Recently I have taken the time to read ”Forged by Fire” By Sharon M. Draper. The story told throughout the novel has many life lessons which can be taken away from the book but I would like to begin by giving a summary of the book. In chapters one through chapter 5, Gerald is three years old and is being raised by his mother, Monique, his father plays no roles in his life and his mother is not a good role model. In one instance, they are at a store and Monique is screaming at her son to sit down in the shopping cart. Gerald does not want to sit down because he has made an accident in his pants and it is uncomfortable for him to sit, yet, he doesn’t want to get in trouble so he does as he is told. His mother is addicted to drugs and because of this Gerald has learned to read his mother’s moods. He is careful not to do things that might make her angry. He even knows where she gets her drugs from., a dealer named Leroy.  One day things began to change for the two of them. Monique leaves Gerald home alone, saying that she is about to go out and try to find Leroy because she needs something from him. Gerald had gotten a new toy while they were at the store, a G.I Joe action figure. The toy delighted him and occupied his time, but after a while he put the toy down because he noticed a lighter that Monique has misplaced. So, Gerald sat there for a minute and as he was thinking he began to realize it was the lighter that Monique used to burn his hand in the past, in attempts to show him that he should never play with lighters. She had thought that would be a good lesson to teach him. After eyeing the lighter, he picks it up and starts to play with it, in doing so he then sets the kitchen on fire. He figures that he is going to be in big trouble. Because of this he runs to the living room and hides behind the couch where he always goes when he fears getting in trouble. There happened to be a boy in the apartment complex. Gerald knows that the boy’s mother leaves the boy home alone often so he was in his apartment when he started to smell something like fire. He thought it could be Gerald’s apartment so he runs up there and rescues Gerald,  taking him to the hospital.  Now that Gerald has been in the hospital for a couple of hours and the doctors try to get in contract with his family but they were unable to get ahold of Monique so they had to call his aunt and ask her to come to the hospital. Because they were unable to get ahold of Monique the hospital staff called child services who stepped in and asked questions as to why Gerald was left home alone and the aunt told them it was because Monique was a drug addict. Due to this child services told the aunt that they had to take the child away from his mother and he would have to go live with another family so the aunt told them that she will take him even though she is in a wheelchair. She made it up in her mind that she was going to love this boy as much as she could. She tried her best to create an atmosphere of love and shelter that changes Gerald life. Six good years has passed and on his birthday when his mom shows up to Gerald’s aunts house. She has a little girl with her and he wonders if it is his mother’s child. When Monique asked him how things had been gong he asks her who the little girl is. She tells his that it’s his little sister and her name is Angel. Monique gave birth to her while in prison. She also tells Gerald that she has a boyfriend who takes good care of both of Angel and her. She was wondering if he would like to come live with them now that she has her life together. Gerald says initially tells her no but soon after his aunt dies of a heart attack and he is forced to go live with his mother and her newfound family.  Now that some time has gone by Angel and Gerald have built a solid relationship, but he has hate for someone named Jordan. One night Gerald got up from bed to use the bathroom and he sees Jordan walk in and out of Angel’s room. After going to the bathroom Gerald goes into Angel’s room to check up on her and she is under the covers crying. Due to this he went to her and asked if she was ok but she wouldn’t stop crying. This began to make him upset because he knew that Jordan has done something to upset Angel. He goes and asks Angel if Jordan had done something to her and she says yes. Angel told him that Jordan had asked to touch her inappropriately which is why she was so upset. Gerald didn’t know what to do because he was so angry but he told Angel he would do something about it. He asked her to  lay back down and go back to sleep. He had a good friend at school and he knew that his dad worked for the police so he asked his friend if he could talk to his father. His friend said yes so after school his dad picked them both up and Gerald was telling him about Jordan and what he did to his little sister Angel. The dad told Gerald that he needed to come back with some evidence so the police could make an arrest on Jordan. Andy and B.J. are friends of Gerald who he often plays basketball with. Along with playing basketball Gerald also takes dance lessons. When he arrived home one day for dance he was surprised at what he saw. Jordan was home from prison and Gerald’s mother, Monique had asked Jordan to move back in. Gerald still did not trust Jordan. One day Monique got hit by a car and her brain was severely injured and therefore was never the same. Gerald had a basketball game one night some of the boys asked Gerald if he wants to go grab a drink but he says that he Is cool cause he wants to go home with angel so she won’t be home alone with Jordan. Gerald gets a call from one of his friends saying rob and Andy got into a crash and rob died. He went to rob house to see how his parents were doing and they weren’t there so he went back home and when he walks in the apartment was on fire Jordan attacks Gerald he hurries up and move before Jordan’s tires to hit him he trips and is unconscious. Geralds is yelling angel and she was in her room and crying he gets her and they leave the building. Jordan dies in the fire and Monique is in the hospital because she got hit by a car coming back from getting Jordan drugs.   Me reading this book I have seen many charter traits and Gerald is one of them. He is the mail charter and though out his whole life he has had many problems. He had a abusing mother. Angel could be another one her and Gerald have the same problem’s she was just getting raped growing up and then her big brother stepped up and got her out of it.  This was a good book I liked reading it a lot. I have learned a lot of things from this book about how you not leave your kids home alone because you don’t know what could happen. And that you should never have to burn your own kids fingers to show them a lesson. 

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