Romeo And Juliet 14 Essay, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s plays about calamity.

It is about two lovers who commit suicide when their feuding households prevent them from being together. There were several events taking up to their deceases. These events include their meeting and falling in love, their separation, their reunion and eventually their self-destructions. The tragic decease of both Romeo and Juliet is an indirect consequence of the determinations and actions of several characters in the drama.One illustration of such was when Benvolio told Romeo to & # 8220 ; Go there [ to the Capulets ‘ banquet ] and. . . compare [ Rosaline ‘s ] face with some that I shall demo.

. . & # 8221 ; ( Act I, Scene 2, l. 85-87 ) , he was unawarely puting the phase for the self-destructions of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo wouldn T go at foremost, he was depressed because Rosaline didn & # 8217 ; t love him. On the insisting of Benvolio, Romeo unwillingly agreed to travel.

On the manner to the banquet Romeo still did non believe he could happen a miss more beautiful than Rosaline. When he saw Juliet, nevertheless, his attitude every bit good as mentality on life had changed. This was the first action of many which led to the deceases of two lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

When Romeo and Juliet decided to acquire married, they excessively were conveying their self-destructions closer to going world. They each fell in love with the expressions of the other ; it was love at first sight. However, they both knew that neither of their households would accept that they fell in love with person from the feuding household. So they decided to get married in secret, non recognizing that their parents might hold programs to hold them married.

This unanticipated quandary puts the two in every bit much incrimination as anyone for their ain tragic deceases.When Friar Lawrence foremost appeared in the drama, he was speaking of how good purposes can sometimes hold bad consequences ( in Act II, Scene 3 ) . At the clip that Romeo asked Friar Laurence to get married him and Juliet, he agreed to, believing that he could get married the two and so denote it to the feuding households subsequently. He had hoped that this secret matrimony would stop the feud between the two households. But when Romeo was banished, this was no longer an option. The Capulets would hold been less than pleased to larn that their girl was married to Tybalt s slayer. Therefore, the Friar & # 8217 ; s good purposes led to bad consequences & # 8212 ; the deceases of Romeo and Juliet.

The feud between the two households was one of the many factor which contributed to the destructive result of Romeo and Juliet s destined love. & # 8220 ; From antediluvian score interruption to new mutiny & # 8221 ; . ( Prologue, pg.9 l. 3 ) The two households, Montagues and Capulets, had many scores for coevalss. There was so much hatred between the two households that even the retainers hated each other. This feud created many obstructions for Romeo and his sweet Juliet. These two immature lovers knew the many effects, and for that ground entirely they chose to maintain their matrimony a secret.

If their parents discovered their secret, they would hold made their kids & # 8217 ; s lives more suffering so one can merely conceive of. Romeo and Juliet would non hold been able to see each other. In the prologue one learns that the lone manner the to bury & # 8220 ; the discord & # 8221 ; was to bury their kids. & # 8220 ; Doth with their decease bury their parent & # 8217 ; s strife & # 8221 ; . ( Prologue, pg.9, l. 8 ) Neither the Montagues nor the Capulets would hold accepted the matrimony. Keeping the matrimony a secret caused Romeo and Juliet their lives.

The Nurse was one of the characters who betrayed Thursdayvitamin E immature twosome. The Nurse who was non merely Juliet s nurse but besides her friend, had turned against her at a really important clip. The Nurse told Juliet that it would be best if she married Paris.

“I think it best you married with the county” . ( Act 3, scene 5, l. 219 ) This treachery by the Nurse left Juliet entirely. She was a wise immature adult female but it still would hold been good for her to hold the aid of the Nurse. Juliet was left on her ain to do some really of import determinations. One can presume that if the Nurse had been about to assist Juliet things may hold turned out otherwise.

Juliet had no 1 to turn to and inquire for aid. She could non hold gone to her parents because they would non hold understood. The Nurse was supposed to be one of Juliet’s best friends. So, at a clip when it was of import for Juliet to hold person at that place for her to open up to, she had been left betrayed.In reuniting the two lovers, clocking played the largest function in make up one’s minding if they would populate or decease. Friar Laurence had two opportunities to present the message to Romeo sing Juliet & # 8217 ; s present province. The first and most practical method of directing this message was through Romeo & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; adult male & # 8221 ; , Balthasar. The 2nd method was to direct the message with Friar John.

Timing was a important factor in both of these events. Friar Laurence had missed his chance to direct the message with Balthasar and reverted to directing it with Friar John. Unfortunate for Friar Laurence, Friar John was locked up in a condemned house because of the pestilence. As a consequence Romeo received wrong information about his sweet Juliet. The lone information he received from the unsuspicious Balthasar was that Juliet was dead, and she was lying in a grave at Friar s cell. There are two of import points to observe in this country of the drama, one being the fact that Balthasar gave Rome invalid information which had triggered Romeo to travel and purchase toxicant to poison himself.

The 2nd is the fact that Friar Laurence failed to direct the wire in clip, the consequence of that was the annihilating tragedy/death of Romeo and Juliet.The tragic deceases of Romeo and of Juliet were the effects of the actions and determinations of several characters. Benvolio had a portion in it by stating Romeo to travel to the Capulets & # 8217 ; party. Romeo and Juliet themselves did non anticipate the troubles they would meet if they would get married in secret. The Friar excessively did non anticipate the troubles when he married the two.

Thus it was free-will of the characters, non destine, that was to fault for the deceases of the lovers Romeo and Juliet.In the grave, when Juliet awakens to see her hubby & # 8217 ; s dead organic structure, she learns what has happened. With no ground left to populate, Juliet kills herself with Romeo & # 8217 ; s sticker. The calamity has a enormous impact on both the Montagues and the Capulets. The households are hurt so much by the decease of their kids that they agree to populate in peace regardless of what had occurred in the yesteryear between the households and ne’er fight once more.

In decision, from the really beginning, the love of Romeo and Juliet was destined to be destroyed. It is tragic that both these people had to decease. There were fortunes throughout the class of their lives that led up to their deceases. If their parent & # 8217 ; s had non been feuding and if the Nurse had non betrayed Juliet, the result of this narrative would hold been different, although destiny could non be changed.

This was the most of import factor in the lives of Romeo and his sweet Juliet.32e

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