1. How might a hypermarket located in India entreaty to consumers and point them to shopping in larger shops? – The fast one lies in distinguishing themselves from local kirana shops. If a hypermarket is offering same merchandises. a client will evidently prefer kirana shop over the hypermarket because of the convenience and long old ages of service. Turning shopping into an experience should be the differentiating factor. This can be done by understanding the ingestion basket of a consumer in an country. presenting new merchandises in the hypermarket along with the old 1s. holding merchandises providing to latest crazes and manners. and assisting and helping clients at every measure of purchasing procedure. Besides. publicities and price reductions aligned with vacations and festivals would be a good manner to appeal consumers.

2. Is the Indian government’s willingness to pass $ 500 billion to better the nation’s substructure good intelligence for international retail merchants? Why or why non? – The Indian government’s willingness to pass $ 500 billion to better substructure is surely good intelligence for international retail merchants. because a good substructure helps shops to diminish their costs and better net incomes.

3. Identify the chief alterations that mark Indian consumers. How can international retail merchants learn more about India’s vernal demographic? – More than half of India’s current population is younger than 25 old ages. – Due to the occupations created by IT and services roar. immature consumers have more disposable income. – Due to the of all time turning instruction scenario. pupils are besides lifting as a really of import consumer category. – Nuclear working households have less clip to shop.

International retail merchants can analyze tendencies of migration of people of Indians origin. understand altering demographics in rural and urban countries due to urbanisation of towns and up-gradation of small towns. survey incursion of retail merchandise organisations in assorted markets and autochthonal competition. and create theoretical accounts that include best patterns of kirana shops that appeal

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