Real time view of the construction site is possible by the integration of BIM and AR, where a person can view a full-scale model of the building on the display well before any work begins. This helps architects and engineers to provide owners and contractors a greater insight into the details, orientation and design of a project.

5.1  Better collaboration & Communication

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Communication and good collaboration are the two key factors for a successful construction project. With the integration of Augmented Reality and Building Integration Modeling a project manager or contractor can easily see the real-time view of the construction site by keeping the augmented reality framework on the top of the BIM design. The real-time view can be captured and recorded for the later clarifications.

5.2  Efficient project control & Monitoring

Monitoring and controlling is the observing and checking the progress of project to ensure compliance with project scope, schedules, timelines and deliverables. Due to its complicated process project control and monitoring is one of the major concern in construction industry. By the integration of BIM and AR, the AR can tell the exact differences of the as planned design and real time constructed project. With the help of BIM+AR, each building components can be allocated a status – identified, ordered, delivered, checked, installed, fixed, sagged, protected and complete. One of the great benefits of BIM+AR is that the gap between the real-time design and planned design can be visualized and the errors can be mitigated.

5.3  Increased Safety

In any construction project safety is the top most priority. Construction is a high hazard industry that consists of a wide range of hazardous activities such as height, excavation, noise, dust, power tools and equipment’s etc.  Augmented Reality can be helpful in the construction site safety by giving a safety checklist or a presentation on a specific task or equipment when the AR framework is mounted over the product or the task on the BIM model.

5.4  Better Collaboration and Communication

The key for a successful project is good collaboration and communication. Integration of BIM and AR helps to associate all the team involved in the project for a better a better communication. All the associated project team would be on same page and everyone can access the project documentations to compare the as planned vs as built work.

5.5  Efficient scheduling and Material Tracking

Efficient scheduling is yet another major concern in the construction field.              Integration of Augmented Reality and BIM can improve scheduling by allowing visualization process to compare the as planned project vs as built project. On-site material tracking is possible by the Augmented Reality and BIM. Prefabrication and construction process run simultaneously, which requires a lot of monitoring and control. If there is a slight problem in material flow, there will be a huge costly delay in the construction. Integration of BIM and AR to monitor on-site activities can improve efficiency of logistics, material handling etc.

5.6  Projects Delivered on Time & within Budget

Using the BIM and AR in the construction industry the AEC teams can better document and compliance regulations by allowing them to complete the required documentation more accurately in a timely manner. Also, the integration of BIM+AR could efficiently control, monitor, track and schedule the project. Collaboration with all other parties involved in the project is another major feature of the AR in construction. All these aspects help the project to deliver on time and within budget. 

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