Reneging on apromise is never an ideal choice but in some circumstances it is the necessaryone. Enjoying where you work and whom you work with is one of the mostimportant aspects of having a successful career and although it may bedisappointing to the people you have mislead, in the end it is for the best.

However going about your choice the right way is critical in order to keep apositive reputation and maintain respect for others. In this case Billyneeds to act selfishly because it is important that he works for the firm he desiresand work with people he knows he can get along with. Although it may be hard heneeds to respect Time and Check, and alert them of the news as soon aspossible.

It is important that he is honest and respectful because not only didthe individuals involved in his recruitment work hard to get him an offer, healso does not want to have a bad reputation with another firm in hisindustry.  Billy needs to admit he waswrong for accepting an offer he was not prepared to take, but also be firm inhis stance that reneging his promise and choosing Foot and Balance was theright decision for him. It may be a difficult situation for Billy but it iswhat is best for all parties involved. The stakeholdersin this case are the people involved in the hiring of Billy at Tick and Check,as well as the people involved at Foot and Balance. The human resourcesdepartment and recruiter at Tick and Check have particular interest because notonly did they put a lot of time and interest in Billy’s hiring but also have toexplain to executives why an offer was accepted and then rejected if Billy wasto renege on his promise.

Billy’s friend at Foot and Balance would also be veryinterested in Billy’s decision because she had put in effort to get Billyinformation on his offer and told him an offer was forthcoming. She and Billy’sother friends would also have interest because they would most likely enjoyworking with their friend at Foot and Balance. With so many people being interested in Billy’s case it is of upmostimportance that he evaluate the alternative courses of action he could take andhow it would affect the stakeholders involved.

“Is it ever rightto back out of a promise that you gave someone else?” This is an importantquestion to any promise you make whether it is big or small. Going back on yourword not only violates a person’s trust in you but also can be seen as weaknessin character. However some high-pressure circumstances may lead to lapses injudgment and mistakes in decision-making, and as such individual ethics may beput into question when making the right choice. Going back on a promise isn’t an ideal option and is not something thatshould be exercised frequently, however in some circumstances it’s necessary.In the case of Bill Tushoes, going back on his promise may be unethical but itis the right decision when putting into question his happiness.  Choosing the right firm to work for is a hugechoice for individuals and if an individual is unhappy with their choice it canlead to disdain towards superiors and colleagues and result in poor jobperformance.

Billy has made an error in decision-making and although renegingon his promise is not the preferred option, it is the right one.  They’re many people who will have interest inthis case and it is important that Billy keeps those people in mind when goingthrough with his decision.            Reneging on a Promise

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