Robert Shulman? S Dreiser And The Dynamics Of American Capitalism Essay, Research PaperCapitalism and Communism are two antagonist economic, political, and societal systems. Capitalism is characterized by a free market for goods and private control of production and ingestion, and by different societal categories. In Communism calls for a classless society, where the leading is in the custodies of workers, and all agencies of production are owned in common, and non by the persons. The cardinal theory of Communism is Marxism, which viewed political, societal, and economic world as based in the category battle, and predicted that Capitalism would destruct itself because of the battle between the leaders and the workers/antagonist forces.Robert Shulman? s unfavorable judgment, essay over Dreiser? s novel is based on the political orientation of Marxism. At the beginning, he emphasizes the characteristic characteristics and the basic procedures of Capitalism as the procedures of commodification, which provide the dissentious force per unit area of American Capitalism ( non equal division of labour, non equal division between production and distribution, which leads to a fact that there is no connexion between human labour and its consequences. He uses Marx? s words from his celebrated Das Kapital, the term that this sort of connexion is mystified, impossible to understand or to explicate that? A trade good is hence a cryptic thing? . Another really of import fact to understand the character of Communism and the thought of their leaders, and of class Shulman? s attitude towards Dreiser? s Sister Carrie is to understand the indictment of a capitalistic society and their 2 cardinal reviews? those of alientation and of hypostatization.

The sentiment of Communists is that people become a agency of the exchange system of Capitalism, they become trade goods ( objects and owners of objects ) , every bit good as their labour. Shulman is speaking about the? atomization of ego and society? , and stresses that this is precisely what was the chief characteristic of the nineteenth century America. In other words, Capitalism creates human dealingss, which operate more as exchanges of goods, leave no room for one? s selfhood, and convey impersonal isolation. Shulman? s sentiment was besides influenced by Torqueville? s Democracy in America, which examines the unsolved struggle between America as a democracy and America as a market society, and its impact on the consciousness of persons, their societal values and beliefs.It is the Capitalism, which tends to compare felicity with fiscal success and is a possible cause of the calamities of persons ( that the persons themselves are non the grounds for their personal calamities, but it? s the consequence of the disappointing mechanism of Capitalism, which is the forced desire to accomplish fiscal success without a warrant of felicity ) . This sort of believe explains Hurtswood? s diminution and the discontent of Carrie.Shulman in his essay points out the character of consumerism, the compulsion of accomplishing material ownership. He believes that it is the primary drive force in the commodified society every bit good as the cardinal portion of Sister Carrie.

The general sentiment about consumerism explains that a capitalist economic system manipulates the desire of the consumer without of all time wholly fulfilling it. The unsated desire drives the consumer to go on purchasing more material goods and brings changeless defeat of people. There is ever something more to desire.

Carrie suffers from this sort of chronic dissatisfaction, which leaves her unrealized at the terminal of novel.In the 2nd portion of the essay, Shulman presents his review and analysis over peculiar parts of Dreiser? s novel and its characters using his theory and belief.

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