1. Each adult female on the coach reacts to the child’s actions otherwise. The storyteller reacts by smiling at the kids because she knows that this is neither the first nor the last clip this will go on.

while the female parent of the kids reacts by slapping their custodies to do them halt touching the adult female.2. A theme statement showing my reading of the chief thought in this verse form would be: Children are those who don’t understand the differences between people and in order to accept them. they non merely have to see. but besides “to make out and touch” .

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An illustration back uping my statement is “and touch the curly electric of my hair your fingers dipped in the brown tegument thaumaturgy of my cervix to see if it comes off” .3. The tone and temper of the verse form are cryptic at the beginning when it is non clear what is truly traveling on. but sort of uncomfortable at the terminal when the reader identifies what the kids had done and how they have made their female parent experience embarrassed from their actions. Maxine Tynes uses imagination.

comparing and intension ( “dipped in the brown tegument magic” ) to convey this temper and tone.4. Irony surrounds the “motherlove” in this verse form because a mother’s love means to fondle her kids with love and fondness alternatively of learning them ethical motives particularly in public topographic points. However. in the verse form the female parent slaps her childs when she sees them touching the black adult female.

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