Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperRomeo and JulietWilliam Shakespeare is by and large regarded as one of the greatest authors of English literature. Romeo and Juliet is considered one of Shakespeare? s most popular dramas of all clip. It is a compelling and dateless play about guiltless, immature lovers separated by their feuding households. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague is the tragic hero. As the drama develops, Romeo grows from boyhood to manhood through his alteration from lecherousness to love.In the beginning of the drama, Romeo is a small male child moaning over love.

Sad because he is non with the adult females he believes he loves, ? Offer a ill adult male in sadness do his will. Ah, word ailment urged to one that is so sick! ? . Never sing the true significance of love ; he prances about, moving as if he knows of true love. For illustration, He explains his emotions to be, ? A lunacy most discreet, A choking saddle sore, and a continuing Sweet?( I, i, 191-192 ) . He believes he is in love with Rosaline, ? I do love a adult female? but is merely lust from a immature adult male ( I, i, 203 ) . It is lust because Romeo is easy persuaded by Benvolio to travel to the Capulet ball to look upon other beautiful ladies, ? Sups the just Rosaline whom thou so loves ; With all the admired beauties of Verona. Go there, and with unattainted oculus Compare her face with some that I shall demo, And I will do thee think they swan a crow? ( I, ii, 85-89 ) . Romeo enters the Capulet ball where he meets Juliet.

At the ball, Romeo sees Juliet for the first clip, ? What lady? s that, which doth enrich the hand/Of yonder knight? ? ( I, iv, 41-42 ) . There is no turning back for him now. He does experience something, ? Did my bosom love boulder clay now? Forswear it, sight! /For I ne? er saw true beauty boulder clay this dark? ( I, v, 51-52 ) . Is it love at first sight? He is speedy in his confession of love towards Juliet. It is non love but crave because hours before those same feelings were devoted to Rosaline, ? She hath forsworn to love, and in that vow/Do I live dead that live to state it now? ( I, i, 221-222 ) . Romeo is still immature and wild at bosom.

His emotions are unmanageable. He is non mature plenty to cognize what he is experiencing.Romeo chases Juliet to the balcony, and speaks quietly to himself as he see her, ? Her vestal livery is but ill and green, And none but saps do wear it.

Project it off? ( II, I, 7-8 ) , which has sexual significance. Interpreted agencies, ? You wear? t expression good in those apparels so Take them off! ? . This is an illustration of lecherousness at its highest extremum.

Besides in the balcony scene, as Juliet is being called upon by the nurse, Romeo says, ? O, wilt 1000 go forth me so unsated, ? besides being of sexual context ( II, two, 125 ) . In amazement, Juliet answers, ? What satisfaction canst 1000 have to-night? ? ( II, two, 126 ) . Romeo replies back, ? Th? exchange of thy love? s faithful vow for mine? ( II, two, 127 ) . Merely cognizing Juliet for a affair of hours ; he confesses his love, and has already forgot about Rosaline, ? No. I have forgot that name and that name? s suffering? ( II, three, 46 ) . Desiring to get married Juliet, Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence for aid, ? I? ll Tell thee as we pass ; but this I pray, That thou consent toget married us to-day.

? ( II, three, 63-64 ) . From this point, it does demo that Romeo is get downing to acquire serious about his fondnesss towards Juliet.Without consent from their parents, Romeo and Juliet acquire married.

The true Romeo is get downing to emerge as he steps up to the manful duties of matrimony. After being married, Romeo is confronted by Tybalt. Romeo hesitates in contending him, ? I do protest I ne’er injured thee, But love thee better than 1000 canst devise.

Till thou shalt know the ground of my love ; And so, good Capulet, which name I tender/ Equally in a heartfelt way as mine ain, be satisfied, ? because Tybalt is household to him now ( III, I, 68-71 ) . This is where Romeo shows the deepest passions of love towards Juliet. Fighting is the last thing on his head. He does non allow himself to contend Tybalt because of his love towards Juliet. Tybalt, the scoundrel he is, pushes Romeo into contending him by killing Romeo? s bestfriend, Mercutio.

Romeo slays Tybalt, and is thereby banished by the Prince, ? Immediately we do exile him therefore? ( III, I, 185 ) . After Romeo finds out about his ostracism he falls to the floor of Friar Lawrence? s cell in desperation, ? Tis anguish, and non mercy. Heaven is here, Where Juliet lives ; and every cat and Canis familiaris And small mouse, every unworthy thing, Live here in Eden and may look on her ; But Romeo may non, ? demoing how much he genuinely does love Juliet for if he can non see her ; he instead dice ( III, three, 29-33 ) . He can non love Juliet any longer than he already does. Alternatively of go forthing, Romeo risks his life to remain in Verona with Juliet, ? I have more attention to remain than will to travel? ( III, V, 23 ) .

And if she asks him, without vacillation he would certainly remain longer.At this point, Romeo? s ability to decease for Juliet comes as no surprise. Upon hearing of Juliet? s decease, ? Her organic structure slumbers in Capel? s memorial, ? and with the words, ? I defy you, stars ; ? Romeo takes destiny firmly in his custodies and determines the clip and mode of his ain decease ( V, I, 17/V, I, 24 ) .

In the really shortness of his words, and velocity of his actions lies Romeo? s true character. Romeo does non hesitate to believe about what has merely happened but with firm bravery he goes to seek out his true love in decease, ? Juliet, I will lie with thee to-night ( V, I, 35 ) . Juliet, and the love for her has become life for him, and without Juliet there can be nil but decease in life.Romeo goes to the grave to decease with Juliet, ? Here, here will I remain/With worms that are thy fille de chambres.

O, here/Will I set up my everlasting rest/And agitate the yoke of unfortunate stars? ( V, three, 108-111 ) . His passion now absorbs itself in deceasing, as it did before in loving Juliet. ? Here? s to my love, ? as he drinks the toxicant prepared by the pharmacist ; he can eventually rest with his true love in Eden.William Shakespeare? s, Romeo and Juliet is a compelling and dateless play about love in its purest signifier. Romeo Montague makes the biggest forfeit anyone can do ; his life.

Romeo dies for true love, and in deceasing, his passion and love for Juliet has reached its ultimate extremum. Romeo will truly remain the male symbol of passionate love until the terminal of clip.327

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