Roberto Clemente Essay, Research PaperRoberto ClementePosition OutfielderBorn 8/18/1934Carolina, Puerto RicoDied 12/31/1972San Juan, Puerto RicoDebut April 1955Pittsburgh PiratesBats Right Throws RightHt 5 & # 8242 ; 11 & # 8243 ; Wt 175Roberto Clemente may be one of the lone true heroes American baseball has produced.

His dedication on the field was alone, and his concern for his fellow human existences was that of a saint. In today & # 8217 ; s universe, where a visit to a infirmary by an jock is normally a exposure chance, Clemente & # 8217 ; s day-in, day-out committedness to assisting destitute people seems unbelievable.More than one time, film makers have tried to state his narrative and hold given up. The manner Clemente lived and played was grander, more affecting, and more passionate than any screen intervention could convey. At Clemente & # 8217 ; s posthumous Hall of Fame initiation, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn said, & # 8220 ; He had about him a touch of royalty. & # 8221 ; Filmmaker John Sayles noted, & # 8220 ; Most of what I know about manner I learned from Roberto Clemente.

& # 8221 ; Clemente played the game as if it were his and his alone. His disdainful stance at the home base, the manner he snared flyballs, and the manner he used his fantastic arm were all alone. Following to Clemente, any other hitter would look uncomfortable, any other outfielder would look clumsy, and anyone else seeking to throw as he did would look ineffective ; but that was the lone manner that Clemente knew how to play.He won four batting rubrics and holds the NL record for most old ages taking the conference in outfield aids, with five. He won 12 Gold Gloves, binding him with Willie Mays for the most awarded an outfielder, and remains first in the Pirates record books in games played, at chiropterans, hits, singles, and entire bases.

As a young person in Puerto Rico, Clemente sneaked peeps through the outfield fencing at his favourite participant, Monte Irvin. By age 14 he was playing against Negro Leaguers and major leaguers. As a adolescent Clemente played in the same Puerto Rico winter conference outfield with Willie Mays, an experience he ne’er forgot. It was his first coppice with greatness.The Dodgers signed him for $ 10,000, although he received offers about three times that after holding to the Dodger contract. A regulation at the clip stated that because he was signed to a minor conference contract, he was eligible to be drafted by any squad for $ 4,000 if he wasn & # 8217 ; t brought up to the big leagues. The Dodgers could hold signed him to a major conference contract and optioned him back to the bush leagues, but they didn & # 8217 ; t.Playing his first professional season with the Dodgers & # 8217 ; farm nine in Montreal, Clemente felt he was treated curiously.

The Dodgers were seeking to conceal him from the Giants, but this was ne’er explained to him, and he was so wounded and confused by the manner he was handled that he thought of discontinuing. He recalled, & # 8220 ; If I struck out I stayed in the batting order. If I played good I was benched. One twenty-four hours I hit three three-base hits and was benched the following twenty-four hours. Another game I was taken out for a pinch batter in the first frame with the bases loaded.

& # 8221 ; After this dissatisfactory first season Clemente returned to Puerto Rico. While he was sing his brother, who was deceasing of a encephalon tumour, a rummy driver plowed into his auto. The clang damaged three spinal phonograph record, an hurt that would blight Clemente for the remainder of his career.When the last-place Pirates met after the 1954 season to discourse who they should outline foremost, Clyde Sukeforth said to Pittsburgh General Manager Branch Rickey, who had besides been his foreman in Brooklyn, & # 8220 ; You will ne’er populate long plenty to outline a male child with this sort of ability for $ 4,000 again. & # 8221 ; During his first two seasons as the Pirates & # 8217 ; right fielder Roberto Clemente gunned down 18 and 20 smugglers, severally, on the bases.

In his 2nd twelvemonth he hit.311 but wouldn & # 8217 ; t top.300 once more until 1960. Because he was a free swinger, harmonizing to Bucs batting manager George Sisler, Clemente & # 8217 ; s caput & # 8220 ; bobbed when he swung. & # 8221 ; In 1958 he led the conference in outfield aids for the first clip with 22.

