1. How do we convey the south back into the Union?2. How do we reconstruct the South after its devastation during the war? 3. How do we incorporate and protect newly-emancipate black freedwomans? 4. What subdivision of authorities should command the procedure of Reconstruction? Wartime Reconstruction
President Lincoln’s 10 % Plan-Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction ( December 8. 1863 )-Replace bulk regulation with “loyal rule” in the South-He didn’t consult Congress sing Reconstruction-Pardon to all but the highest superior military and civilian Confederate officers-When 10 % of the voting population in the 1860 election had taken an curse of trueness and established a authorities.

it would be recognized Wade-Davis Bill ( 1864 )

-Required the “Iron-Clad” Curse-“State Suicide” Theory-“Conquered Provinces” Position13th Amendment-Ratified in December 1865-Neither bondage nor nonvoluntary servitude. except penalty for offense whereof the party shall hold been punctually convicted. shall be within the United States or any topographic point topic to their legal power -Congress shall hold power to implement this article by appropriate statute law -However the Black Code and Jim Crow Laws bypassed some of the 13th Amendment Freedman’s Bureau ( 1865 )

-Bureau of Refugees. Freedmen.

and Abandoned Lands-Many former northern emancipationists risked their lives to assist southern freedwomans -Called “Carpetbaggers” by white southern DemocratsPresidential ReconstructionPresident Andrew Johnson-Jacksonian Demcrat-Anti-Aristocrat– Destroy white SupremacistPresident Johnson’s Plan ( 10 % + )-Offered amnesty upon simple curse except Confederate civil and military officers and those with belongings over $ 20. 000 -In new fundamental laws. they must accept minimal conditions disowning bondage.

seccession and province debts -Named probationary governors in Confederate provinces and called them to supervise elections for constitutional conventions Turning Northern Alarm

-Many southern province fundamental laws fell abruptly of minimal demands-Most southern provinces had Black Codes Black Codes-Purpose was to Guarantee stable labour supply now that inkinesss were emancipated and reconstruct pre-emancipation system of race dealingss-Forced many inkinesss to go sharecrop farmers ( Tenant Farmers ) Colored Rule in the South?

Black in Southern Politicss-Care electors were black veterans-Blacks were politically unprepared-Blacks could register and vote in provinces since 1867-The 15th Amendment guaranteed federal voteThe “Invisible Empire of the South”The Failure of Federal Enforcement-Enforcement Acts of 1870 & A ; 1871 ( Besides known as the KKK Act ) -“The Lost Cause”-The rise of the “Bourbans”-Redeemers ( prewar Democrats and Union Whigs )

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