Romeo And Juliet: They Did It To Themselves Essay, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet: They Did it to ThemselvesThe autumn of Romeo and Juliet is a apogee of many factors.

Acommanding male parent, an on-going feud and a fleeceable mendicant all contribute to thiscalamity, but, for the most portion, it was Romeo and Juliet themselves thatLent a manus to their ain day of reckoning. The two lovers were fated to run into and decease, butthis ne’er could & # 8217 ; ve happened without their aid. Had they been patient andrational, possibly the state of affairs would & # 8217 ; ve worked itself out, but what can oneanticipate from a twosome of 13 twelvemonth olds who insist that they are in love?The first case of Romeo & # 8217 ; s immatureness occurs when he foremost encountersthe lovely Juliet.

He know that the party is hosted by the Capulets, and yet hestill chooses to go to anyhow. As a adolescent, he loves to party and is certainthat there will be reasonably misss at that place in which to chat up with. Alternatively of beingrational and recognizing that this party was a bad thought for a Montague, he and hisfriends enter without fright.Once the party is over, Romeo hears Juliet on her balcony speaking of howshe loves Romeo and together they speak of their at hand matrimony. What? Itseems that they are obsessed, non in love.

How could they love each other whenin fact they have merely met hours earlier? They are kids who have crushes andplentifulness of melodrama to heighten it.Romeo demonstrates his immatureness once more when he slays the Capulet, Tybalt.Bing an dreamer, he does non believe about the effects of his actions. Heknows that Tybalt is Juliet & # 8217 ; s cousin, and that wounding him would bust up anyopportunity of them acquiring together lawfully, yet he does it anyhow.

Alternatively ofhesitating a minute and believing about the state of affairs in an grownup mode, Romeoallows & # 8220 ; fire [ ey ‘d ] rage be [ his ] behavior? & # 8221 ; and immediately putting to deaths Tybalt.Although a spot more realistic than Romeo, Juliet has cases of emotionalplay and restlessness that symbolize a 13 twelvemonth old miss with a awfulinfatuation. True, her male parent is take a firm standing that she marry Paris, but Julietne’er lets her experiencing for Romeo be knowN to her parents. Alternatively of stating thetruth about her matrimony to Romeo, she leads her parents to believe that it isTybalt she is mourning for. When Lady Capulet attempts to soothe Juliet, JulietTells of how she will & # 8220 ; venge her cousin & # 8217 ; s decease & # 8221 ; ( 1082 ) alternatively of how it istruly Romeo she is shouting for.

Her parents may hold still forced her to get marriedParis, but possibly they would & # 8217 ; ve reconsidered had they cognize how strongly Julietfelt for Romeo. Of class the hatred solidified when Romeo killed Tybalt, anothercase of rash behaviour.Juliet is really rash and impractical besides. Though more realistic than Romeo,she has a inclination to integrate melodrama into her actions. She goes to themendicant urgently for some of his wisdom, and before he even has a opportunity tobelieve she threatens self-destruction with a knife. How impatient she is! She accepts themendicant & # 8217 ; s potion without any reserves and drinks it down without singthe branchings. The toxicant could be what & # 8220 ; the friar hath minist & # 8217 ; red to hold[ her ] dead & # 8221 ; ( 1085 ) so that he won & # 8217 ; t acquire in problem for get marrieding the two immaturelovers.

Juliet could decease and yet she doesn & # 8217 ; t attention because her Romeo has beenbanished. Sounds a small excessively dramatic, Juliet is but a kid.Upon seeing Juliet & # 8220 ; dead & # 8221 ; in her grave, Romeo once more acts rashly putting to deaths Paris.At this point, his actions have made it about impossible for the Capulets toaccept him.

Not merely has he killed Tybalt but besides the celebrated Paris, the matefrom a higher societal category. Romeo has no pick now but to stop his ain life andso & # 8220 ; with a kiss [ he ] dies & # 8221 ; ( 1091 ) by imbibing toxicant ( but non the short-actingsort ) .Possibly the love shared between Romeo and Juliet was true and doomed, butthey were merely kids! One can retrieve the strength that love brought whilea adolescent.

The feelings of immortality and calamity are so intense when love isa new experience to enjoy in. This was the instance with Romeo and Juliet. Theywere immature and inexperient and died as a consequence of their headlong determinations. Hadthey been a bit more mature and sensible, possibly things would hold beendifferent for the brace.35c

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