1 WHAT IS A RESEARCH PROBLEM?A research job is the state of affairs that causes the research worker to experience discerning. confused and ill at easiness.

It is the limit of a job country within a certain context affecting the WHO or WHAT. the WHERE. the WHEN and the WHY of the job state of affairs. There are many job state of affairss that may give rise to research. Three beginnings normally contribute to job designation. Own experience or the experience of others may be a beginning of job supply.

A 2nd beginning could be scientific literature. You may read about certain findings and notice that a certain field was non covered. This could take to a research job. Theories could be a 3rd beginning. Defects in theories could be researched. Research can therefore be aimed at clear uping or confirming an bing theory. at clear uping contradictory findings.

at rectifying a faulty methodological analysis. at rectifying the inadequate or unsuitable usage of statistical techniques. at accommodating conflicting sentiments. or at work outing bing practical jobs.2 IDENTIFICATION OF THE PROBLEMThe prospective research worker should believe on what caused the demand to make the research ( job designation ) . The inquiry that he/she should inquire is: Are there inquiries about this job to which replies have non been found up to the present? Research originates from a demand that arises. A clear differentiation between the PROBLEM and the PURPOSE should be made.

The job is the facet the research worker concerns about. believe about. wants to happen a solution for. The intent is to work out the job. ie discovery replies to the inquiry ( s ) .

If there is no clear job preparation. the intent and methods are nonmeaningful. Keep the followers in head:• Outline the general context of the job country.• Highlight cardinal theories. constructs and thoughts current in this country. • What look to be some of the implicit in premises of this country?
• Why are these issues identified of import?• What needs to be solved?• Read round the country ( capable ) to acquire to cognize the background and to place unreciprocated inquiries or contentions.

and/or to place the the most important issues for farther geographic expedition. The research job should be stated in such a manner that it would take to analytical thought on the portion of the research worker with the purpose of possible reasoning solutions to the stated job. Research jobs can be stated in the signifier of either inquiries or statements.

• The research job should ever be formulated grammatically right and every bit wholly as possible. You should bear in head the diction ( looks ) you use. Avoid meaningless words. There should be no uncertainty in the head of the reader what your purposes are.

• Demarcating the research field into manageable parts by spliting the chief job into subproblems is of the extreme importance. 3 SUBPROBLEM ( S )Subproblems are jobs related to the chief job identified. Subproblems flow from the chief job and do up the chief job. It is the agencies to make the set end in a manageable manner and contribute to work outing the job.

4 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe statement of the job involves the limit and preparation of the job. ie the WHO/WHAT. WHERE. WHEN.

WHY. It normally includes the statement of the hypothesis. 5 CHECKLIST FOR TESTING THE FEASIBILITY OF THE RESEARCH PROBLEM | | |YES |NO | |1 |Is the job of current involvement? Will the research consequences have societal. educational or scientific value? | | | |2 |Will it be possible to use the consequences in pattern? | | | |3 |Does the research contribute to the scientific discipline of instruction? | | | |4 |Will the research opt new jobs and take to farther research? | | | |5 |Is the research job of import? Will you be proud of the consequence? | | | |6 |Is at that place plenty range left within the country of reseach ( field of research ) ? | | | |7 |Can you find an reply to the job through research? Will you be able to manage the research job? | | | |8 |Will it be pratically possible to set about the research? | | | |9 |Will it be possible for another research worker to reiterate the research?| | | |10 |Is the research free of any ethical jobs and restrictions? | | | |11 |Will it hold any value? | | | |12 |Do you have the necessary cognition and accomplishments to make the research? Are you qualified to set about the | | | | |research? | | | |13 |Is the job of import to you and are you motivated to set about the research? | | | |14 |Is the research feasible in your state of affairs? Do you hold adequate clip and energy to finish the undertaking? | | | |15 |Do you have the necessary financess for the research? | | | |16 |Will you be able to finish the undertaking within the clip available? | | | |17 |Do you have entree to the administrative. statistic and computing machine installations the research necessitates? | | | | |TOTAL: | | |

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