This study will sketch the hazard. The different hazard methods will be analyzed. and so the hazard appraisal squad will do those decisions on the hazard. In this twenty-four hours of ages. hazard is one of the biggest menaces to any infirmary. The ground for this is that the infirmary demands quantify their action. With engineering traveling so fast. it is of import to do certain that you have a hazard appraisal in topographic point. Harmonizing to ( Lozier. 2011 ) hazard is defined as that “systematic application of constabularies. processs. and pattern to the undertaking of analysing and commanding risk” .

At Spring Valley Hospital we need to do certain that our visitants. employees. and patients ae safe. Risk Assessment Spring Valley Hospital wil be utilizing a checklist as a usher. The first challenge for this hospitial is to defind the range and the intent for this infirmary.

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