The overall outline of the TV show would be; a small amount of 3 to 6 music artists which are already well established such as Miss Dynamite and So Solid have 250 hours to make a tune together.

Every two days on C5 the show would include fights, disagreements and the progress of the tune with out giving away too much of how the final song will be.

This show will be different to others because the setting would be in the recording studio or various other places were the artists would be interviewed regarding the progress of the tune.

The main ‘rules’ for the artists would be to contribute fairly to the tune and to include their own ideas from previous tunes so the final tune would have a recognisable lyric or beat to the artists included featuring in the show.

The way the show would be recorded and shown on TV is by not entirely showing what the tune would be like with out giving too much away. Clips from a session editing, recording would be shown so people get a feel of what the creation of a tune is like. Interviews would be shown including the artist’s feelings and opinions of the other artists and what they have tried to do with the tune themselves.


The way in which the show will appeal to the audience is by letting people know what happens while a tune is being created. The audience would enjoy watching a favourite artist in the show because they get to know what they are really like the ‘real person’. Generally people who like the Urban music genre could like the show because they like the creation of the beats and lyrics being included on the tune. Artists rapping or singing making lyrics would be included on the show so people also know what the professional side of the artist is.


The main audience would be the lower/middle class C, C2 and D e.g. working class, retail workers and youths from the ages 14 to 22. The audience would also be the people who already listen to the music being made which could be almost anyone as different artists appeal to different people.


The type of things that would be appropriate to be shown on the commercial breaks could be music related products such as music equipment e.g. hi-fi’s music media e.g. CD’s. The artists own music could be advertised as potential fans would be likely to watch the show. Also products targeted at the youth market 14 to 22 year olds could be advertised such as magazines.


Sponsors who could be linked to the show are record labels because they wish to be linked to the Urban music genre. Magazines e.g. smash hits, t.o.t.p’s because they could feature news from the show including the progress. The record labels could have exclusive rights to the tracks produced by the artists like the show Popstars.


A sequel of the show could be made with the same or different artists to produce another tune or album. New tunes by the artists featured in the show could include other artists from the same show. New shows could be created making music of different genres such as Pop. Also games could be created including voices lyrics and beats from the show so the player can make their own unique show. Other shows on C5 can have exclusive rights to interviews.


Tie-Ins could include dolls of the people in the show a magazine completely about the artists featured in the current, past and future shows. Music albums, singles could be released for anyone to buy. Videos of the making of the show and cut parts not aired on the show could also be released.

Other Media

News papers and other channels programs can have interviews for example about the programme but not as exclusively as the C5 programs to fans of the show so they have preference to the programs on C5. Internet sites could also include clips of the final song for example and would be the reason why there would be an increase in traffic on the web site.

Benefits to C5

C5 would have to rights to the programme format so other channels in the U.K. and other countries have to pay them to use the idea. C5 would have free advertising because other programs would talk more about the channel because of the show. C5 would be thought of as a youthful channel as it has music programs and because of they could get more viewers on the whole from young people.

Although C5 would have another reality TV show it would not be similar to any other show at the moment which is important as people don’t like to watch the same things. The appeal and driving force of the viewers to watch the show would be to know how the tune is created which could appeal to budding music engineers, getting to know the artists which would appeal to the fans new and old and for the audience to know what the final tune is going to be like which is shown at the end of the series. These different things would help the show as there would be different types of people watching the show.

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