The mockumentary-inspired attempt of the National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ) in showing existent life state of affairss of workplace environment has paid off with the evident success of the network’s American version of British BBC 2001 hit telecasting comedy show “The Office. ” The 2005 release of the Television series in the United States paved the manner for the public’s realisation of the assorted feats bing within an organisational scene. This is chiefly due to the diversified hence obvious clashing of personalities and professional properties among office forces.

In peculiar. such office struggle is clearly manifested by the forty-seventh episode of “The Office” entitled “Safety Training. ” This is where Andy Bernard who is being portrayed by histrion Ed Helms and who after completing his choler direction therapy. returned to Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton. Pennsylvania subdivision which is a fictional paper supply office. It is during this specific episode that statements refering employees’ self-importances. improper behaviors and ennui have become more efficaciously depicted.

In the said episode. Regional Manager Michael Scoot. played by histrion Steve Carell. showed his usual risky jokes. which finally endangered an employee and required all of them to undergo safety preparation. This showed a thesis that anything is necessarily hazardous in an office environment or that any office activity. even a purportedly safety preparation. may travel astray if the forces involved are seemingly colliding with each other and are ever in struggle therefore despairing people.

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Ultimately. the said episode which was carried out in an amusive parody mode manifested that an office-based depression is a menace to an employee ( Novak & A ; Ramis. 2007 ) . Last. such episode of “The Office” by and large imparted a premiss that each office equipment and machinery has its ain map and possible danger which may impact both the employees and organisational public presentation. Hence. office employees need to protect themselves irrespective of their several struggles in order to accomplish office success.


Novak. B. J. & A ; Ramis. H. ( 2007 ) . Safety Training. In G. Daniels. The Office. Los Angeles: Reveille Productions.

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