Based on the Policy Brief that has been produced by the Secretariat of the Inter-Regional Inequality Facility at the Overseas Development Institute TUNIS.

Initial sponsorship for the Facility has been provided by the ministry of labour and International Development “ With about 216 call centres ( July 2009 ) located in major metropoliss in Tunisia, over 17 600 occupations created for immature alumnuss, call centres have emerged as “ manna from Eden ” to bring around a small spot the immense unemployment rates defined as around 14 % overall and 20 % for alumnuss ” .The Government purposes to move against unemployment. But it gave precedence to countries with high employability such as constitution of call centres, which benefit from, a immense bundle of inducements, aiming several foreign companies specialized in outsourcing, support services and telemarketing.The low cost of labour, the high making of human resources, cultural and geographical propinquity encourage multinationals including Gallic, Italian and German, to take the determination and relocate. In conformity with the electronic magazine AFRICAN MANGER on its article of 12.09.2009 entitled “ call centres they would be the modern slave ” hypertext transfer protocol: //www.“ Call centres besides benefit from a ten-year freedom from any revenue enhancement on net incomes. They do non pay imposts responsibilities on the importing of their equipment, nor the local VAT for equipment acquisitions. The province besides provides support to 50 % of wage for 2 old ages, to enroll a immature alumnus, under contract SIVP with 50 % freedom of the employer ‘s load in revenue enhancements back to Social Security. For illustration, public subsidies may make 250 for rewards dt 400 dt, the Must Must, being supported by province preparation costs for betterments in foreign linguistic communication for the benefit of employees call centres, and this, in the context of initiation plans ” .In the same article the writer tried to do mention to the national community, which “ surely promote employment, it betrays the most basic rights of employees ” .But the chief thought that had my attending is the fraud within this employment sector is the unpaid employee and the maltreatment of their rights and abuse of the authorities money and paying less than decided.1.

2 The worlds of work in call centres in TunisiaTunisia is clearly a information base history in the execution of call centres as the foreign sector generates important foreign exchange resources and, above all, a large Godhead of occupations for immature people ( alumnuss and pupils ) lookingA for first occupation and or parttime occupation. Therefore, it is really rare to happen a Tunisian survey abroad that does non pass at least an assessment interview in a call centre particularly in the parts of Greater Tunis and the Sahel.AAlthough investors provide a skilled preparation of the hereafter particularly for immature alumnuss but on the other manus, the world of working in this sector is at least questionable: Discrimination andA degrading to some teleoperator, duty to follow a anonym and a Gallic speech pattern in penchant “ Parisian ” made this occupation truly a load.

Furthermore the usage of the Arabic linguistic communication remains perfectly out ; backbreaking working conditions in mention with the little size, deficiency of air conditioning and a few proceedingss break seem unable to ease dog-tired teleoperators.As they keep runing down clip, supervisors do n’t care at all about the comfort of their workers ; go againsting the minor demands to unleash qualified teleoperators nevertheless they urgently compensate it by doing a two-base hit of the needful figure.As for net incomes, expected to be higher than mean comparative to the local labour market, as based on the study held in intent and enclosed in the appendix ; they are really in the locality of 300-350 dinars on norm ( the equivalent of 200 Euros ) , with the fillip, as appropriate, A a committee on gross revenues or productiveness ( really negotiable fillip given the restraints imposed by productiveness in order to be qualified ) .In add-on, call centres require accomplishments ( linguistic communication, authorship, computing machine and concern relational, psychological, behavioural.

.. ) that continue to change daily.

AThese patterns recall the worlds of working in call centres, described by Taylor and Bain ( 1999 ) , as an A«assembly line in the caput ” which requires an “ emotional labour ” ( you can hear the smiling… ) : an look significance that the successful teleoperator have to do its audience ( the client ) feel joy in his voice so he would be placed in a joyful friendly temper in order to obtain the cherished trust.

This mission would be humdrum, insistent and nerve-racking because of commercial force per unit areas and tight organisational and emotional control.The advisers would accordingly experience physical exhaustion, emotional and mental ( Taylor and Bain, 1999 ) .In fact in order to acquire the world of this phenomena one had to acquire deep in the call centres ‘ scenes, but we have to denote that acquiring passed the rigorous firewall forced by every call centre was non that easy as they all claim that those information are classified mentioning to as ”cuisine houseman ” : a Gallic word intending internal work secrets.One discovered really lurid information ;In fact, call centres are non the manner they seem to be.These entity use the pupil ‘s tidal bore for work and transform it to their net income.

