Rome, The Power And Glory Essay, Research Paper

Rome, the Power and Glory

As the narrative goes, Rome was founded by a brace of feuding brothers who were allegedly raised by wolves. Romulus and Remus. From that point on, the Roman Empire would play a polar function in the development of both Eastern and Western society likewise. Its influence can still be noticed. The Empire bought us such innovations as aqueducts, lifts, and inventions like urban planning. This essay will discourse the development of the Roman Empire and its impact on the Western World.

As the narrative goes, Rome was founded in 753 B.C by two brothers by the names of Romulus and Remus. The two feuded over leading and the terminal consequence was Romulus killing Remus and going emperor on his ain. The metropolis was merely a little colony at this clip with about no adult females. Romulus decided to ask for their neighbors, the Sabines to a crop festival. After they all had arrived, the Romans abducted 600 of their adult females at sword point. In this manner, the growing of Rome was insured.

The Romans learnt many of their artistic and technological from a group of people known as the Etruscans who lived in the hills of Tuscany. The Etruscans were notably accomplished creative persons and discoverers. They taught the Roman people how to work metal and many other stuffs. The gladiatorial games, in fact, came from an old Etruscan rite. The really first Roman Emperors were Etruscans. The first of these was a adult male known as Serbius Tullius. He was the really first emperor to carry on what would go a annual tradition. A nose count. Unfortunately, he was murdered and deposed by another Etruscan by the name of Tarquin, who was hated by the Roman people. Following the slaying of a popular Roman adult female by the name of Lucrectia by Tarquin, the people had him deposed and vowed ne’er to populate under the regulation of one adult male once more. This would keep true for an highly long clip.

The Roman people decided that annual elections would be held to find which brace of people would govern Rome as Consul s. Annual elections were held to do certain that no two people would stay in power for an drawn-out period of clip. This led to the establishing of the senate and the slogan SPQR. The Senate and the People of Rome. This is one of the many ways that Rome had a permanent impact on western civilisation. Both the United States and Canada have a senate modeled after the Romans. In this manner, Rome became a democracy. For at least 100 old ages after they gained their independency, the Romans were at war with the Etruscans. Finally, the extraordinary long conflict was over and Rome was free from the Etruscans everlastingly.

It was about clip that there was a dogging menace from the Gauls to the North. The Romans were pleased with themselves and holding defeated the Etruscans, that they refused to believe that the savages would be excessively much of a menace. They were unhappily mistaken. In 386 B.C the Gauls ransacked and occupied Rome. The citizens were devastated. They had ne’er suffered a loss of this magnitude, and the imperium was still in its babyhood, the citizens decided the merely was to win back the metropolis was to travel under its babyhood. An puzzling husbandman know as Cincinnatus was elected to this place. He rallied the hosts into an highly formidable force and took back Tome from the Gaulish savages. After he had accomplished this, he returned to his farm to populate a simple life.

The first major conflict the imperium would of all time confront was that against the Carthaginians led by Hannibal who came over the Alps and invaded Italy. At this clip, the hosts were led by a general by the name of Skippio. The bulk of the ground forces was made up of citizens who could be called together when needed. Otherwise know as the reserves. The hosts defeated Hannibal and pursued him back to Carthage. In 291 B.C it stretched 52,000 stat mis.

French honeysuckle

French honeysuckle was a steadfast Republican who returned organize the Social wars in 88 B.C and demanded land for his soldiers. The senate refused to allow him what he asked for. In response to this, he created a list of politicians that he would wish to hold killed. A wages was offered for their deceases. Naturally, many hapless Romans needed money urgently, and killing a senator was a comparatively easy was of acquiring it.

However, Sulla was driven out of Rome after a short clip. Most thought that it was the terminal of him. He returned width 6 hosts and marched into the metropolis. The Consuls, holding no existent military to endorse them up, fled go forthing the metropolis in control of Sulla. Although it seemed that he would go a barbarous dictator, the people who believed this were proved incorrectly.

Sulla believed that the key to effectual and responsible authorities was the Senate. He hence opened 300 new seats and refilled empty 1s. Making this. He thought he would take Rome into a clip of great prosperity. He besides instituted standing penalties for all offenses. Which could non be appealed. For grounds like this, the Senate really opposed him alternatively of holding with him. This led to his eventual deposition. His reign as leader of Rome had lasted less than 4 old ages. The chief ground Sulla is remembered is non because of his efforts of reform, but because he was the first adult male of all time to utilize military personnels under his bid against Rome itself.

