Robert E. Lee Essay, Research Paper

The graven image of the South to this twenty-four hours, Virginian Robert E. Lee

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had some trouble in seting to the new signifier of warfare

that unfolded with the Civil war, but this did non forestall

him from maintaining the Union ground forcess in Virginia at bay for

about three old ages. The boy of Revolutionary War hero

“ Light Horse ” Harry Lee-who fell into discredit in his later

old ages attended West Point and graduated second in his

category. During his four old ages at the military academy he did

non gain a individual demerit and served as the plebe corps & # 8217 ;

aide. Upon his 1829 graduation he was posted to the

applied scientists. Before the Mexican War he served on

technology undertakings in Georgia, Virginia, and New York.

During the war he served on the staffs of John Wool and

Winfield Scott. Particularly separating himself reconnoitering

for and steering military personnels, he won three brevets and was

somewhat wounded at Chapultepec.

Following a stretch in Baltimore Harbor he became

overseer of the military academy in 1852. When the

mounted arm was expanded in 1855, Lee accepted the

lieutenant colonelcy of the 2nd Cavalry in order to get away

from the distressingly slow publicity in the applied scientists. Ordered

to western Texas, he served with his regiment until the

1857 decease of his father-in-law forced him to inquire for a

series of foliages to settle the estate.

In 1859 he was called upon to take a force of Mariness, to

articulation with the reserves on the scene, to set an terminal to John

Brown & # 8217 ; s Harper & # 8217 ; s Ferry Raid. Thereafter he served once more in

Texas until summoned to Washington in 1861 by Winfield

Scott who tried to retain Lee in the U. S. service. But the

Virginian rejected the bid of the Union & # 8217 ; s field forces

on the twenty-four hours after Virginia seceded. He so accepted an

invitation to see Governor John Letcher in Virginia. His

surrender as colonel, 1st Cavalry-to which he had late

been promoted-was accepted on April 25, 1861.

His Southern assignments included: major general,

Virginia & # 8217 ; s land and naval forces ( April 23, 1861 ) ;

commanding Virginia forces ( April 23 July 1861 ) ; brigadier

general, CSA ( May 14, 186 1 ) ; general, CSA ( from June

14, 186 1 ) ; commanding Department of Northwestern

Virginia ( late July-October 1861 ) ; commanding

Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida

( November 8, 186 1-March 3, 1862 ) ; and commanding

Army of Northern Virginia June 1, 1862-April 9, 1865 ) .

In charge of Virginia & # 8217 ; s fledgling military might, he was

chiefly involved in organisational affairs. As a Confederate

brigadier general, and subsequently full general, he was in charge of

oversing all Southern forces in Virginia. In the first

summer of the war he was given his first field bid in

western Virginia. His Cheat Mountain Campaign was a

dissatisfactory hiss mostly due to the weaknesss of his

higher-ups. His full term of office in the part was unpleasant,

covering with the spat of his subordinates-William W.

Loring, John B. Floyd, and Henry A. Wise. After this he

became known throughout the South as “ Granny Lee. “ His

introduction in field bid had non been assuring, but

Jefferson Davis appointed him to command along the

Southern Coast.

Early on in 1862 he was recalled to Richmond and made an

adviser to the president. From this place he had some

influence over military operations, particularly those of

Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley. When

Joseph E. Johnston launched his onslaught at Seven Pines,

Davis and Lee were taken by surprise and sit out to the

field. In the confusion of the battle Johnston was severely

wounded, and that dark Davis instructed Lee to take

bid of what he renamed the Army of Northern

Virginia. He fought the 2nd

twenty-four hours of the conflict but the

enterprise had already been lost the old twenty-four hours. Subsequently in

the month, in a dare move, he left a little force in forepart of

Capital of virginia and crossed the Chickahominy to strike the 1

Union corps North of the river. In what was to be called the

Seven Days Battles the single fights-Beaver Dam

Creek, Gaines & # 8217 ; Mill, Savage Station, Glendale, White Oak

Swamp, and Malvern Hill-were all tactical lickings for the

Confederates. But Lee had achieved the strategic end of

taking McClellan & # 8217 ; s ground forces from the really Gatess of

Capital of virginia.

This created a new sentiment of Lee in the South. He

bit by bit became “ Uncle Robert ” and “ Marse Robert. ”

With McClellan neutralized, a new menace developed under

John Pope in northern Virginia. At first Lee detached

Jackson and so followed with Longstreet & # 8217 ; s bid.

Wining at 2nd Bull Run, he moved on into Maryland but

suffered the bad luck of holding a transcript of his orders

detailing the temperament of his divided forces fall into the

custodies of the enemy. McClellan moved with unusual velocity

and Lee was forced to contend a detaining action along South

Mountain while waiting for Jackson to finish the

gaining control of Harpers Ferry and rejoin him. He masterfully

fought McClellan to a base still at Antietam and two yearss

subsequently recrossed the Potomac.

Near the terminal of the twelvemonth he won an easy triumph over

Burnside at Fredericksburg and so trounced Hooker in

his most creditable triumph at Chancellorsville, where he

had detached Jackson with most of the ground forces on a drawn-out

flank March while he remained with merely two divisions in

the immediate forepart of the Union ground forces. Establishing his

2nd invasion of the North, he lost at Gettysburg. On the

3rd twenty-four hours of the conflict he displayed one of his major mistakes

when at Malvern Hill and on other fields-he ordered a

massed foot assault across a broad field, non acknowledging

that the rifle, which had come into usage since the Mexican

War, put the bear downing military personnels under fire for excessively long a

period. Another job was his issue of general

orders to be executed by his subsidiaries.

Returning to Virginia he commanded in the inconclusive

Bristoe and Mine Run runs. From the Wilderness to

Petersburg he fought a retiring run against Grant in

which he made full usage of intrenchments, going known

as “ Ace of Spades ” Lee. Finally forced into a besieging, he held

on to Richmond and Petersburg for about 10 months

before get downing his retreat to Appomattox, where he was

forced to give up. On January 23, 1865, he had been

named as commanding officer in head of the Confederate ground forcess

but he found himself excessively burdened in Virginia to give more

than general directives to the other theatres.

Lee returned to Richmond as a paroled captive of war,

and submitted with the extreme calm of an altered

fate. He devoted the remainder of his life to puting an illustration

of behavior for other 1000s of ex-Confederates. He

refused a figure of offers, which would hold secured

significant agencies for his household. Alternatively, he assumed the

presidential term of Washington College ( now Washington and

Lee University ) in Lexington, Virginia, and his repute

revitalized the school after the war. Lee & # 8217 ; s tremendous

wartime prestigiousness, both in the North and South, and the

devotedness inspired by his unconscious symbolism of the

“ Lost Cause ” made his a legendary figure even before his

decease. He died on October 12 1870, of bosom disease

which had plagued him since the spring of 1863, at

Lexington, Virginia and is buried at that place. Somehow, his

application for Restoration of citizenship was mislaid, and it

was non until the 1970 & # 8217 ; s that it was found and granted.


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