Researching the different ways that Shakespeare presents the subject of love in the drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’Romeo and Juliet is a calamity written by William Shakespeare in the late sixteenth century. The drama was set in romantic Italy and has assorted different subjects explored by Shakespeare which portray his positions on different facets of life. The chief subject that this essay will be concentrating on is researching the different types of love and how they run throughout the drama.Some of the other subjects that run aboard love in the drama are parental control.

arranged matrimonies. retaliation and bias. Shakespeare evidently thought that these were of import issues in society in his epoch and was in a manner really in front of his clip. Through this drama he puts across his positions on sexism non yet openly expressed in the community through Juliet. doing her express what most adult females merely thought about their matrimony and lives being controlled by their parents.“I expression to wish. if looking wishing move ;But no more deep will I endart mine oculusThan your consent gives strength to do it wing.

” Act 1 scene 3 Here she is wholly obedient and willing merely to travel every bit far as her female parent wants her to in a relationship. However run intoing Romeo gives her the strength to disobey her parents because they arranged a matrimony against her freshly found feelings of love. “Now by Saint Peter’s Church and peter excessively.

He shall non do me there a joyful bride. ”“I will non get married yet.

and when I do. I swearIt shall be Romeo. ” act 3 scene 5After this outburst she was disowned by her parents. Talking like this was unheard of in Juliet’s clip. a patriarchal society. where girls were expected to obey their parent’s bids. whereas today. adolescents by and large have more control over their lives and sentiments.

They frequently express themselves more openly. and as a consequence statements between parents and their kids are far more common.

Concentrating on the subject of love. it is divided into classs. all of which are demonstrated between the characters of the drama:The first and most obvious type is Romantic love. explored by Romeo and Juliet. “This bud of love.

by summer’s maturing breath.May turn out a beauteous flower when we following meet”From act 2 scene 2 ( p59 ) – the ‘balcony scene’ where Romeo and Juliet exchange vows of their deathless love for each other. This quotation mark shows Romeo and Juliet discovered love at first sight when they foremost met at Capulet’s party and they are determined that their love for each other will turn. comparing their love in a metaphor to a bud which will open in clip into a beautiful flower. This is a authoritative illustration of Romeo and Juliet’s foremost existent experience if romantic love enriched and made even more particular with Shakespeare’s usage of rhyming and metaphors and most famously. sonnets. which wholly give a more powerful and passionate description of love than when he describes his love for Rosaline ( see courtly love ) .

The 2nd most occurring type of love is the love between friends and household.

Platonic love is particularly portrayed by Romeo at the scene of Mercutio’s decease. But Mercutio will hold nil of it and even in his death words he curses both of the houses for detesting each other. “A pestilence a’ both houses! ” act 3 scene 1 ( page 95 ) “Either 1000 or I.

or both. must travel with him. ” ( Act three scene 1.

Page 97 )This is a perfect illustration of strong Platonic love between Romeo and Mercutio. as ironically. Romeo. normally a soft loving character is willing to kill Tybalt. a combatant by nature to make justness to the decease of his friend.One of the messages that Shakespeare was seeking to set across with Romeo and his feelings for Mercutio. Juliet and her love for Romeo.

the nurse and her love for Juliet is something that most of the characters have in common- their agony because of love. The most utmost instance being Romeo and Juliet deceasing for each other and down to the nurse sing Juliet.The relationship between Juliet and her nurse is one which relates to the another type of love. maternal. Although Juliet and lady Capulet evidently care about each other. as they are mother and kid. the maternal love between them is much stronger.

This is because Juliet spent her childhood bonding with her nurse who brought her up as her ain after her ain kid died. Juliet’s female parent does non pass every bit much ‘quality time’ with her girl as is necessary to hold a relationship every bit strong as that with the nurse.However such a strong relationship was besides portion of the comedy. as in Shakespeare’s clip. the histrion who played the nurse would hold been male.

as all female characters were. As a consequence of this the character frequently made quite petroleum. rude gags to give the audience a minute or two’s alleviation from the dramatic plot line. “Dost thou autumn upon thy face?Thou wilt fall backward.

when thou hast more humor. ”Compared to our thought of comedy now. audiences today would likely still happen amusement in female characters being played by work forces and sexual mentions made in the gags. Despite all of this. the nurse’s character has a more serious message about the societal categories in that clip.

Shakespeare evidently believed that lower category people such as the nurse. despite their position were besides people with valid sentiments and who were every bit of import in their ain manner. “Beshrew my really bosom ; I think you are happy in this 2nd lucifer. For it excels your first ; or if it did non.Your first is dead ; or’t were every bit good as he were.As life here and you no usage of him.

Here the nurse faces the determination of whether to make press Juliet to travel after her one true love. or to obey her parents and marry Paris. Here we see she has chosen the 2nd option because her maternal love for Juliet is so strong. that she has to travel against her bosom and to what is best for Juliet in the long tally. This heart-breaking determination shows the audience the other side of love- how sometimes you have to be cruel to be sort. When asked if she speaks from her bosom. she replies “And from my psyche excessively. ”So powered by her maternal love.

she evidently wants Juliet to believe that is the best pick.Courtly love was really common in Shakespeare’s clip and besides featured in the drama. Loving from afar was really stylish as it was satirical of those who were high in society. Shakespeare’s audience could likely associate to this construct and may even hold found it somewhat amusing. Having studied the drama in item.

today’s audience still found it amusing. even though a youths mimicking function theoretical accounts still occurs in our society. people may be less cognizant of it.

At the beginning of the drama. Romeo swears he loves Rosaline. who he had ne’er really met.“Alas. that love. so soft in his position.

should without eyes see tracts to his will! …O wrangling love! O loving hatred!O anything. of nil foremost created!O heavy elation! Serious amour propre! ”

Here. Romeo uses personification of love itself. seting across the message that love.

nevertheless soft. is unsighted. In an effort to depict his feelings for Rosaline. Romeo spouts out tonss of back-to-back oxymorons. beliing himself and giving the feeling of baffled love.

However mentioning back to romantic love. his character alterations from being ‘soppy’ when courtly love is displayed. to being passionate and willing to decease for Juliet.Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been interpreted in many different ways such as infinite phase public presentations by different managers. several concert dance public presentations. and musical tonss to attach to them.

the most celebrated and good known written by Prokofiev.On top of all this. there were two movie versions made ; a reasonably old fashioned one by Franco Zeffireli and 1968 and a much more recent one by Baz Luhrman in 1996 One peculiar scene that demonstrates how these managers visualised Shakespeare’s authorship is Act 1 scene 4 in which Mercutio has a long address including some seemly irrelevant description that is non explained.

“Her chariot is an empty hazel-nutMade by the joiner squirrel or old chow.Time out o’mind the faeries coachmakers. ”
Franco Zefforelli’s reading was likely closest to how Shakespeare would hold wanted it to be performed. He had Mercutio stating this in a really relaxed. joking. manner.

the audience around him non at all serious. Whereas Shakespeare likely would non hold imagined what Baz Luhrmann did. which was to hold Mercutio stating this piece under the influence of drugs. To the modern audience. this would likely do more sense whereas the older reading was more suitable to the older audience.

In decision. I think Shakespeare expressed and brought up some really of import issues. particularly love. and as earlier.

was really in front of his clip. Equally good as making this he has combined these moral issues in a dramatic and entertaining plot line. and his messages will populate on in composing for many more old ages to come.

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