Romeo And Juliet Summarys Essay, Research Paper

Paris asks Capulet for his girl Juliet? s manus in matrimony. Capulet replies that she is still excessively immature to be married, but so invites Paris to seek to court her at a feast he is keeping that dark. He gives a retainer a list of invitees and tells him to take an invitation to each of them. The retainer is illiterate, and so goes about seeking to happen person to read the list for him. He runs into Romeo and Benvolio, who are still discoursing Romeo & # 8217 ; s love. The servant gets Romeo to read the guest list for him, and so tells him about the feast. Benvolio convinces Romeo to travel along with him to the feast to compare the other beautiful adult females at that place with the 1 he is seeking to acquire: Rosaline, Capulets niece.

Act I, Scene three

Lady Capulet, Juliet, and the Nurse talk about the possibility of Juliet being married to Paris. Lady Capulet encourages Juliet to see him as a possible hubby when she sees him at the feast. The Nurse loves the thought of it, but Juliet does non.

Act I, scene four

Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio, stand outside the entryway to Capulet & # 8217 ; s masquerade feast. Romeo complains once more of the strivings of love, and his friends try to hearten him up and promote him to dance and be merry. Mercutio delivers a drawn-out address on Queen Mab, the fairy accoucheuse who causes lovers to dream of love ; Romeo considers his ain decease as a consequence of events which will take topographic point at the feast, but goes in with his friends.

Act I, scene V

Romeo sees Juliet for the first clip at the feast, and is so overwhelmed with her beauty that he renounces his love for Rosaline. Tybalt recognizes his enemy & # 8217 ; s voice and calls for his blade, be aftering to make away with him right at that place on the dance floor, but Capulet restrains him, telling him to disregard him. Romeo goes to Juliet, touches her manus, flatters her, and they kiss twice. They are parted by the Nurse, who reveals to each the other & # 8217 ; s individuality. They are both disquieted when they discover that their new love is a kid of their household & # 8217 ; s enemy.

Act II, Scene I

Romeo decides he can non go forth Capulet & # 8217 ; s house after happening his true love, so he climbs over the wall into Capulet & # 8217 ; s grove. On their manner place from the feast, Benvolio and Mercutio come looking for him. Benvolio realizes he must hold climbed over the wall, and Mercutio jestingly attempts to state Rosaline aloud, because they still think that Romeo is in love with her. They decide to allow him be, and Mercutio wants Romeo fortune in his escapades.

Act II, Scene 2

Romeo is huffy about how Mercutio was badgering him, and so sees Juliet appear at her window above him. To himself, without intending Juliet to hear, he compares her to the Sun and asks her to project off the Moon & # 8217 ; s ( Diana & # 8217 ; s ) covetous demand of virginity. He describes her beauty and wants that she knew he loved her. Juliet, non cognizing that Romeo is beneath her balcony, calls out Romeo & # 8217 ; s name to the dark, inquiring him why he must be a Montague and stating him she would give up her name for him. She says that names themselves are non of import, merely the things they stand for, and asks him to be her love.

He answers her aloud, and says he will abandon his name if she dislikes it. She asks him how he got at that place, and he answers that love brought him ; she tells him he must go forth or her household will kill him, and he answers that he would instead decease rapidly than easy beacause he wants her love. Juliet apologizes for being so unfastened in her address of love for him, but says it was merely that she didn & # 8217 ; T know he was at that place ; her bumptiousness was non a mark that her love is shallow. Romeo begins to curse by the Moon that he loves her, but she stops him, stating that the Moon & # 8217 ; s variableness is a bad thing to curse upon. She tells him to curse on himself, as he is the god she now worships, but so stops him and Tells him non to curse at all, as he would be excessively sudden and roseola. She tells him that she will direct person to him the following twenty-four hours to happen out if his purposes are honest and he wishes to get married her. They bid each other goodnight, and Romeo goes off to see his priest.

Act II, Scene three

Friar Laurence is garnering medicative workss when Romeo attacks and tells him of his love for Juliet. He asks the mendicant to get married them that really twenty-four hours. The friar reminds Romeo that merely yesterday he was at that place shouting to him about Rosaline and negotiations to him for being such an inconstant and superficial lover. Romeo argues that this love is superior to his last because Juliet returns his love, and the mendicant agrees to get married them in the involvement of stoping the feud between their households.

Act II, Scene four

Mercutio and Benvolioare looking for Romeo, because he did non return place that dark. Benvolio tells Mercutio that Tybalt sent a missive to Romeo disputing him to a affaire d’honneur, and Mercutio says Tybalt as an excessively gracious dandy with a speedy pique. He admits, nevertheless, that Tybalt is a dueler of the first rank from the best schools of fencing. Romeo appears, and Mercutio engages him in a turn of good-natured word-play. The Nurse enters with her retainer, and Mercutio teases her for a minute before he and Benvolio go off for tiffin at Montague & # 8217 ; s. The Nurse asks Romeo what his purposes are with her kept woman, and he tells her to hold Juliet come to confession at Friar Laurence & # 8217 ; s cell that afternoon to be married. He tells her to wait for his retainer to convey her a rope ladder, that he will mount up to Juliet on their nuptials dark. The Nurse lingers for a minute speaking about how endearing Juliet is and how she wouldn & # 8217 ; t even look at Paris, who besides wants to get married her ; so she goes away to transport out her mission.

