health nutrient complement, the tablets contained durian and a species of the type of Alliums from India and vitamin E. The corporation advance the complement stating that they offer “ farther intense healthy energy in food markets construction than any other merchandise the universe afford “ .

It is beliefs, byA Asiatic communities that the durian fruit to hold warming heat that can do inordinate perspiration. The customary technique to countervail this is to pour H2O into the fruit ‘s empty shell after the flesh has been eaten and imbibe it. Another manner to chill off theA vigor when eating durion is with Mangifera indicas adolescent that is considered holding chilling esthesis.It is advisable by the older coevals that Peoples who high blood force per unit area or pregnant adult females are normally advise non to eat durian.

It heats the organic structure or increases blood force per unit area ; excessively much consumption will do it a precipitating factor for people with high blood pressure for a worst instance scenario. It ‘s besides said that consumption of durian together with intoxicant can ensue to stroke. ( 1981, J. R.

Croft write in his Bombacaceae: In the enchiridion of the Flora of Papua New Guinea. )This goes to demo excessively much of everything is bad, even if durian has many healthful benefits it can still set you in injury ‘s manner when you take it excessively much, everything has a monetary value both good and bad, for durian it ‘s the same narrative.Durian fruit is extremely alimentary it is non advisable to eat this fruit in surplus.

Pregnant adult females or people with high blood force per unit area are normally advice non to eat durian. The seeds are believed to possess a toxic belongings that causes shortness of breath.Because durian contain the fat and of its association with a assortment of diseases, coronary bosom disease ( CHD ) , diabetes, and fleshiness merely to call a few ; it is of import to acknowledge that although it is an basic component of a healthy diet, it should be consumed in moderateness.But this besides as the compulsory and first-class beginnings for the people who live at cold conditions topographic points because they need more fat to maintain their organic structure warm.

Unique red Fleshed durion

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.kompas.

com/data/photo/2009/09/28/1230536p.jpghttp: //

my/archives/2009/9/28/nation/n_03tree.jpgVery reasonably, orangish-red colors durion, with many spinal columns. Flesh is bright ruddy, mildly sweet, and without much smell.Description: A Very big tree turning to 150ft.APropagation: A By seed.Native Scope: A Native to Borneo and parts of peninsular Malaysia.Known among the Kadazan dusun territory as sukang or tabelak, the fruit every bit good called ‘durian hutan ‘ ( its scientific name is Durio gravolens ) , as it is chiefly found turning uncultivated in the jungle of Sabah.Its flesh is thinner and drier comparison with sophisticated fruit which is of thicker and creamier quality.

The spirit is about similar with other durions merely it as sweetish sour comparison to others. The people who have taste sukang illustrate it holding a carrot-like spirit.The sukang ‘s chief desirableness is its red-coloured flesh. That ‘s the chief thing to makes it be obvious, beside that red-coloured flesh durion besides fetch a lower monetary value comparison to common fruit.

The small-sized fruits, some about the size of a sepak takraw ball, are sold for RM2 to RM3 when they are in season. ( Straits Times newspaper, Monday ( 28/9/2009

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjum Sabah )

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