Clemente, and all of Pittsburgh, had a terrific twelvemonth in 1960. He hit 16 home runs and batted.314, and his 94 RBIs led the squad as they won the NL crown and shocked baseball by upsetting the powerful Northerners in the World Series.

Clemente hit.310 for the Series, batting safely in all seven games and driving in three runs.One drama in Game 7 epitomized his inimitable manner. The Pirates were down 7-5 and batting in the underside of the 8th when Clemente came to the home base with smugglers on 2nd and 3rd and two out. He hit a lame chucker-out toward first baseman Bill Skowron. Yankee pitcher Jim Coates dawdled over to the bag, but Clemente hustled. He beat Coates to first base, another tally scored, and Hal Smith followed Clemente with a three-run home run that gave the Pirates the lead.Always a proud adult male, Clemente took it difficult when he got the intelligence that he had merely finished eighth in the 1960 Most Valuable Player vote.

It pushed him to seek even harder. The following season Clemente changed his chiropteran. To avoid overswinging on bad balls he began to utilize heavier timber and went on to bask 11.300-plus seasons in the following 12 old ages. He won his first batting rubric in 1961, hitting.351 with 23 home runs, 10 three-base hits, and 89 RBIs.Clemente put on a show in that season & # 8217 ; s foremost All-Star Game, excessively.

He tripled for the first hit off Whitey Ford in the 2nd frame and subsequently scored the game & # 8217 ; s first tally. He drove in the 2nd tally with a forfeit fly, and in the underside of the ten percent his individual brought place Say hey kids with the winning tally. From so on he wore his 1961 All-Star Game ring, non his 1960 World Series ring.That twelvemonth Clemente missed the last five games of the season because a Don Drysdale heater had chipped a bone in his right cubitus, necessitating off-season surgery.Because of the aggressive manner he played, he suffered legion hurts. Unlike other participants who declined to talk about their physical jobs, Clemente discussed his achings and strivings with anyone who asked. ( & # 8221 ; My bad shoulder feels good, but my good shoulder feels bad, & # 8221 ; he one time said.

) Harmonizing to a biographer, he suffered from & # 8220 ; backaches ( due to his cervix hurt in the 1954 car accident ) , flu onslaughts, a nervous tummy, cramp of diarrhoea, infected tonsils, concerns, and bone french friess in his throwing elbow. & # 8221 ; He even contracted malaria in 1965.To trade with his physical jobs Clemente relied on a Puerto Rican chiropractor, Arturo Garcia, who & # 8220 ; rubs on a powerful orange unction called Atomic Balm, & # 8216 ; cauterizes & # 8217 ; sinews with a black plastic cylinder that emits crepitating bluish flickers, and heats hurting musculuss with a little infrared lamp. & # 8221 ; Several times Clemente infuriated Pirates direction by eschewing medical experts in Pittsburgh, alternatively trusting on the somewhat unusual methods of Dr. Garcia.

Clemente learned how to check his troublesome cervix by himself and gave chiropractic and massage interventions to teammates, friends, and familiarities. His changeless complaining about achings and strivings didn & # 8217 ; t sit good with Pittsburgh sports writers, who accused him of being a hypochondriac, overlooking the fact that Clemente played more than 140 games for eight seasons in a row, including old ages of 152 ( twice ) , 154, and 155.In 1964 and 1965 he won batting rubrics once more, but the Pirates felt he wasn & # 8217 ; t supplying every bit much power as he could.