The authorities has ever helped these immature enterpriser to get down their ain concern with assisting them to pay the employees ‘ wages but the jobs is that many recruited employee does non go on working nevertheless they remain portion of the authorities aid policy even after they get out of the on the job society.As so the recruiting company does non inform the specialised bureaus about that and go on beneficiating of the authorities aid in a fraud and stealing manners. For that occupation searchers, lost their assurance in the call centre industry and think of it as a loss of clip and money. We might state that this ca n’t be the authorities error as in fact the authorities is the lone responsible for this for many grounds:First, the authorities control bureau does non make its work as required, they think that ego control ( the company controls itself ) is what is chiefly required in our Tunisian economic system.In the 2nd topographic point, we find that teleoperators themselves are indirectly implicated in this fraud procedure by maintaining the legal scheme framework off and working with no contract that made them every bit vulnerable as they ca n’t even inquire for their basic rights.In decision, we have to state that the Tunisian society nevertheless claimed close to the European life manner in many features do non hold the necessary civilization but as in this sort of economic system we have first to believe of the hereafter and non instant net income.Basically, for these grounds European investors started to rework out from our economic system and that is a loss that our system can non take.1.

3A A A Confrontation between the illusionist function of the authorities and the worldFor many old ages, the Tunisian population has struggled with the state ‘s unstable economic system, combating the challenges of unemployment along the manner. The state produces countless of alumnuss every twelvemonth, but merely a miniscule per centum of them acquire occupations. The unfortunate tendency of companies preferring alumnuss of esteemed universities and colleges, and the fact companies both large and little are doing cutbacks in order to last the diminution of the universe market, has severely affected the state and its employment rate.AThis lone emphasizes the major job that there is copiousness in work force, but a deficit in occupations. However, the immense unemployment rate in Tunisia has now taken a positive bend. Employment rates are now surging as the telecommunications industry rises in power and takes over..

Hundreds of 1000s of college alumnuss of assorted big leagues and different colleges and universities, are now heading towards the dining call centre industry in hopes of acquiring a occupation to change by reversal their unfortunate fiscal situations..But, the call lope industry is so blamed in portion for its idle recovery: as the authorities taking to play God is seeking to gull everyone but, hopeless, that was clear for everybody sane adequate to detect the emphatic untrue statistics that even the European states ca n’t claim.The latest authorities labour study shows lower-than-expected occupation growing, along with a lifting unemployment rate, and experts say that workers were non immune.Michel Janssen, Hackett Group ‘s main research officer, called the projected decrease in the Tunisian call degree Celsius enters staff employment “ the new world. It ‘s non good if you are an employee looking for a occupation, but offshoring is what is required for endurance ” by many companies, said Janssen.“ If you are non competitory on a planetary landscape and your cost construction is excessively high and you are paying premium rates for your staff, so you ‘re non traveling to last, ” he added.

Off shoring seen as companies that “ have taken that whole bottom degree off the round, ” said Janssen, mentioning to the lower-level IT places. He added that by making so, , companies are making a new job by losing much of theirA pool of future senior IT directors. ”Many explained the TUNISIAN deceptive authorities policy to economic intents ; how is that you might state. For our authorities the thought was non to really cut down unemployment but do a practical image of that chief intent.In other words the Tunisian authorities has followed a flawless scheme to do itself look strong plenty in the eyes of alien investor.But does that have any relationto the 1000000s unemployed? Of class non.

The authorities scheme was superb and undetectable. But nil is perfect and work forces is ‘mistaker ‘ by nature.he policy that the authorities has created to hush any truth searcher by terrorist act and head control is eventually down and for good but can we larn from such an experience and seek to avoid such errors.

1.4 Study palingenesiss

The Call Centre industry has been known as the Sunshine industry due to its rapid enlargement within the last few old ages, using 100s of 1000s of alumnuss as it offers attractive compensation and good benefits to their employees. The sudden rise of employment rate from these industries help in bring arounding the economic system particularly in states like Tunisia. It besides helps in supplying a good life to 1000s of households.

