Rodriguez Verses Freire Essay, Research PaperRodriguez poetries FreireIn Rodriguez? s essay, The Achievement of Desire, Rodriguez illustrates the features of an zombi, therefore corroborating Freire? s positions sing the banking construct. Despite his categorization as a & # 8220 ; scholarship male child & # 8221 ; , Rodriguez lacked his ain point of position and assurance, which led him to be dominated by his instructors and his books. In the eyes of Paulo Frerie, Rodriguez would be considered a receptacle. He was filled non merely with his instructor? s information, but besides with cognition obtained from his reading of & # 8220 ; of import & # 8221 ; books.

Rodriguez is a authoritative pupil of the banking system.Early on in his essay, Rodriguez shows marks of giving to the ways of the banking construct. & # 8220 ; I became the prized pupil, & # 8221 ; Rodriguez admits, & # 8220 ; dying and eager to larn.

Too eager, excessively dying & # 8211 ; an imitative and unoriginal student & # 8221 ; ( Rodriguez 622 ) . Rodriguez was merely absorbing narrated information from his instructors and books. He did non really understand the cognition he absorbed. Freire would claim that the & # 8220 ; words are emptied of their concreteness and go a hollow, alienated, and estranging verboseness & # 8221 ; ( Freire 348 ) . Alternatively of understanding the information Rodriguez retained, he depended on his books and instructors to make full him with their ain thoughts and beliefs.

These sedimentations of information caused Rodriguez to go sterile, and basically apathetic.After subjecting to his instructors and to his books, Rodriguez easy turned into what Freire would name an & # 8220 ; automaton. & # 8221 ; He detached himself from his parents and siblings and turned to books for comfort. He submerged himself in reading and analyzing, and distanced himself from societal interaction. Rodriguez became non merely removed from his parents ; he really became ashamed and embarrassed of them. Rodriguez merely seemed to associate to his instructors.

& # 8220 ; ? I came to idolise my grammar school instructors. I began by copying their speech patterns, utilizing their enunciation, swearing their every way. The really first facts they dispensed, I grasped with awe. Any book they told me to read, I read? so waited for them to state me which books I enjoyed & # 8221 ; ( Rodriguez 625 ) . Rodriguez allowed his instructors to state him how to believe ; he became wholly submissive to their every belief.

As Freire stated the instructor? s undertaking is, & # 8220 ; to make full the pupils with the contents of his narrative? contents which are detached from world, disconnected from the entirety that endangered them and could give them significance & # 8221 ; ( Freire 348 ) . Alternatively of holding his ain sentiment, Rodriguez permitted his teachers the privilege of concluding for him.Rodriguez became a receptacle in every manner possible. He fundamentally left the destiny of his instruction up to his instructors by leting them to dump information into his head. However, unlike the banking construct, his instructors did non dispose of cognition in the signifier of narrated rants. Alternatively, they used narrated literature in topographic point of fulminations.

Rodriguez read of import books such as The Scarlet Letter and Great Expectations. & # 8220 ; But I was non a good reader, & # 8221 ; Rodriguez claims, & # 8220 ; simply studious, I lacked a point of position when I read. Rather, I read in order to get a point of position & # 8221 ; ( 633 ) . Rodriguez was a container in a sense that he retained the thoughts of the books he read, but Rodriguez did non hold an sentiment about the writer? s content. This exemplifies Rodriguez as a pupil of the banking construct. Freire states that, & # 8220 ; Projecting an absolute ignorance onto others, a feature of the political orientation of subjugation, negates instruction and cognition as procedures of enquiry & # 8221 ; ( Freire 349 ) .

Rodriguez did non inquiry or analyse the information ; he merely accepted and deposited the cognition without any uncertainties.In high school, Rodriguez displayed his indifference and deficiency of sentiment obviously in a list that he created. Rodriguez read a newspaper article about a retired professor who had his ain list ofthe “hundred most of import books of Western Civilization” ( 634 ) . The professor? s list of one hundred books was besides found in the newspaper. Along with the list, the professor claimed that, “More than anything else in my life, these books have made me all that I am” ( 634 ) . Rodriguez read the column and instantly after dedicated the following few months to reading every individual book on the professor? s list.

This act of despair exhibited how much influence Rodriguez? s instructors and books had on his instruction. He read the books believing that the professor? s list would specify his life every bit good, he did non recognize that each individual has their ain list of plants that reveal single beings. Rodriguez? s reading of the professor? s books relates to the banking method because the retired instructor was lodging his ideas, or in this instance his pick books into Rodriguez.

As a scholarship male child, Rodriguez conformed to the banking construct in other ways as good. Harmonizing to Rodriguez, & # 8220 ; The scholarship male child is a really bad pupil. He is a great mimic, a aggregator of ideas, non a mind & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( 635 ) . This non merely describes Rodriguez ; it besides illustrates the theory of the banking system. In the banking system Freire states that, & # 8220 ; The pupil records, memorizes, and repetitions without comprehending what the significance is & # 8221 ; ( Freire 349 ) . Freire believed that pupils did non believe on their ain, they merely memorized information divulged to them.

This belief parallels Rodriguez and the memorized information he retained from the books he read.When Rodriguez read his books, he was like a automaton. He did non read to understand or construe the books, he read for the psyche intent of stating that he had read that book.

& # 8220 ; Most books, & # 8221 ; Rodriguez confesses, & # 8220 ; I hardly understood. While reading Plato? s Republic, I needed to maintain looking at the book jacket remarks to remind myself what the text was approximately. And by the clip I reached the last work, relieved, I convinced myself that I had read The Republic & # 8221 ; ( Rodriguez 634 ) . Rodriguez was oppressed by his books. He did non grok or appreciate the narrations he read. At a immature age Rodriguez felt that it was necessary to read grownup books instead than plants written for kids. He ignored the dateless classics such as Huckleberry Finn and Alice? s Adventures in Wonderland. Alternatively he read & # 8220 ; of import & # 8221 ; books like the Iliad, Gone with the Wind, and even & # 8220 ; the full first volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica & # 8221 ; ( 632 ) .

Rodriguez felt obligated to read the latter books, he did non take to read them for the intent of amusement or pleasance. Freire labeled this as the, & # 8220 ; ? banking? construct of instruction, in which the range of action allowed to the pupils extends merely every bit far as receiving, make fulling and hive awaying the sedimentations & # 8221 ; ( Freire 349 ) . Rodriguez read the books for his instructors, so that he would go more like them. Rodriguez didn? t realize, nevertheless, that he was going more of an zombi than anything else.Rodriguez was exhaustively dominated and oppressed by his books and by his instructors. He lacked a voice and an sentiment every bit good. Rodriguez is non merely an zombi, but besides of a banking construct pupil. He is a container keeping the thoughts and ideas of distant writers and impersonal instructors.

Rodriguez does non hold sentiments or beliefs of his ain. His head is filled with borrowed information and is losing analysis, scrutiny, and point of position. After reexamining Rodriguez? s instruction, Freire would doubtless sort him as a quintessential representation of a banking system student because in Freire? s words, & # 8220 ; Education therefore becomes an act of lodging, in which the pupils are the depositaries & # 8221 ; ( 349 ) .BibliographyFreire, Paulo. & # 8220 ; The? Banking? Concept of Education. & # 8221 ; Ways of Reading.

Boston:Bedford/St. Martin, 1999. 384-359.Rodriguez, Richard. & # 8220 ; The Achievement of Desire.

& # 8221 ; Ways of Reading. Boston:Bedford/St. Martin, 1999. 620-641.

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