Reforestation is critically important to globally reduce carbon emissions contributing to our global climate destruction. According to the World Wildlife foundation, we continue to lose 18.

7 million acres of forest annually, affecting a wide range of plant and animal habitats, local jobs as well as raising the level of greenhouse gas in our environment. climate change, called global warming by some, is an absolute threat to our planet.

 As one method of curing our deteriorating global climate, focus has been placed on returning cleared lands back to forest throughout the world.Conservation International is embarking on a massive reforestation project in several Brazilian states, with the short-term plan to restore 70,000 acres of cleared pastureland back to forest. By planting over 73 million trees, it’s the beginning of reclaiming the forests that are critical to stabilizing our erratic climate.  https://www.fastcompany.

com/40481305/the-largest-ever-tropical-reforestation-is-planting-73-million-treesBut it takes more than just throwing some seeds on the bare ground and hoping for the best.  Certain types of trees are better at absorbing carbon than others.  Also, newly planted forests require care.  Untended forest lands in Canada and the Western U.S. have become volatile matchboxes as drought dried them into prime fodder for wildfires.  The burning of these vast areas is also responsible for releasing additional carbon into the environment as burnt wood releases its stored carbon into the air. https://thinkprogress.

org/planting-trees-climate-change-solution-3e5b6979561f/Reforestation is slow to show progress as seedlings take a long time to become mature trees capable of battling our environmental war.  As we continue to lose 25 million acres of forest each year due to deforestation, a better approach to battling global climate change is to end the cutting of old forest while continuing to plant new.

html#.WljuTqinHIUWe need to continue to end deforestation while we wait for the newly planted trees to take root.  In the U.S., only 7% of our dwindling forest are considered the most beneficial old forest, and we are currently ranked 4th in the world for our current rate of deforestation. Some of this is due to wildfire, but regardless of why the land is lost, it must be replaced.,

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