Romeo And Juliet: Calamity, Love Story Or Both? Essay, Research Paper

Romeo and Juliet: Calamity, Love Story or Both?

Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s calamity, Romeo and Juliet, is the narrative of two lovers who take

their lives for each other when their love is hindered by their feuding parents.

After reading Romeo and Juliet, seemingly a calamity, I would state that this

narrative contains facets of both a love narrative and a calamity. The narrative of two

adolescents who fall in love at first sight and so marry, go true lovers and

so put on the line it all for their love can non certainly be all calamity. However, it is a

calamity, and has been called that for decennaries.

I will discourse with you what makes this narrative a calamity, and so what makes it

a love narrative.

To get down, the household Montague and the household Capulet had been locked in a feud

for old ages, even so that their retainers fought on the street. This is the calamity

that sets off the train of other bad lucks, and if these struggles were

resolved, none of the farther things I am about to advert would hold happened.

The calamity of Romeo & # 8217 ; s love for Rosalind, she excessively was a Capulet, and so that

barred his love for her, although she besides did non love him.

Quite evidently, the bad luck of Romeo and Juliet & # 8217 ; s out love. This is

the footing of the whole narrative. For two people to love each other and non be able

to demo their true feelings for each other is finally really frustrating. It & # 8217 ; s

& # 8220 ; Guess Who & # 8217 ; s Coming To Dinner & # 8221 ; manner.

The calamity of Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease. Another consequence of the household battle, this was a

calamity for all involved, the Capulets and the

Montagues, because Romeo was

banished from Verona. The blight of the courier non acquiring to Romeo in clip.

Romeo merely losing Juliet waking up is certainly a calamity. To me this is one of

the most frustrating things in the drama, because if he merely waited two proceedingss

longer & # 8230 ;

And in conclusion, the decease of Juliet. It is sad that she felt she had to take her ain

life to be with the one she genuinely loved.

The first thing in this narrative which makes me state that it is a love narrative is the

falling in love of Romeo and Juliet. Some people say they do non believe in love

at first sight, but when reading this scene anyone would happen it difficult non to

believe in this.

The disobeying of their parents wants is the beginning of the love narrative, and

the balcony scene in act 2, scene 2 is adequate to do anyone & # 8217 ; s bosom thaw.

Another thing which adds to the love narrative is the matrimony of Romeo and Juliet.

Marriage is a large committedness, ( & # 8217 ; till decease do us portion, believe it or non they

meant it in those yearss, non like us today [ ’till divorce do us portion ] ) and to

love person so much that you would desire to get married them is surely portion of a love


Last, to take your ain life for your hubby or married woman is decidedly a mark of

true love. To love each other plenty that you would perpetrate suicide merely to be

with them after decease to me is the ultimate committedness.

So there you go. I am certain you can see that the calamities do rule the

facets of the love narrative, but by no agency does this mean that they are non

at that place. The universe may name it a calamity, but I would state that it is both.

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