Romeo And Juliet Deaths Essay, Research Paper

William Shakespeare wrote many great dramas in his twenty-four hours. His narrative of Romeo and

Juliet portrays a tragic love. This drama ends with the deceases of the key

characters Romeo and Juliet, because of their out love. Many factors

contribute to their death. The scene of when they foremost meet, the battle between

Tybalt and Mercutio, and the concluding decease scene all reveal why the two of them

can non be together in the terminal. Romeo and Juliet are finally killed because of

their determinations and destiny. The effects of Romeo and Juliet? s determinations and destiny

are first apparent in the scene when they foremost come together. When Romeo says

to Juliet in the Capulet party, ? Therefore from my lips, by thine my wickedness is

purged? ( I, v,108 ) , and so he kisses her, it evidently exhibitions how they

exert their pick to love each other. After detecting each other? s

individualities, Romeo proclaims, ? My life is my enemy? s debt? ( I, v,119 ) , and

Juliet provinces, ? My lone love sprung from my lone hatred? ( I, v,140 ) . These

lines foreshadow that there will be many hindrances maintaining them apart and

finally killing them both. It might be thought that the tragic stoping is

caused by them taking to love each other. However, if destiny does non convey them

together in the first topographic point, they will ne’er hold the chance to set up

their love. Romeo and Juliet are affected by their picks and destine right from

the beginning. Romeo? s actions and opportunity besides cause the pandemonium in Romeo and

Mercutio? s fight scene with Tybalt. When Romeo replies to Tybalt when he is

foremost insulted and threatened on the street, ? I do protest I ne’er injure

thee, but love thee better than 1000 canst devise? ( III, I,67-8 ) , it means he

does non intend Tybalt any injury and is walking off from the battle. Then, Mercutio

stairss in for Romeo and starts contending with Tybalt. Romeo gets between them,

which allows Tybalt to kill Mercutio, and subsequently consequences in Romeo killing Tybalt.

It is really easy to indicate the finger at Romeo and accuse him of leting Mercutio

to be killed. His determination straight allows Tybalt to knife Mercutio, but he is

seeking work it out so no 1 will be injured, like equal mediation. Although he

has no hint that he will make more injury, Romeo is really seeking to assist.

That? s where destiny affects him. Besides, it can be said that Romeo is wholly

responsible for killing Tybalt. When Romeo exclaims to Tybalt after he comes

back from killing Mercutio, ? And fire-eyed rage be my behavior now! ?

( III, I,123 ) , it shows how he is ferocious and wants to contend. A batch of people say

that Romeo has no demand to contend, but what if he does non? Didn? T something

atrocious go on the last clip he walked off? Possibly Benvolio will get down a battle

with Tybalt and be killed every bit good. So fate does hold a function in make up one’s minding the

result. It is difficult to reason that everything will be all right for Romeo if

he does non fight Tybalt. In this sense, the battle scene shows how destiny and

Romeo? s determinations are responsible for two deceases and ostracism. The concluding

scene itself shows how Romeo and Juliet? s determinations and fate lead to their

deceases. Their fate? A brace of star-crossed lovers take their life. . . doth

their decease bury their parents? discord? ( 1st prologue, 6-8 ) , stated in the

prologue, describes how they are foretold to decease and many people agree that it

is destiny that finally causes their deceases. If the mendicant in Mantua arrives

earlier to present Friar Lawrence? s message or if Romeo arrives merely a few

proceedingss later in the Capulet grave, it? s possible that the coda would alter.

Even though destiny will let Romeo and Juliet to transport out their program, they are

the 1s who decide to perpetrate self-destruction in the first topographic point. Juliet speaks to

herself before she drinks the mendicant? s potion: Come, phial. What if this mixture

make non work at all? Shall I be married so tomorrow forenoon? No, no! This shall

forbid it. Lie 1000 there. ? ( IV, iv,21-3 ) After speech production, Juliet lays a sticker

down beside her and that displays how she is prepared to kill herself alternatively of

non seeing Romeo once more. Besides, Romeo says to the nurse in Friar Lawrence? s

cell, ? Doth my name Lodge? Tell me, that I may plunder the hateful sign of the zodiac?

( III, iii,107-8 ) and offers to kill himself. Since there is virtually no opportunity

of them being able to populate together merrily of all time after, Romeo and Juliet have

finally chosen to decease. Romeo and Juliet? s determinations and destiny affect them to

the really terminal. Romeo and Juliet are non able to populate merrily of all time after because

of their determinations and destiny. Though it is opportunity that brings them together in

the first topographic point, it is their determination to take loving each other. Romeo? s

actions cause the deceases of Mercutio and Tybalt, and eventually his ain ostracism.

Whereas, if he does non move that manner, he might endure some worse destiny. The decease

scene might non go on if there would be a alteration in destiny. However, Romeo and

Juliet have already planed to kill themselves if they can non see each other

once more. Even if the program does work, they will still meet many other

obstructions. The calamity of Romeo and Juliet shows how fate and determination devising

impact their lives and likely has some relation to existent life. Shakspere

might hold been seeking to demo how much people can command their ain fate.


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