Without the call Centre industry, there will be no agents who would reply the aid desk support 24/7, no 1 would take the calls at exigency call Centre lines, or no 1 would supply client service to all of the client ‘s questions and ailments.Since the outgrowth of call Centre industries, the abrasion rate is a immense job that these industries are confronting and is increasing every twelvemonth. Why? Because in the existent universe, employees leave their occupations because they want a higher salary rate, want a alteration or better chances, hate the on the job conditions, hate their co-workers, or gets a better occupation in another topographic point or state. In call centres the high per centum of females in the work force adds to the high abrasion rate due to the ground that most adult females leave their occupation after matrimony or because of societal force per unit areas caused by irregular working hours in the industry.

The fast abrasion is really dearly-won and causes immense losingss for the company that invested a batch of money on hiring and during preparation.As for that one might reason that the call centre industry does non truly assist in the unemployment recovery as the occupations that it offers are by and large considered as impermanent and can non be include in the Tunisian bogus unemployment rateThe turnover rate continues to turn sing the fast growing of these industries every twelvemonth. Harmonizing to a study by the Incoming Calls Management Institute or ICMI published on its web site ( http: // ) , the biggest grounds for the turnover are better chances inside and outside the organisation.However, the common grounds are long on the job hours and humdrum of the occupations.

These agents are being paid to sit at a desk and speak on the phone all twenty-four hours reading a pre-scripted conversation from the computing machine, which really is a reasonably nerve-racking occupation because they are covering with the populace and client service on a day-to-day frequence. These agents receive a just sum of maltreatment over the phone. As based on the study antecedently mentionned, immature people said it is no longer worthwhile traveling through insomniac darks functioning clients midway around the universe because of this nerve-racking occupation that offers few calling promotion. That makes Tunisia a state with the highest abrasion rate but with a large unemployment rate.2 Foreign investings on call centres2.

1 Foreign investing in Tunisia is diningWith h mention to ( SKYSCRAPERCITY ) magazine ; in it ‘s article covering about ‘BUISNESS ECONOMY AND INFRASTRUCTURE ‘ published on September 21 st,2007,02:18 autopsy“ Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) in Tunisia jumped 47 per centum in the first eight months of the twelvemonth, led by the aggressive services sector. FDI grew to 921.2 million dinars for the January-to-August period versus 624 million dinars in the first eight months of 2006. Investing in services leaped to 146.6 million dinars from 26.1 million ” .The Tunisian scheme has attracted foreign investing in fabrics, auto assembly and nutrient processing over the past three decennaries and is now aiming offshore services such as call centres.

2.2 superficial survey on foreign investing on call centresThe Tunisian authorities claims that “ Servicess are expected to account for half of gross domestic merchandise by 2011, up from 45 per centum now ” .( Tunisian portal website hypertext transfer protocol: //www.skyscrapercity.

com/showthread.php? t=526343 ) .Therefore “ about 40 call centres in Tunisia have already absorbed 5,000 occupation searchers ” ( same as old ) . However analysts said that Tunisia is chiefly fighting to spread out those new industries rapidly plenty to run into turning demand for occupations in the state of 10 million. In obvious contradiction with the official unemployment rate which stands at 14.

3 per centum, with university alumnuss accounting for 60 per centum of the jobless ” ( Archive national diethylstilbestrols statistiques hypertext transfer protocols: // )In conformity with The Comparative survey of fight by merchandise, IDOM in cooperation with Buck Consultants International – March 2002: “ As pecuniary informations is concerned, the value of fabricating FDI inched up 1.

7 per centum to 178 million dinars in the last 10 twelvemonth period, while the energy sector drew 520 million dinars, up from 334 million.Tunisia has forecast FDI of 1.3 billion dinars this twelvemonth, up from 1.2 billion dinars in 2006, excepting denationalization income ”“ ” FIPA London represented Tunisia at the Call Center Expo held in Birmingham, Great Britain on 3-4 October.A This event is the largest assemblage of call centres in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe, “ with some 250 exhibitioners and 7500 visitants from the profession go toing every twelvemonth ” ( FIPA MASS REPORT release ) .

“ For the 6th consecutive twelvemonth, Tunisia has been the lone Arab state, doing the A«A Tunisia, a state that worksA A» stand all the more of import.The FIPA representative at this trade show handled contacts with 23 companies, eight of which have important investing potency for Tunisia.A Call centres have become progressively interested in Tunisia since 2001, when the first call centre set up concern ” in conformity with old.