Manager Harry & # 8220 ; the Hat & # 8221 ; Walker asked him to swing for the fencings more frequently. Clemente responded by belting 29 home runs and driving in 119 tallies in 1966, although his batting norm fell a twelve points to.317. That twelvemonth he had 15-game and 17-game striking runs and four four-hit games.His defensive abilities ne’er suffered. In one game, in a bases-loaded state of affairs, a hitter lined an evident individual to right. The smuggler on 3rd didn’t see any demand to hustle place ; Clemente fired a work stoppage to the backstop for a arresting forceout. Clemente won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1966, and he felt that the unfairness of 1960 had been rectified.

A new Clemente emerged during the 1965-66 season. He all of a sudden became more unfastened, thirstily taking the reins of leading in the clubhouse. If a immature Pirate had a job, Clemente discussed it softly. When Manager Harry Walker failed to acquire new Pirate Matty Alou to discontinue drawing every pitch, to utilize a heavier chiropteran, and to hit down on the ball, Clemente spoke to Alou.

The fledgling responded with a 111-point addition in his batting norm and won the conference batting title.Clemente hit.357 in 1967 to win his 4th batting rubric, adding 23 home runs and 110 RBIs for good step. When he hit three home runs and drove in all seven Buc runs in an 8-7 loss to Cincinnati that twelvemonth, he agreed it was his & # 8220 ; biggest & # 8221 ; game of all time. & # 8220 ; But non my best.

My best game is when I drive in the winning tally. I don & # 8217 ; t number this one. We lost. & # 8221 ; An off-field incident gave a hint to his ferocious pride.

While the Pirates were playing the Mets in Shea Stadium, film makers were hiting the film The Odd Couple. Clemente was asked to be in it and was offered $ 100 under the feeling that it was an instructional movie for kids. When he found out that it was a commercial venture, he became disquieted at how small money he had been offered ; subsequently he refused to take part at all when he found out that the book called for him to hit into a ternary play.With the reaching of cubs Manny Sanguillen, Richie Hebner, and Al Oliver in 1969, Clemente & # 8217 ; s function as a leader became even more valuable. From 1969 through 1971 Clemente hit.345, .352, and.341.

The Pirates honored him in 1970 at their new Three Rivers Stadium. Puerto Rican fans, who by now viewed him as a superman, delivered a coil signed by 300,000 people in Puerto Rico ( approximately 10 per centum of the island & # 8217 ; s population ) .More than 43,000 fans showed up for the celebrations and game, which the Bucs won 11-0. Clemente accommodatingly had two hits and made a great gimmick of a Joe Morgan line thrust. He besides made a running, plunging grab of a disgusting popup by Dennis Menke that meant perfectly nil to the result of the game and rupture his articulatio genus unfastened in the procedure.

& # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s the lone manner I know how to play baseball, & # 8221 ; he explained.His strength and skill received their finest show window in 1971. The Pirates knocked off the Giants in the 1971 NLCS, with Clemente hitting.333 and drive in four tallies. As the squad prepared for the World Series, the consensus was that the immature Bucs, despite their great striking, would be no lucifer for the pitching-rich Orioles, who were armed with Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, and Mike Cuellar.Cuellar and Clemente besides had a more personal mark to settle.

In the old off-season Cuellar had quit a winter conference squad that Clemente was pull offing. The hurler grandly announced, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; ve pitched excessively long now for Clemente to be stating me how. & # 8221 ; Cuellar & # 8217 ; s arrogance reflected Baltimore & # 8217 ; s certitude.

The Orioles had won their last 11 games in the regular season and had swept Oakland in the ALCS. In Clemente & # 8217 ; s foremost at chiropteran in the Series, he doubled off McNally ; he added another individual, and had two hits in Game 2, but the Bucs lost both.Events would demo that the Series turned on a individual drama in Game 3, and Clemente & # 8217 ; s bunco against Cuellar made the difference. Clemente had driven in the first Pirate tally, and the Bucs were in front 2-1 as he led off the 7th and topped a pitch back to the hill. Cuellar prepared for a at leisure flip to foremost, but when he saw Clemente running full velocity, he reacted with a wild throw that pulled Boog Powell off the bag. Rattled, Cuellar so walked Willie Stargell, and Bob Robertson sealed the issue with a three-run home run, destructing the Orioles & # 8217 ; amour propres of invincibility.