Act II, Scene V

The Nurse returns to Juliet, and postpones her reply to Juliet & # 8217 ; s eager inquiries approximately Romeo every bit long as she perchance can, kicking about her and badgering Juliet about Romeo and how he doesn? t even compare to Paris. The Nurse eventually describes her meeting with Romeo and lays out his program, and Juliet runs off to Friar Laurence & # 8217 ; s cell to run into him.

Act II, Scene six

Juliet arrives at Friar Laurence & # 8217 ; s cell, where she finds Romeo already waiting. Friar Laurence takes the lovers into the chapel to be married.

Act III, Scene I

Mercutio and Benvolio, lingering in a public topographic point, argument which of them is the more aggressive. Tybalt arrives with some of his work forces, looking for Romeo. Mercutio tries to arouse him, but when Romeo arrives, Tybalt storms over to dispute him. Romeo submits to his abuses without a battle, stating they have ground to love each other and Tybalt doesn? T know yet. Mercutio stairss in and replies Tybalt & # 8217 ; s abuses himself.

They draw their blades and battle, and when Romeo reaches out to halt them, Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Romeo & # 8217 ; s arm. Tybalt runs off with his work forces, and Mercutio dies, cussing both Capulets and Montagues. Tybalt returns, and Romeo battles him in a fury over Mercutio & # 8217 ; s decease. Romeo overcomes Tybalt and kills him, so is forced to fly a rabble of citizens. The Prince enters with Capulet, Montague and their married womans, and inquiries Benvolio about the bash. over Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease. Lady Capulet calls for Romeo & # 8217 ; s executing, but Montague argues that Tybalt was justly killed for killing Mercutio. The Prince orders Capulet and Montague to pay a heavy mulct for the decease of Mercutio, and boots Romeo out of the metropolis for what he did.

Act III, Scene two

Juliet bases at her window thirstily expecting the dark, when Romeo will get at her window. The Nurse comes and begins howling, & # 8220 ; He & # 8217 ; s

dead, he’s dead, he’s dead! ” Juliet takes this to intend Romeo is dead and begins to bewale her destiny. The Nurse clarifies that it is Tybalt who is dead, and that Romeo has been banished from Verona for killing him. Juliet briefly admits what she takes to be a well-hidden evil in Romeo, but so recants and reproaches the nurse for talking against her new hubby. She mourns the loss of Romeo to banishment and vacate herself to decease a virgin. The Nurse tells her to travel delay in her room and sets off to happen Romeo at Friar Laurence? s cell.

Act III, scene 3

Friar Laurence brings intelligence to Romeo that he has been banished for killing Tybalt, and Romeo falls into a self-destructive heartache. The friar attempts to comfort him by indicating out that ostracism is a lighter penalty than the executing the jurisprudence calls for, but Romeo argues that separation from Juliet is separation from life and therefore a slower, more painful version of decease. The Nurse arrives to take Romeo to Juliet, and as he departs the Friar asks him for sorrowing so doltishly when his love still lives, he killed the adult male who was seeking to kill him, and he escaped decease at the custodies of the jurisprudence. The Friar promises to seek to alter the state of affairs in Verona, and advises Romeo in the interim to travel to Juliet for the dark and so to fly to Mantua. Romeo thanks him and leaves for Juliet & # 8217 ; s bedroom.

Act III, scene 4

Capulet speaks with Paris and arranges for him to get married Juliet in three yearss, in a little ceremonial respectful to the memory of Tybalt. He sends Lady Capulet to state Juliet what he has planned for her.

Act III, scene 5

The undermentioned forenoon, and Romeo says his adieu to Juliet. Lady Capulet comes to Juliet & # 8217 ; s chamber and finds her still upet, she assumes for Tybalt. She says to her they will shortly hold retaliation on Romeo, and Juliet offers to blend a toxicant to be given to him that will guarantee that he will & # 8220 ; sleep in quiet. & # 8221 ; Lady Capulet tells her they arranged matrimony, and Juliet exclaims that she will get married her enemy Romeo before she will get married Paris.

Capulet enters and is ferocious to hear of Juliet & # 8217 ; s refusal. He says that she will either marry Paris as planned or be disowned. Lord and Lady Capulet go forth, and the Nurse tells Juliet to get married Paris, who is an first-class lucifer, except for her secret relationship with Romeo. Juliet agrees, and sends her to state her female parent she is traveling to confession for withstanding her male parent ; after she is gone, she curses her nurse for reding the treachery of her matrimony vow and for doing merriment of Romeo with the same lingua she so frequently used to praise him. She determines to close her out of her advocate in the hereafter and caputs off to acquire aid from Friar Laurence, or to perpetrate self-destruction.

