Relationship between
consumers and brands implies for a focus on how consumers think and
specifically feel about brands. According to Fetscherin and Heinrich (2014),
brands give consumers meaning to their lives. Marketers and companies are often
interested in the purchasing behaviour of consumers, since consumers purchase
products for the positive feeling that it releases. There is a continuous increase
in the interest of researching positive consumer brand relationships, however,
in the marketing literature, brand hate, and negative feelings towards brands,
have been highly neglected. Nevertheless, it is important to examine why and
how consumers develop brand hate overtime. More importantly, examining how
consumers stop loving a brand, begin hating it, and if there is any possibility
for brand forgiveness (Sampedro 2017). This report mainly discusses on those
aspects to evaluate the relationship between customers and associated brands,
as well as whether forgiveness and future behaviour are dependent to one
another, and recommendation on these lights also provided.


Personality is a key
aspect of interpersonal relationships, as some individuals with particular personality
characteristics are more motivated and able to create and maintain
relationships (Sun 2014 et. al). For example, Scott, Maura, and Bolton (2013)
conducted a longitudinal study and found that personality traits, particularly
extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, predicted various
relationship specific outcomes, such as the number of peer relationships,
conflicts, or falling in love. Similarly, Xiangping et al. (2014) showed that
individuals’ relationship satisfaction is associated with their personality
structure. Again, the authors found extraversion, agreeableness, and
conscientiousness are positively related to successful interpersonal
relationships. In contrast, a negative effect was found for neuroticism. There
has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers and brands interact. Customers
have more choices in terms of what they buy, from whom and how often, while
brands have more ways to connect and stay connected than ever before. The most
successful marketers understand this new reality and have adjusted their
communication strategies over the last few years to keep pace.

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