Fill out this form for every hour of reading that you do. What did you read? Give title(s), author(s), genre(s), and media. I read chapters 1-9 (7-136) of the book Happy, Happy, Happy, My life and legacy as the Duck Commander. By Phil Robertson with Mark Alchemical. It’s a biography & autobiography and I readied it print book. What was the topic? Write one or two sentences giving the overall theme or subject of the material.

It’s a biography & autobiography of Phil Robertson and how he became the Duck Commander from starting out with nothing to a multi-million dollar business as it is today. Write a paragraph describing the material (100 words minimum). As the book starts off at Phial’s childhood and how poor they were and how they lived off the land. Than it progresses to fill meeting up with Katie and starting their lives after together and also explains the Rocky road and hardships they had to go through to become what they are today.

Write your response to the material (100 words minimum). If you ever watched the show you can actually hear Phil Robinson voice. As he does in his television show he uses the aneurysm as in the book also. Phil does not sugarcoat any of the things about his life he tells it like how it is and isn’t ashamed of his past. What amazes me is that he is not afraid of bringing on religion when most people nowadays are afraid to bring up the subject that they might step on some toes. He is stated in the book how God has from his rowdy past and bring him closer to his family.

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