Clemente had four hits as the Pirates won Games 4 and 5. In Game 6 he tripled and homered, and his heroic throw from deep right held Mark Belanger at 3rd in the 9th frame to maintain the game tied. But the Orioles won in 10 innings on Brooks Robinson & # 8217 ; s forfeit fly.Game 7 began with Cuellar fliping against Steve Blass, and the Oriole pitcher retired the first 11 Pirates he faced. When Clemente went to the home base against him in the 4th, nevertheless, he jumped on Cuellar & # 8217 ; s first pitch and homered deep over the left field wall. The Pirates went on to win, 2-1, on Blass & # 8217 ; s leading pitching public presentation, and Clemente was the Series MVP. When a author told Pirates General Manager Joe L.

Brown that Clemente was overachieving, Brown explained, & # 8220 ; You don & # 8217 ; t understand. He ever plays this way. & # 8221 ; For the Series, Clemente hit in all seven games ( giving him the record of batting safely in every World Series game in which he played ) , batting.414 and sloging.759.

Roger Angell said, & # 8220 ; Clemente played a sort of baseball that none of us had of all time seen before-throwing and running and striking at something near to the degree of absolute perfection. & # 8221 ; Clemente would ne’er scale such highs once more. Injuries allowed him to play in merely 102 games in 1972, but he still hit.312. His dual off the Mets & # 8217 ; Jon Matlack on September 30 was his 3,000th hit.

The Pirates once more made it to the NLCS but lost on Bob Moose & # 8217 ; s wild pitch in the 9th frame of the concluding game.In late December of that twelvemonth a annihilating temblor struck Nicaragua. More than 6,000 people were killed, 20,000 injured, and 10s of 1000s left homeless. Clemente actively took portion in beging financess and contributions to assist the subsisters.

As ever, he was tireless, pleading for contributions personally, negociating price reductions with air hoses for transporting the stuffs, and wadding and burden boxes for cargo. While all of Puerto Rico celebrated the vacations, Clemente was working 16-hour yearss to see that the temblor victims received what they needed.After hearing that some of the supplies they had sent to Nicaragua were non acquiring to the right people, Clemente decided to take affairs into his ain custodies. He would wing to Nicaragua in a lading plane and do certain that distribution was carried out decently. On New Year & # 8217 ; s Eve he boarded an overladen DC-7 that he had rented for $ 4,000 to wing to Nicaragua. The plane crashed into the ocean shortly after takeoff.

New Year & # 8217 ; s Day was to hold been a twenty-four hours of great jubilation in Puerto Rico, with a new governor being inaugurated. Alternatively, the inaugural celebrations were canceled, and the full Pirates squad flew to Puerto Rico for the funeral.The Hall of Fame waived the five-year delay between last playing visual aspect and eligibility for Clemente, as it had done earlier for Lou Gehrig. Ninety-three per centum of the ballots favored Clemente & # 8217 ; s initiation ; those who voted against it explained that they felt the five-year regulation should be adhered to despite the tragedy.The foremost Latin participant so esteemed, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on the same twenty-four hours as his boyhood graven image, Monte Irvin. The Hall instituted the Roberto Clemente Award for good citizenship as an one-year honor.More than 20 old ages after his decease, a picture about Clemente on the Three Rivers Stadium scoreboard produced instant, awed silence, followed by respectful hand clapping and cheers touched with unhappiness.

A statue of him will be unveiled at Three Rivers Stadium at the 1994 All-Star Game, and his dream of a Sports City in Puerto Rico for hapless childs is now coming to fruition. He said in the late sixtiess, & # 8220 ; If you have an chance to do things better and you don & # 8217 ; T, so you are blowing your clip on this earth. & # 8221 ;

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