I find it easy to associate to this verse form. This poem discusses socio-economic features of Hispanics. In my sentiment the writer is right in depicting Hispanics as the pigeons of “Birdland” ( Hernandez. 1 ) . I can link with this verse form on a personal degree because I am Latino.

“Pigeons have plumes of a different colour. They are excessively bright to be dull and excessively dull to be bright so they are non accepted anywhere” ( Hernandez. 10-13 ) This quotation mark jumped out at me every bit shortly as I read.

When I arrived in the US 13 old ages ago. I didn’t one word of English. Sooner so I wanted. I was enrolled at Hoffman Boston Elementary school. The school was located 5 proceedingss from the Pentagon. so most households that lived around were military households. There were 26 Latino pupils.

my sister and I included in this school of 400. This meant most were either Caucasic or African American pupils. my linguistic communication didn’t tantrum in at this school and neither did my tegument colour.“When was the last clip you saw a pigeonin someone’s place? Unless they bleached their plumes whiteand attempt to go through off as doves. you will ne’er see favored pigeons.

Besides. their speech patterns give them awaywhen they start cooing. ” ( Hernandez. 19-25 ) This quotation mark I think is non truly speaking about a “home” in line 2. but more a societal circle.

or credence into a civilization. Now that I have been in the US for 13 old ages. I do socially suit in with my equals. we dress the same. and I have lost my “accent that gave me away” old ages ago. so we speak the same.

I guess when the writer speaks of “bleached their plumes white and seek to go through off as doves” Feathers truly stands for things like vesture. values. and norms.This verse form missed something though. although racism isn’t a thing we see and hear about everyday it still exist. the ground for that is stereotypes.

In the beginning of this poem the writer portions a scene where a “pack” huddles together near a street corner. listening to loud music through a big roar box. this isn’t true. He tries to demo how unfair things are for the “pigeons in Birdland” but by making this he displays some of the most stereotyped scenarios of Hispanics. When people see my skin colour and read on my application that I work in building they supposed dropped out high school. and I don’t speak any English. They don’t believe this because its human nature.

stereotypes cause this sort of outlook in people. That is why I think that this verse form although it conveys the inequality that Hispanics endure in this state. the signifier the writer presents these stereotyped scenarios. makes it so that following clip the readers see a group of Hispanics near the streets. they’ll imagine the pigeons’ “accents” and them populating in “housing undertakings.Plants CitedHernandez. David. “Pigeons” Making Literature Matter.

Eds. John Schilb and John Clifford. New York: Bedford/St.

Martin. 2000. 1023-1024.


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