Like everyone else these days, Robert E. Howard is on Social Media. Even given his amazing imagination, he would be astounded to see the technology we all take for granted and the many ways it has changed our daily lives. Whether he’d approve of it, no one knows. The  TGR Facebook page has been around for two years. A few months back, I added a TGR Twitter account to the mix. I had thought about creating both back in 2011, but I was fairly new to social media and wanted to see how the Facebook page would go over before adding a Twitter account. These days, in addition to a blog, you have to be on Facebook and Twitter because that where most people spend their online time.

And getting the your message out there is the name of the game. So here is a list of links for other pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to Robert E. Howard:

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The Dark ManHoward WorksREH Comics GroupRobert E.

HowardRobert E. Howard DaysRobert E. Howard ReadersThe Robert E. Howard International Fan Association

The Robert E. Howard Foundation also recently added Facebook and Twitter pages.These social media accounts are the ones I am most familiar with, but if anyone else out there has a Facebook or Twitter account devoted exclusively to Howard, let me know and I’ll add the link(s) to this list.

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