After the decease of Sulla, there was non a great trade of activity in Tome up until the twelvemonth 52 B.C. It was at this clip that Pompey was elected exclusive consul O by the Roman senate. It was basically the place of emperor without the existent rubric. Caesar, who had campaigned with Pompey in the yesteryear, was outraged by this and instantly set out to extinguish the would be emperor. In 48 B.C, at the metropolis of Pharsalus in Greece, Caesar defeated Pompey and returned to Rome where he was greeted with much excitement. Shortly after his return, he was declared dictator and made exclusive swayer by the Senate. Many citizens thought that Caesar presuming power would be a repeat of what had happened with the Etruscans. They were proven incorrect. Caesar proved himself to be the title-holder of Tome. He was loved by all the public, and most by the hapless, who he made life much better for, and the soldiers who were provided with land for them. Unfortunately, under the premise that he was traveling to do himself king, the great Caesar was assassinated on the ides of March in 44 B.C.

As exclusive inheritor to his uncle s imperium, Octavian returned to Rome to claim swayer ship by himself. He was forced to conflict with first Caesar s assassins Cassius and Brutus, and so with Mark Antony who besides sought the place that Caesar had one time held. In 31 B.C Octavian emerged the master and returned to Rome to presume his uncle s regulation. 4 old ages subsequently, the Senate granted Octavian absolute power for life and became normally know as Augustus, or winning general. He died in 14 A.D. Having gained more land than any other emperor before him, and began what would come to be know as the Pax Romana of Peace of Rome which would last until the twelvemonth 180.


Cicero was a attorney and self-made adult male who gained a high public place utilizing nil more that his powers of fluency and his abilities as a civil magistrate. One of Cicero s principal purposes was to set up a consensus omnium bonorum or Alliance for All Good Men. The rule purpose of this was to salvage the Republic from those who would seek to take it down. Cicero received and inordinately high public standing and was good loved by the people. He is frequently thought of as the adult male who guided

the Republic at that clip.

As stated above, Cicero was one who believed strongly in the Republic and opposed all those who would seek to interrupt it. Chiefly among these was Caesar who he hated with a passion. After Caesar was assassinated, Cicero greatly underestimated the effectivity of Octavian and put him down publically. This indignant Octavian and on December 7 of the twelvemonth 44 B.C, he was executed and his caput and custodies were displayed in the forum.

Despite his slightly early decease, Cicero was able to carry through much in the manner of Roman Politics. He was ne’er to the full accepted by his fellow politicians because of his deficiency of baronial lineage. His true end was to maintain Rome a democracy at all costs. He frequently negotiated smartly with Pompey about compromising ideals to continue the democracy. He realized that a republican authorities should necessitate the presence of a powerful single to guarantee its stableness, which is why he supported Pompey. Cicero, although a little participant in the overall revolution of the Roman Empire, played a polar function in set uping, and maintaining stable, a centralised system of authorities. Cicero was genuinely, a adult male of the people.

Tiberius and Sejanus

After the decease of Augustus, the emperor Tiberius came into power. Not excessively long ago, a military unit charged with the protection of the Emperor was created. It was called the Praetorian Guard. Unfortunately, these extremely bribable guardsmen perpetrated many blackwashs. In 26 A.D, after eventually going the metropolis of Rome to the island of Capri, he left the disposal in the custodies of the captain of the Praetorian Guard, Lucius Aelius Sejanus. Sejanus had been cabaling against Tiberius for a really long clip, and saw his chance one time the emperor eventually departed. He moved the full Praetorian cohort into the metropolis, set uping a big power base for himself should any intriguing politician s compromise his contention for emperorhood.

Sejanus rise to power continued unbridled until the twelvemonth 31. He had been elected Consul ( Tiberius was still officially emperor at this clip although he did nil ) and had eliminated 2 of the 3 successful inheritors to the Empire. His ruin began at that clip. Recently, he had transferred his place temporarily to a good friend of his who instantly ordered his apprehension. As he was sitting in the Senate being read a missive from Tiberius who was voicing his intuitions about Sejanus, he was killed.

