Roman Violence Essay, Research Paper

The legion conquering of the Roman army lead to the glory of force in Rome. Violence became a socially acceptable among the Roman people and was considered a signifier of amusement. Rome was a province filled with warriors that would fall back to killing each other for their ain addition. The Roman s would even travel so far as to put up unreal battlegrounds in memory of its warrior traditions. This lead to a more deadly barbarian signifier of amusement in Rome where the gore of convicted felons of war and wild animate beings became a famed event known as gladiatorial competition. Although, public executings where common in Rome, the gladiator games where a mass organized executing of 100s of unarmed felons and slaves of war. Its has been suggested that the games where some how connected to funerals. In award of their dead male parent two baronial work forces put on the first gladiatorial game in 264 BC This became the blue blood s manner of honouring their dead in Rome. There was a great trade of spiritual overtone associated in the gladiator games ; the attenders that participated in the games dressed as Gods. The public attractive force to these games besides had political deductions among the ambitious blue bloods that where motivated by their public protagonists. The amusement of the games shortly turned in to a competition that could do or interrupt a senator s societal and political repute. However, the most dramatic gladiatorial games where given by the emperors themselves. This allowed the emperor to demo

his formidable power over the people. The gladiator games reinforced the imperial legitimacy of its emperor and was enforced through terror. Roman justice was a lesson in pain and punishment and helped reestablish power and order constructed by the emperor himself. The gladiator shows soon became political theatres where the emperor s themselves wanted to be prize winning performers in the shows like the gladiator s. This signified how important the needs of the Roman aristocrats to display their fighting skills and courage to the people. This lead to the glorification of the gladiators and had a direct effect on the representation of masculinity shown by these brave men. Many have questioned why these barbaric gladiator shows became so popular among the Roman people. Maybe there is no real answer as to why violence played such an important role in Roman society. In part maybe the traditions of war had became so common that violence was considered normal. Rome was considered a cruel society where the dehumanization of the victims was common and brutality was apart of its culture. The popular gladiatorial shows were in part a by-product of war and Rome was an empire won through discipline and control. Public discipline was reestablished through political power and shown by mass executions that only reaffirmed the moral order set up by the state. The gladiator shows also provided a stage for the citizens to share in violence and brutality. The glorification of violence in Roman society has made history and will be discussed for centuries to come.

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