“ROBERT BURNS, the BARD of SCOTLAND”( 1739 – 1796 )His male parent W. Burns was a industrious husbandman. He knew the value of a good instruction and he was determined to give his kids the best schooling possible.There were 7 kids in the household and Robert was the eldest.

When he was 6 his male parent sent him to school to Alloway. His female parent ‘s friend Betty told him many antic narratives about Satans, shades, faeries and enchantresss.At 13 he wasout in the Fieldss all twenty-four hours assisting his male parent, and he studied nature closely and following the Big Dipper, he whistled and American ginseng. In his vocals he spoke of what he saw, of the forests, the Fieldss, the vales, of the cervid, of the hare and the little field mouse, of the husbandman ‘s hapless bungalow place.Nathan birnbaums began to compose poesy in his l6th. His first love vocal “ Handsome Nell ” was dedicated to the miss who helped him in the crop Fieldss.

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Life was difficult for the household. His male parent died 1784. In 1788 Burns married Jean Armour she is immortalized in many beautiful verse forms written by the poet, such as “ I LOVE MY JEAN “ , “ THYBONNIE FACE ” .Robert and Jean continued run intoing in secret and Robert gave Jean a paper declaring them adult male and married woman. When Jean ‘s male parent learned about it, he tore the paper up and prohibit his girl to see Robert. Jean obeyed and Robert being offended by it, swore ne’er to see her once more.

One of the finest verse forms widely popular in Scotland “ TAH O’SHANTER ‘ was written in 1790. 1793 saw the visual aspect of the “ TREE OF LIBERTY ” in which R. Burns greeted the Gallic Revolution but the verse form was published merely 40 old ages after Burn ‘s decease.All of R.

Burn ‘s poesy shows him to be one of great Masterss of lyrical poetry, warm nationalist of his native state. He had ever stood for autonomy, equality, justness and honestness. His poesy is profoundly democratic and full of unfavorable judgment directed against the landlords, the authorities functionaries.Our reader finds pleasance in reading Burn ‘s verse forms and vocals in the fantastic interlingual rendition of Samuel Marshak.Whenever we speak of Scotland, the name of Scotland ‘s Bard R.Burns is ever at that place, as the ever-living, never-dying symbol of that state.

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