Bandleader national athlete Lester Pimento faced the same question about a decade ago and found the answer, “Rice in a Box” True enough Rice in a box also known as ORB, clicked not only with the consumers but also with entrepreneurs, Because the primary ingredient to a Filipino meal is rice this concludes that having rice as a business will be a novel idea, it’s because it is already used in our neighbor countries that shows a great amount of success, but a relatively new concept here in our country, this merging of concepts will find adherents in areas where there a lot of professionals seeking an alternative to standard fast food meals The growth of industrial Companies in our country indeed increased rapidly this cost also the increased of people working in the companies, this triggers to a realization that to have a business that will not only help people to have convenient meal but also having a successful business appropriate to the present state of our country. ORB has now 75 stores Nationwide , 21 of which are owned by franchises, Rice in a ox started 000 in china town manila, ORB specializes in authentic Chinese food take out, the company’s main product are varieties of fried rice and rice toppings that are prepared fresh in front of the customer, these are uniquely packed in convenient takeout boxes.

Location Name of the Business A basic requirement for registration of sole proprietorship with the Securities and Exchange Commission is the filing of the articles of sole proprietorship, to include the name and the information. My business is named as Jaw dropping rice in a box because of how we served the product we sell in a more effective way, this also earns how our main freshly served products taste. The name of my business is Jaw dropper rice in a box, having a unique of my business will trigger the minds and appetite of customers that will make them think to taste may served product, the name will help me to persuade consumers to try my product and enjoy the taste of the said product, this will attract consumers to come back and persuade other customers to try.

Mission The Mission of Jaw dropping Rice in a box is to be able to reach our expected profit in a span of 1 yea, Also to reach the ideal goal which is to give the consumers a more invention way of giving twist to the primary food of the Filipinos which is Rice, to be able to give neat little packages which can be taken on the go.. Vision To have a successful business that will enable us to conquer not only in the Philippines but also in other countries To provide cheaper price but a high excellent quality of well served rice products and services for the customers/ To provide good products for the consumers that will help to sustain the needs and maintenance of this business. To be the best and become the finest rice restaurant and in the whole world.

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Objectives To be able to meet our expected goals with good conditioning of the equipments, good personal caring to the business, to be able to reach the goal in a given time table Rules and regulations adopted by the Jaw dropping Rice in a Box The sole proprietorship is a legal business and is guided by the rules and regulations put up by each country or state that should be followed. Having this kinds of rules and regulation will enable the people to fully understand thing that should be done and shouldn’t be done for the business to work properly. This will help for the cuisines to function as a complete and to be a well organized business. 1 . Jaw dropping Rice in a Box is a sole proprietorship business, which meaner that the owner is automatically assumes the financial liabilities of the business as their own. * 2. Jaw dropping Rice in a Box has no distinction is made between the business’ debts and assets and their own financial status under the law. 3.

Jaw dropping Rice in a box is not allowed to have employees because the business is unincorporated and also not a limited liability corporation. 4. The personal assets of the owner and the cuisines assets are one and the same liability purposes 5. Jaw dropping rice in a box have adequate insurance and protection for assurance of claims to avoid seizing the said business 6. Jaw dropping rice in a box does not file taxes under an employer identification number but rather in Jessica personal social security number. 7. If happened that the business will undergo bankruptcy and decided to sell the said business, she will not be allowed to give the personal social security number to the person that will buy her business. 8.

Jessica Rice in a Box will file various tax forms tit the internal revenue service and pay any taxes due 9. Jessica name of the owner will file a www wage and tax statement for himself, as well as Medicare, Social security and income tax. 10. Jessica name of the owner has a total control to the business decisions. 11. All the benefits of any income will immediately go for the owner. 12. Jessica will send quarterly estimated tax payments to the internal revenue service 13. Jessica will be liable to any business debts and other obligations. 14. Jessica will keep sufficient records to comply with federal tax requirements regarding business records.

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