Sejanus organic structure was dragged through the streets and dumped into the Tiber. The same was done with many of his protagonists and friends. His household suffered and even worse destiny, which will non be elaborated upon. Tiberius lived out the balance of his reign on the island of Capri. His last yearss were fraught with paranoia and misgiving until Caligula s good friend Marco eventually smothered him with a pillow. Caligula so succeeded him.

Caligula was an extraordinary ruthless and unskilled emperor. He cared small for the personal businesss of the Empire and alternatively focused more on holding shrines built to himself and things of that kind. He displayed his disdain for the Senate by trying to hold his Equus caballus elected Consul. This act is, nevertheless, partially attributed to madness. Caligula was a really unusual person to state the least. He was assassinated like many of the emperors before and after him.

Lucius domitius ahenobarbus

Nero was Caligula s heir and became emperor in the twelvemonth 56. At the beginning of his reign, he seemed to be a instead nice emperor. He claimed that he would follow in the footfalls of Augustus and applied himself strictly to judicial and political responsibilities. He granted the Senate more power and made promises to increaser the exchequer, and introduced statute law to better public order. Indeed, at first Nero seemed to be a really sort and benevolent adult male. It was an indicant of lunacy to come.

Slowly, Nero bit by bit began to pretermit his responsibilities and focused more on personal pleasance. He occupied his clip with things such as Equus caballus racing, sexual adventures, and even moving, which enraged the populace and Senate likewise. He had his female parent murdered in the twelvemonth 59 because she disapproved of his playing. He claimed that she had been plotting to kill him to warrant his actions to the Senators.

His lunacy shortly escalated. He would frequently give public public presentations of him playing the lyre and vocalizing. Cipher was allowed to go forth during the public presentation for any ground whatsoever. History is fraught with narratives of work forces feigning to decease so that they could be carried out, and adult females giving birth during these narrations. His greatest error was allegedly get downing the great fire.

In the twelvemonth 64, a monolithic fire ravaged Rome for 6 yearss on terminal. Of the 14 territories, merely 3 escaped unharmed. The incrimination instantly fell to Nero. The public claimed that he had intentionally set the fire so that he might reconstruct the metropolis in his ain image. Nero denied this and blamed it entirely on the Christians. In 68, because of his gross outing show of emperor, the Praetorian prefect at the clip convinced the guard to abandon their commitment to Nero. The Senate shortly did the same and condemned him to be flogged to decease. Once word of this reached his ears, the emperor committed self-destruction. That was the terminal of the worst emperor Rome would of all time hold.

In the twelvemonth 75 the building of the amphitheater was begun. It was completed 5 old ages subsequently and became one of the admirations of the universe. The games played a immense portion in the life of the Roman people. In order to maintain the citizens happy, games were a changeless portion of Roman life. Gladiators were admired by all and lived merely to decease for others amusement. The games played a polar function in the development of Roman civilization, and are still the focal point of survey for many historiographers today.

The diminution of Rome began in the twelvemonth 180 after the decease of Marcus Aurellius. The emperor Commodus was incapable of governing decently and started governing frivolously. After Marcus Aurellius conquered the staying Germanic folk, there was cipher left to contend. As a consequence, no extra money was come ining the Roman exchequer. Rome so declared a 2nd war on Carthage, who had gained back most of their district. The Romans attacked, and lost. They brought back with them the most annihilating thing of all time to come in the imperium. The pestilence.

In a few short old ages, it had wiped out 1 one-fourth of the population. A astonishing figure sing that in the twelvemonth 100 50 million people were populating in the imperium. The oncoming of the pestilence merely worsened the intelligence that savages were one time once more get downing to occupy Rome. The Legions were dreadfully out of pattern and were non able to supply equal defence. As a consequence, Rome was launched into a downward spiral of convulsion from which it would ne’er retrieve. Gradually, the imperium diminished until what was left was hardly a glance of what the yesteryear had held for the one time great metropolis which rose into an imperium that encompassed about all of Europe, most of Asia, and some Africa.

Rome left a permanent impact on the Western universe, nevertheless. The Roman authorities was the footing for the political system in Canada and the United States. They provided us with wonders in technology. Thingss like the aqueduct system, the lift, and many others. Hitler was greatly influenced by the Roman Empire, and Napoleon even claimed to be a descendent of the emperors. For these grounds and many more, it remains clear that even though the Roman Empire is long since gone, it has left an unerasable grade in history.

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