With a immature, many-sided work force and really good developed telecommunications substructure, Tunisia is a premier finish for call centres in Africa and the Arab universe, harmonizing to those in the sector.But, this industry is really slippery and we have to maintain in head that it ‘s a great chance for Tunisia to retrieve its unemployment issues and a girl usage to this aureate industry can easy lay waste to the Tunisian economic system.

3 Descriptive Analysis: PivotTables: A

3.1 Table 1: PivotTable between age and sex

From the statistics obtained through the study held in intent and enclosed in the appendix, one note that 73 % of the entire figure of operators has an age between 20 and 30.AThis can be explained by the fact that immature people who have merely secured their university grade are looking to happen their first occupation chance in engaging in a call center.

A As the graphique simulation of the PivotTable between age and sex one encloses a stick diagram in which the sex/age relation is demonstrated:60 % of the sample are adult females who are between 20 and 35 ( 98 % ) , this may be explained by the fact that adult females are frequently most present into call centres compared to work forces. This differentiation is every bit much psychological.Generally when a client finds a female voice on the phone he is ready to discourse the proposed offer.ADegree centigrades: UsersJOe-BeNzADesktopNouveau dossier ( 5 ) diagrame ab 1.png3.2 Pivot Table: pivot tabular array between age and holding

assurance in my ability to make my occupation properlyA


One note that 56 % of our sample who are between 25 and 30 old ages said they have assurance in their ability to make their occupation properly.A This class is distinct by a high degree of instruction, which explains the trust duty of call centre operators.A



3.3 Pivot Table cross tabular matter between the nature of work and the company encourages its employees to finish their surveies with extra preparation

Harmonizing to the opposite analyses, the company gives much attending to the preparation centres that most issuers of call centres pagers.A 58.8 % of respondents practising in a centre issuers argue that the company gives them the chance and the chance to force their training.A

3.4 Cross between the nature of work and the developing the company offersA

PivotTable what is the nature of your work * the company offers its employees a rich and varied preparation program

Following a focal point of the findings reveals that the Teleoperators receiving systems or senders are rather agree that the company offers its employees a preparation program rich and varied ( 63.5 % ) .AWe note that the telephone operators who issue calls demanding and emphasizes the importance of preparation as their undertaking requires a lower limit of skill.



3.5 cross between the nature of work and wage system encourages us to accomplish superior concern resultsA

PivotTable what is the nature of your work * the compensation system encourages us to accomplish superior concern resultsA

The nature of work has a direct influence on the advice of telephone operators on the compensation system.A In a transmission centre of entreaty, have held Teleoperators considerations compensation system because their rewards vary proportionally with the attempt they give ( 74.2 % ) .

A Appeals refering receivers are apathetic about it ( 83 % ) since their profitableness depends on figure of calls they receive.A .


6 Cross-table: between the nature of work and I feel personally attached to my concern

80.8 % of our sample said they feel attached to their society, this can logically be explained by the deficiency of alternate occupation chances for appliers to work in Tunisia.A

3.7 A Cross-table between the nature of work and I earnestly believing about discontinuing my occupation hereA

There is an absolute understanding ( 99.2 % ) between Teleoperators asked about the going of the concern they are all agreed that they do non see to maintain this station every bit long as possible

3.8 Pivot tableA Cross-tabulation: between nature and labour in general, I like working hereA

In general two types of workers are in understanding refering their committedness in relation to their current positions.A ( 97 % ) .A


9 Cross-table: between the nature of work and I to the full understand the demand to fulfill customersA

Customer satisfaction is the end of the two telephone operators but the issuers were more concerned because they normally have one direct contact with the client ( 57.7 % ) .AIn fact, client satisfaction remains the primary end of each way of a call centre to increase profitableness, but teleoperators do non truly careA

3.10 Pivot tabular array: A Cross-table: between the nature of work and I see the concern jobs like mineA

73.8 % of call centre operators are apathetic about their concern jobs, this can be explained by the fact that direction in a call centre ever leaves a really clear line between the work of its call centre operators and its ain problemsA are typically operated between members of direction.



11A Cross-table: between the nature of work and quality of service must be the top precedence of my businessA

99.2 % are cognizant that the quality of service offered to clients should be the first precedence of direction and the primary aim of call centre operators.AIt turned out that when the way of a call centre insists on a good quality of its services, its expected to be so.


