Robert Frost And Wilfred Owen & # 8211 ; Symbols And Imagery Essay, Research Paper

Poetry is most normally known as showing oneself through the art of authorship. There are many techniques poets use to do their verse form a success. Two of these techniques are imagery and symbols. Comprehension of symbols when they are by themselves is non easy ; when set with their verse form they come alive. Symbols allow us, as readers, to spread out the significance of the verse form much further than words can take us. Along with symbols, imagination creates a whole universe that takes us on the journey the author intended. Two poets who create this universe wondrous are Robert Frost and Wilfred Owen.

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Robert Frost? s verse forms are rather simple, covering with mundane state of affairss and emotions, yet taking them to another degree of geographic expedition. He looks at facets of nature and so change over them into symbols to utilize in his verse form, therefore doing them wholly relevant to our mundane lives and easy to do sense of.

If we look at? Tree at My Window? , the tree is symbolizing a changeless throughout the yearss. You can easy visualize the foliages of the tree blowing gently merely outside the window, offering some comfort at troubled times. The tree could stand for a lover, friend or relation who will ever be at that place for him and a barrier will ne’er organize between them, ? But ne’er allow at that place be a curtain drawn Between you and me. ? Frost looks at the similarities between himself and the tree and positions fate as a individual or God or Mother Nature. Another poet who comes to mind with similar emotional verse form, is William Blake. A good illustration of his emotional geographic expedition is, ? A Poison Tree? , where he surveies his choler towards his enemy, and positions that anger as a toxicant tree.

In? After Apple-Picking? , there is another symbol derived from nature. In the beginning of the verse form, Frost Tells of? a barrel that I didn? T fill Beside it, and at that place possibly two or three apples I didn? T choice upon some bough. ? . This could be understood as a portion of life that Frost missed out on, some experience that passed him by. Subsequently he says, ? Magnified apples look and vanish? . possibly stating us of chances that semen and travel, large or little. I find the image of a barrel non rather full tantrums absolutely. A life non rather complete, but non truly losing anything eit


? The Road Not Taken? writes, ? two roads diverging in a xanthous wood? and shows how Frost considers his picks in life, picks that people face mundane. He surveies these two picks he is given and do a determination harmonizing to all the cognition he has gained about them. This is a good doctrine for life ; to analyze picks that you make so that they are the best pick for yourself and the others around you.

Wilfred Owen besides deals with issues of life, but in a different manner. War, morality and emotion play a large portion in his verse form.

The imagination in Owens? verse form? Futility? takes us from the battlegrounds of war, to a farm in France and to a topographic point where Earth was created. A immature soldier is seeking to salvage his ally by traveling him into the Sun, and inquiries why the Sun or greater being can? t bring this immature soldier back to life. If they can? t conveying the guiltless dorsum to life so why bother making it in the beginning if all that happens is devastation. Symbols in this verse form are an built-in portion. ? William claude dukenfields unsown? , show future chances and experiences that are still to be had, but which now lay at remainder, along with the immature adult male, because of the war. Owen clearly shows his ideas of the significance of life and the necessity of war in the line, ? O what made asinine sunraies toil To interrupt Earth? s slumber at all? ?

Another strong sentiment of Owen? s sentiment about war is heard in? Anthem for the Doomed Youth? . In the first line, Owen compares immature work forces deceasing, to cattle when he writes.. ? for these who die as cowss? ? I find this comparing a good one and it brings to my head images of 100s of work forces droning on with low spirit and energy degrees. Merely as you see cattle easy traveling across Fieldss so excessively can you conceive of these immature work forces across the Fieldss contending for endurance.

I find that these two poets and their verse forms are easy to understand. Their symbols can be missed, but one time you understand the whole verse form, with every technique used, you gain so much from them. I feel that Robert Frost and Wilfred Owen are great illustrations on how to utilize symbolism and imagination. They both capture what poesy is all about, and as a consequence they create fantastic verse forms, which non merely supply us with some penetration into different life styles, but besides on how to see our ain.

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