Act IV, scene 1

Juliet discoveries Friar Laurence seeking to convert Paris to prorogue his nuptials programs. Paris tries to contorting a confession of love from Juliet, but he eventually agrees to go forth so she can do her confession to the Friar. Juliet asks the priest if he has any solution to her job or if she should merely kill herself. He tells her his program: she should state yes to the matrimony, so imbibe a potion the Friar will give her the dark before the nuptials, which will do her appear to be dead. He says he will direct a mendicant to Mantua with a missive stating Romeo of their program so he can come and transport her from the grave when she awakes from the slumber the potion will hold worn off.

Act IV, scene 2

Juliet comes place to happen the readyings being made for her nuptials. She tells her male parent that on Friar Laurence? s advice, she is traveling to state yes to the nuptials. She goes with her Nurse to take her outfit for the nuptials, which has been moved up a twenty-four hours.

Act IV, scene 3

Juliet sends the Nurse and her female parent off. She lies down with her sticker, which she has determined to utilize if the potion doesn & # 8217 ; t work, and begins to hold bad ideas. She drinks the potion and falls asleep.

Act IV, scene 4

Capulet oversees the nuptials readyings early on the forenoon of the nuptials. Paris arrives with Friar Laurence, and the Nurse goes to wake Juliet.

Act IV, scene 5

The Nurse finds Juliet, seemingly dead. The others enter one by one, and are stunned and highly disquieted. The Friar consoles them, stating Juliet & # 8217 ; s decease is for the best, and urges them carry her to the church for her funeral.

Act V, scene I

Romeo, in Mantua, has a dream that Juliet finds him dead and so revives him with her busss. Balthasar, his manservant, comes to him with the intelligence that Juliet is dead, stating that he watched the Capulets lay her in her household grave. Romeo sends him off after ink and paper and Equus caballuss so he can go forth for Verona that dark. Desperate, Romeo goes to a topographic point where the sell a phial of toxicant despite the jurisprudence against it. He pays him liberally and caputs off to utilize the toxicant at Juliet & # 8217 ; s grave.

Act V, Scene two

The courier sent by Friar Laurence to take the missive to Romeo returns without holding delivered it ; he was quarantined after traveling into a ill adult male & # 8217 ; s house and so could non do the journey to Mantua. Juliet & # 8217 ; s clip to be asleep is about up, so Friar Laurence sends the courier for a wrecking bar and caputs for the grave. He plans to deliver Juliet, so conveying her dorsum to conceal in his cell until he can acquire word to Romeo.

Act V, scene three

Paris calls at Juliets grave. His hears that person is coming, and Paris hides himself to see who it is. Romeo enters and interruptions into the grave. He sends Balthasar off to present a missive to his male parent ; he tells him non to watch what the grave housebreaking, that he is set abouting it to recover a ring he needs for some of import concern. Balthasar is leery of Romeo & # 8217 ; s narrative and hides himself to see what happens. Paris recognizes Romeo and stairss frontward to face him. Romeo tells him to be gone, as he is a despairing adult male and does non desire another wickedness on his caput. Paris refuses, and they draw their blades and battle.

Paris & # 8217 ; s page runs to bring the ticker. Romeo kills Paris, so grants his concluding want, that he be laid in the grave with Juliet. Romeo remembers now that Balthasar told him on the route from Mantua that Paris was meant to get married Juliet, and he recognizes a sorrowful bond between himself and the adult male he has merely killed. He goes to Juliet, drinks the phial of toxicant, and dies with one last buss.

Friar Laurence enters and finds Balthasar, who tells him his maestro has been in the grave for a full half hr, and that during that clip he dreamt he saw him contending with another adult male. Friar Laurence rushes to the grave and finds the two dead work forces. Juliet aftermaths, and the mendicant tells her what has happened, pressing her to come off so he can conceal her in a convent. They hear the ticker approaching, and she sends the Friar out. She kisses Romeo & # 8217 ; s lips in hunt of a few last beads of the toxicant, so stabs herself with his sticker and dies.

The ticker arrives and rounds up the mendicant and Balthasar. The Prince follows shortly, as do Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague, who reports that his married woman died in the dark of heartache over Romeo & # 8217 ; s expatriate. The Prince orders everyone to prorogue their bereavement until they can detect precisely what happened. The friar recounts what he knows of the narrative, and the page, Balthazar, and a missive Romeo wrote to his male parent fill in the remainder. The Prince declares that Eden has punished the two households for their feud, and him for digesting it. Capulet and Montague make peace, and each promises to raise a aureate statue of the other & # 8217 ; s child as a symbol of their tragic decease.

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