Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperTo what extent do you believe that Friar Laurence is responsible forthe deceases of Romeo and Juliet^I think that Friar Laurence was to a big extent responsible for thedeceases of Romeo and Juliet.

However, several other factors contributedand we can non entirely fault one individual. The fortunes, clip periodand characters need to be taken into consideration.The Friar is introduced half manner through the drama, and his function is acritical one. In his first scene we see him with the toxicant, and thisscene links up with his last two scenes and the effects of thatsame toxicant. His entryway breaks the gait of the old balconyscene, and gives the audience clip to absorb what has occurred betweenRomeo and Juliet.

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Juliet has an about non-existent relationship with Capulet. FriarLaurence fills this nothingness by portraying a ^father^ figure in Juliet^slife. She trusts him and confides in him on a regular basis. ^Hold girl. Imake descry a sort of hope^^ In add-on the Friar is besides Romeo^s confidentand attempts to happen solutions to their overpowering jobs.He besides breaks the awful intelligence to Romeo about his ostracism, and heattempts to make so in a humanist manner. He comforts the distraught Romeo, andwhen possible danger lurks, offers him a shelter under the desk!Friar Laurence tries to deter Pairs from get marrieding Juliet. This couldbe selfish behaviouron his portion, as the Friar knows he would beperpetrating a wickedness if he married Juliet to Paris, when she was alreadymarried to Romeo.

Another illustration of the Friar^s selfish purposes, is the tomb scene,whereupon happening Juliet in at that place, and two dead organic structures lying on thefloor, he needs no persuasion to go forth, which he does so in immensehastiness!The undermentioned incident is an illustration of how the Friar contributed tothe deceases of the star-crossed lovers. He marries Romeo and Juliet,to the full cognizant that they do non hold their parents consent. He should holdrefused to get married them or sought the advice of an older and moreexperient member of the church.It was the Friar^s thought that Juliet swallows the redress. This was areally rash determination, and, if thought out decently, he would holdrealised the dire effects and complications that could happen.

Friar Laurence mostly contributed to the deceases of Romeo and Juliet byget marrieding them despite their ages, giving Juliet the toxicant and by nonbelieving things through clearly. Alternatively he ever tried to happen a^quick-fix^ solution. However, he has a sort temperament, and candidlyattempts to assist Romeo and Juliet in whatever manner he can. And, to give himhis due, he did squeal his wickednesss, and offer to give his life. Thisconfession, added to the tragic deceases of the immature lovers, ceased theantique battle between the Capulets and the Montagues.

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