Requirements are features or
expectation giving by the user for a new or modified product. For example, if
any user wants to develop a software application, he would have some expectations
towards that particular application those expectations are called as


Because a customer’s requirement
can dictate the start and finish of a product and any miss communication
between the customer and the project leader can thereby lead to producing the
wrong product. Due to all this circumstances that is why a separate discipline called
Requirement Engineering Process was created.

Requirement Engineering Process is
the process of gathering the requirements, analyzing it, and documenting them. It
concentrates on checking if the system is useful to the customer or business
(which is the feasibility study), finding the requirements (which is the
elicitation and analysis), converting the requirements to documented form
(which is specification), and finally check if the requirements meet with the
customers wants (validation).

The output of this process is
called Software Requirement Specification.

The Software Requirement
Specification document will be the main document which is actually being used
for the entire process to develop an application.

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