The novel by Victor Hugo entitled Les Miserables is narrative that looks into the life of John Valjean and his feats towards rousing. salvation and endurance.

It depicts his transmutation from a galley captive towards a new adult male. It conveys the different determinations and actions committed by a adult male towards taking his way in life. Likewise.

there are other characters that intertwine and provide relevant impact in Jean Valjean’s life and growing as an person.Furthermore. the scene of the narrative outlines the significance of social factors that has been influential in the creative activity of determinations and actions that transpired in the continuance of the narrative. Analyzing the different subjects presented by Hugo in this narrative.

one important component in nowadays in the thought is the component of ethical motives. values. and perceptual experiences. Looking at it. John Valjean is convicted because of stealing staff of life and was sent to the galleys.

Upon his flight. he became cognizant of the bias and prejudice that society has given him.In here. Hugo was able to showcase the transmutation of Jean Valjean from a felon into an honorable adult male with the aid of the Bishop Myriel. Hugo references this in the novel by stating that “Jean Valjean. my brother.

you no longer belong to evil. but to good. It is your psyche I am purchasing for you.

I withdraw it from dark ideas and from the spirit of Hell. and I give it to God! ” ( p. 106 ) . Another important component that makes the book worth reading is its ability to showcase that amidst the presence of darkness and agony. salvation do happens and it creates and avenues for alteration to happen.This was apparent in the novel as different books presented these thoughts in a different mode. For illustration.

the agony of Fantine and Cosette to last was alleviated by Jean Valjean’s acceptance of Cosette. Likewise. the agony of Jean Valjean for credence and worth was compensated by going the Mayor M.

Madeleine and functioning the demands of people. The ability of the narrative to show the worlds and abrasiveness of life is besides an interesting portion to see.Hugo was able to sketch the important countries that surround 1s mind as he synthesizes them and provides the development for the characters. This was stated when Hugo said that “The coevals now holding its go throughing bend on Earth is non compelled to foreshorten it for the coevalss. its peers after all. that will hold their bend subsequently.

. . Hence. at certain periods. a deep iciness on the greathearted vanguard of the human race.

” ( p. 1242 ) . Researching on the thought of alteration. I would hold to hold with the thought of Hugo that it happens because of 1s ability to make up one’s mind for their ain.Whatever the result may be.

it is their relevant that persons use it for their ain growing. This is the procedure for one to cultivate the entirety of humanity and what it’s supposed to be. As Hugo argues. “from one terminal to the other ; in its whole and in its inside informations. whatever the skips.

the exclusions. or the mistakes – is the March from evil to good. from unfairness to justness. from the false to the true. from dark to twenty-four hours. from appetency to scruples.

from putrescence to life. from ferociousness to responsibility. from Hell to Heaven. from void to God” ( p. 1242 ) .Last.

I would hold to hold with the impression of Hugo that clip and love can exceed treachery and misrepresentation. This has been present and apparent in assorted state of affairss experienced by Jean Valjean. One important illustration is the quotation mark which says “by which the authorship reversed on the blotting paper was corrected by the mirror and presented its original signifier ; and Jean Valjean had beneath his eyes the missive Cosette had written Marius the eventide before It was simple and devastating” ( p. 1152 ) .Though this state of affairs did go on. Jean Valjean began to accept Marius as his ain which came to a point of even delivering him from the struggle and battle.

This is one manifestation of how the overall thought of love can assist get the better of and supply new avenues for alteration. By reading this book. I came to appreciate the state of affairss go oning about. It gave me the thought that our determinations can impact what our lives would be in the hereafter.Similarly. it is through love. compassion and forgiveness that persons.

groups. and societies can get the better of the hurdlings and challenges brought approximately by hurting. misrepresentation.

fraudulence and force. Overall. the book offers assorted countries that open up the head of readers of the possibilities and worlds that are go oning.

Hugo was able to convey a mixture of feelings that cultivate a entire experience one time reading the novel. In here. he combines the familiar aspects of political relations. faith. love affair. and societal state of affairss that make the procedure of understanding important and timeless in its ain right.To reason.

the subjects and issues presented in the book can be summarized by Hugo’s quotation mark which says “The history of work forces is reflected in the history of cloacae” ( p. 1462 ) . In here. it merely shows how one can turn and prosecute life depending on what we take indoors. It means that the actions. values.

ideals. and perceptual experiences that we accommodate and get dictate what we are and what we can go. This influences our actions and determinations in life as we find new ways to populate harmonizing to the criterions and alterations go oning.

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