12 Pivot tabular array: A Cross-table: between the nature of work and I look frontward to go on working here until retirementA

68.8 % are apathetic with regard to their calling in a call centre because they know that Oklahoman or subsequently they will either be dismissed and replaced by others or they will be below the belt through away.A30 % are to stay with the company until retirement, it makes sense because they have a contract of indefinite continuance and working conditions are really favourable.4 Overview A the existent state of affairs as a new chance for creative activity of new work infinite and for the new investings and the existent obstructor that we have to faceA A



1. Superficial survey of the current state of affairsThe popular rebellion that led to the expatriate of the Ben Ali/Leila Trebelsi Mafia and finally to the breathtaking and scandalous issue of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, has put Tunisia on the map of universe personal businesss and given it a topographic point largely deserved. The Revolution offers a alone chance for a new democratic authorities to organize and establish policy alterations that exploit “ Tunisia ‘s new found importance and convey prosperity to a state tired of empty promises of economic development. If the lessons of old “ people power ” revolutions, e.g.

the overthrow of Marcos in the Philippines, are to be remembered, the overthrow of a autocrat is merely the beginning of a long procedure of political, economic and societal metempsychosis. As for this analysis, presentations, deceases and surrenders of high curates continue in Tunis. “ .

hypertext transfer protocol: // insouciant acquaintance with Tunisia reveals that its engines of economic growing depend on touristry and service sector exports. Now that the parasitic Mafia kin has been abolished and no longer acts as a brake on economic activity, it is indispensable that Tunisian leaders initiate structural reforms of banking and commercialism ordinances now, while the state is still “ inhaling the Jasmine Revolution ‘s elating aroma of possibility ” V.

Walt ( 2010 ) , “ Tunisia ‘s Nervous Neighbors Watch the Jasmine Revolution, ” Time Magazine, 31 January 2011.“ Now is the clip to retire civil retainers long past their prime and the Torahs and imposts with ordinances, patterns, wonts and imposts that will non function a democratic and ambitious state tidal bore for freedom and economic upward mobility ” African Economic Outlook. This author has identified the offshore banking and company formation industry as a possible new engine of growing for Tunisia that could transform the state into a “ affluent Mediterranean creditor state and a beacon of stableness within five old ages ” .Other little states with features similar to Tunisia hold succeeded in pulling capital and concern via favourable revenue enhancement and privateness statute law.

Switzerland is the function theoretical account. So are the Cayman Islands and Belize.4.2. Challenges Confronting TunisiaUnder the Ben Ali government, Tunisia was ranked foremost in economic fight among African states and members of its group states in the Arab universe in the Global Competitiveness Report prepared by the World Economic Forum. Though the Ben Ali government made major stairss toward good financial policies, issues that continue to blockade the state ‘s ability to make concern expeditiously and so must be rectified.

Some of its top challenges include complex revenue enhancement ordinances and high revenue enhancement rates, deficiency of entree to funding and a sophisticated bureaucratism. “ It would be a shame if Tunisia ‘s economic ranking slipped in the aftermath of the dictator ‘s going ” .hypertext transfer protocol: // to the Index of Economic Freedom prepared by The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation in 2008, “ Tunisia ‘s economic system was ranked at 59.3 per centum free, above the regional norm of 58.

7 per centum but somewhat below the universe norm of 60.3 per centum. This comparatively low mark is a consequence of Ben Ali protectionist economic policies and Mafia intervention in the economic system that scared off foreign investing ” . Now it is the Ben Ali bequest and sculpt uncertainness that keeps foreign investing off. The new authorities must take enterprises to reconstruct assurance by ( “ turn overing out the ruddy rug for foreign investing ” ) . The best manner to make this is by making a dynamic offshore sector.

“ Official unemployment in 2009 was at 14 % and is likely lifting ” hypertext transfer protocol: // from the Central Bank of Tunisia shows that ” during financial 2007-08 and 2008-09 occupation creative activity dropped significantly by 12.

3 % and 38.1 % severally ” . This can be partly attributed to the global fiscal crisis and autumn in economic system engine such as touristry and name centre industry. “ The addition of unemployment rates was a factor in the ruin of Ben Ali and will surely destabilise the new authorities unless economic growing is achieved shortly ” .

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