Rogers Essay, Research Paper

Pulling from our experiances with formal instruction, we have come to hold with Rogers to some grade, but besides disagree with some of the points that he made refering freedom in the schoolroom. There are many constituents of the theory that would be helpful to the larning procedure of the pupil. Rogers believed that the pupil should be faced with a existent job that holds some? significance and relevancy for him/her. ? ( Rogers & A ; Stevens, 53 ) This would be the first measure in easing freedom in the schoolroom.

Harmonizing to Rogers, instructors are really responsible in the creative activity of the pupil? s inner freedom. Teachers must hold many qualities that will let for self realization. First, the instructor has to derive assurance in his/her pupils so that the he/she can let for freedom in the schoolroom without experiencing that the state of affairs would acquire out of control. Second,

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the instructor must be? existent? . ( Rogers & Stevens, 54 ) This means that the instructor is able to demo his/her true feelings and emotions in the schoolroom. Third, the instructor has to be to the full accepting of the pupil? s ideas and sentiments, even if they are non perfect. And last, the instructor must demo empathy towards the pupil? s fellings. Each of these constituents allow for inner freedom, assisting the pupil to believe in him/herself.

Although we believe that these constituents do have their topographic point in the schoolroom, we began to lose assurance in the thoery when looking at the last two easing constituents of inner freedom. Harmonizing to Rogers, there is no demand for any type of construction in the schoolroom. His theory did non include room for lesson programs, organized talks, prep assignments, trials, or classs. All pupils should be allowed freedom in the schoolroom, but merely to a certain extent.

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