In recruitment advertising is the meaner by which Job opportunities are made known to the public through the use of media, local and national newspapers, notice boards and recruitment fairs. Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and is used to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience to continue or take some new action. Recruitment involves actively soliciting applications from potential employees.

According to Escorted (2003) the objective of recruitment advertising is to ensure that a sufficient pool of suitable candidates is generated from which to make a selection decision. This stage of the recruitment selection process is crucial since the effectiveness of any selection decision is constrained by the capabilities of the available candidates. It is achieved by allowing a relatively wide array of outlets, that is, different types of press and some flexibility in layout and location of the advertisement.

Through advertising a better image of the company is created since the advertisement is likely to be seen by a wider audience than Just the people who may apply to the organization in other words it is a marketing vehicle for the organization. (Learn, 2009) The statement is implying that by advertising a Job vacancy the company ends up gaining publicity, and even the people to whom the advertisement was not directed to will end up knowing that such a company exits. For example if Simulate advertises for a Job vacancy someone interested in platinum will get to know hat a platinum mining company exist in Zombie.

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Internal advertising helps widening the field for the insiders and help to identify employees with talents who otherwise would not be known personally to management (Compton et al 2009). This is because some employees occupy Jobs that are less than the skills according to their qualifications, skills and knowledge because of scarce of Jobs. So internal advertising will boost employee morale and satisfaction in that they have a future within the company. Internal advertising help employees to shape their carriers by applying for a Job rather than being pushed into it.

Also employees who take further studies on their free times will also have opportunities to apply for the vacant. HAS HIGH IMPACT Advertising is also relevant as it has got high impact on applicants in the case of television adverts. This is so because it has got visual effects and attractive pictures which will lure an unlimited number of candidates. For example Zimmermann National Army advertised Job vacancies for army officers on the defense forces day, f which the advert showcased attractive stances like the training processes and the benefits.

EASY TARGETING CANDIDATES Some companies have become very creative in the ways they use to find candidates (Franklin et al 2001). They may still place ads in the newspaper, but they have adopted other innovative methods as well. They do place advertisements at the checkouts tot supermarkets and taste-t s restaurants. Some are placed at the notice boards of community centers. At trade fairs and trade shows Job ads are placed and some flyers in mailboxes, billboards on road-sides. For the organization this can be inexpensive and simple to implement and also this makes it easier to target the type of people needed.

GLOBAL REACH Internet advertising is also relevant as it reaches the whole world. Applicants from different countries are likely to be obtained and the company will source a wide range of experts for the post available. More and more employers and candidates are using websites as part of their recruitment and Job-seeking processes. Companies can place Job postings on their own websites or surf the internet to find other recruitment websites (Margaret 2001). Therefore using websites is a quick and effective way of matching employers and potential candidates.

Also more information can be inexpensively communicated. Companies can effectively illustrate their culture. The company can quite clearly define the kind of candidates they want and those they do not want. FASTER AND CHEAP Using the internet is faster and cheaper than many traditional methods of recruiting (Escorted 2003). Jobs can be posted on Internet sites for a modest amount, remain there for periods of thirty or sixty days or more at no additional cost, and are available twenty-four hours a day. Candidates can view detailed information about the Job and the organization and then respond electronically.

Above all else advertising as a recruitment strategy proves to be irrelevant in the following ways. LIMITED ACCESS However there is a drawback to the use of websites as only a limited number of candidates can access the information. Only those with computers and those with Internet access can view the advertisement which becomes unfavorable for the recruiting company. It also takes time for those pages that do contain a lot of pictures to load especially for the people in rural areas. So this kind of advertising is limited because not everyone is accustomed to looking for Jobs in such a manner.

EXPENSIVE Advertising can be expensive. It is important to ensure that suitable candidates are attracted; this should be done at the minimum of cost. Not only is it expensive to design the advertisement and to buy media space, but also expense will be incurred should the advertisement fail to attract suitable candidates. In this event unnecessary cost are incurred in both the placement of the advertising and in the subsequent processing of applications. TIME CONSUMING It is time consuming because the recruiting organization is faced with a number of decisions concerning the use of advertising.

These include the choice of media, the level of exposure, the design of the advertisement itself and subsequent evaluation of the process (Escorted 2003). It might also take time for the advertising media to publicist the advertisement to an extent that it becomes costly for the organization production wise since it may take time to fill the vacancy. The time lag that exists between the submission of information to the media house and its appearance in print may be long. Irrelevance of advertising is shown since time is always an important factor to an organization.

Advertising may bring in many applications that are not particularly suitable for the position being advertised. Therefore it may take time for the organization to select from a bulk of applications. Advertising a good Job meaner that many applicants will apply for the vacant including those who are unqualified ones. Due too many applicants it might be time consuming for the organization to choose the best applicants. The organization might end up choosing uncompetitive applicants due to impulse and monotony caused by too many applications (Learn 2009) .

BURDEN OF MAINTAINING COMPANY IMAGE Another drawback is that through advertising the organization will also be advertising itself to the public. The form and content will project an image of the organization to the public. So it requires excessive care in preparing for the advertisement so as to ensure that the image is consistent with how the organization wants to be regarded. This also shows its irrelevance since the organization will have to deal with two issues at once that is maintaining good image and recruiting.

CONFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS The content of the advertisement must conform to relevant legislation. Information can be obtained from relevant Human Rights Commission on what is and is not appropriate content for employment advertising. In a general way, human rights legislation prohibits an employer from soliciting information that might identify an individual based on a prohibited ground for discrimination. Some employers may be exempt from these provisions if the nature of their organization’s activities dictates special requirements.

So there would be a reduction unnecessarily in the number of eatable applicants due to the barring of certain categories (Escorted 2003). It is also irrelevant since it is subject to corruption and nepotism. In some of the cases due to corruption, the Job may be advertised only to comply with the government policies, but in actual fact the Job would have been offered to other individuals, usually the relatives of the company manager or executive. It therefore results in an organization incurring an extra cost which is not benefiting the organization in any way.

In this essence advertising a Job becomes irrelevant and stunning. Advertising has also proven to be an irrelevant recruiting strategy since it has a short shelve life, this simply meaner that it takes only a short time for the advert to be available to the potential candidates (Taylor 2005). For example televisions advert may be shown only for 5 minutes which makes the possibility of it being seen by many people low. . Also wrong choice of medium may affect the impact of the advertisement (Barber 1998).

It is very important to know the write advertising media to choose which goes n hand with the Job vacancy since some media may be irrelevant to the pool of applicants to be attracted (Wallace et al 2000). For example if an organization advertises on a local magazine for a Chief Executive Officer post, it will not get to the relevant pool of audience and the advert will be in vain and ineffective. This conspicuously proves the irrelevance of advertising as it requires a greater concentration on the type tot media to use, Just because a slight mistake may cause a greater disaster.

To sum up, in recruitment, advertising has been a useful tool as Job opportunities are made known to the public through the use of media, local and national newspapers, notice boards and recruitment fairs. Though advertising has got some drawbacks, most companies have managed to recruit candidates who are experts in different ways, hence the relevance of advertising as a recruitment strategy.

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