Dubai is a metropolis that started turning truly fast. holding as a vision to blend civilization all around the universe. where Arabic civilization are welcoming and accepting them. Burj Khalifa will be a cogent evidence ; its design is alone. modern. and represents the new universe. Burj Khalifa will be the tallest edifice in the universe located in the Middle East. Dubai. will be 2. 716. 5 pess tall. with more than 169 narratives. eating houses. flats. office. hotels. park. fittingness centre. etc. Besides. will be recognized because will be the edifice with more tenancy in comparison with other skyscraper. its lift will go the longest distance. and will hold legion out-of-door deck to bask. Harmonizing to Chicago –based council on Tall edifices and Urban Habitat ( CTBUH ) standard. Burj Khalifa Tower will be qualified as the tallest construction. and the tallest free-standing construction around the universe. For its building and planning is required the perfect squad of Engineers. Architectures. Floor Plan interior decorators. Wind Testing Specialist. Interior Designers. etc.

The tower will be composed of three elements arranged around a cardinal nucleus. The modular. Y-shaped construction. with reverses along each of its three wings provides a stable constellation for the construction and provides good floor home bases for residential ( Mohammed A. . Burj Khalifa’s Grand Vision ) . Interior design will be integrated with glass. chromium steel steel and rock. In order to analyze how the air current can impact the construction. will be performed legion air current trials. taking in consideration velocity. and the air current clime. Because this is a undertaking that involves many plants. there is a high possibility that jobs will look. for illustration. could be internal hazards as. works holds. cost increasing. quality of the occupations delivered. employees communicating. human resources ; or external hazards as. conditions conditions. rising prices. etc. A hazard analysis study. based on “decision trees” was developed to cover many of the critical countries that could endanger the completion of the undertaking. and will assist to do the best determination for the undertaking ( Lehman/DuFrene. BCOM. 3rd Edition. pag. 141 )

IV. Risk Management: An Overview
Hazards are those events that could possible happen when the execution of a undertaking and could impact a undertaking negatively. In order to command those events. it is of import to pull off Risks. and the lone manner to pull off is first placing what are those possible events. sort them by finding the likeliness that the hazard event will happen and the grade of impact the event will hold on the undertaking aim ( Gido/Clements. Successful Project Management. 5th Ed. . 5th edition. pag. 286 ) Next. must be planned what actions we should take in instance the hazard appears. making a Risk Action Plans. which is developed and implemented to handle an identified hazard. and will depend on the nature of the undertaking and the nature of the hazard ( Cooper. Undertaking Risk Management Guidelines. pag. 75 ) . Besides. it is of import to supervise and command every measure when the undertaking is in advancement. in order to place any unusual event. and implement the best solution every bit shortly as possible. without endangering the completion of the undertaking.

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VII. Fault Tree: Glasses fall ining
A Fault Tree is a in writing used to place event’s sequence which will stop impacting negatively a undertaking. A Fault Tree Analysis is a deductive analysis attack for deciding and unsought event into its causes ( Bill Vesely. Nasa HQ. Fault Tree Analysis. pag. 6 ) .

The building of the tower has a high hazard that the construction could non back up the weight ; besides unexpected strong wings can be experienced. Because the walls of the tower are spectacless. it is of import that the spectacless can back up any air current status.

VII. Discussion of Fault Tree: Glasses Collapsing
One major failure is been identified. which is spectacless fall ining. This failure could ensue from two possible options. the first 1 is. Strong air currents. that it is an event that can non be avoided. but we need to be prepared ; if there is non adequate testing. we are non traveling to be certain how much the glass construction could back up. Failure in running an appropriate air current testing. could be due to non skilled forces. that are non trained to run the trial. or because there were non adequate testing due deficiency of clip or deficiency of money. The 2nd option is. Unstable Glass Structure. due a hapless glass construction design. which is produced because the interior decorator doesn’t has the experience to work with this type of undertaking ; or because the quality of the stuff brought to construct the construction wasn’t good plenty. this consequence from a hapless provider research. in order to find which one are the 1 that have the quality we need.

I. Fault Tree: Lack of Materials

One concern that must be taken in consideration. and most of the clip companies do non measure up them as a high hazard. is the deficiency of stuff. Not holding stuff could halt wholly the class of the undertaking. and could impact budget and clip.

II. Discussion of Fault Tree: Lack of Materials
Failure in non holding the stuff to go on the building of the tower could be due to three possibilities: First. because was non purchased. bespeaking that there is a deficiency of planning. ciphering how much stuff is needed. due to the forces in charge of this work is non decently qualified. Second. broken stuff arrived. and there is non adequate stuff to replace the 1s that are broken. which means that the providers are non run intoing our outlooks. Third option. is because the stuff was non delivered on clip. possible due provider running out of stock. or. due transit jobs. because trucks are non working decently.

Ten. Decisions
In order to present a undertaking with the desire conditions. and meeting or transcending our outlooks. where everyone can bask the concluding consequence safely. holding a Tower that meets safety outlooks. it is of import to take in consideration those hazards that could impact extremely. non merely during the building of the tower. besides after the Tower is completed. and occupied. We can non travel frontward until each safety parametric quantity is 100 % completed. even though when could impact the budget of the undertaking. increasing costs. At the same clip. Materials computation must be guaranteed. non holding the hazard to detain the undertaking because deficiency of it ; it is of import to hold a backup of stuffs in instance that anyone got broken or non delivered on clip.

Eleven. Mentions

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