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To get down with, we can see that the general state of affairs is instead like a kin or tribal struggle. Such struggle can take to societal upset, bloodshed or even decease. It all start with the struggle between the two families.

Subsequently on in the drama, at Act II, Scene 2 & # 8211 ; the party scene, Romeo and Juliet meet and fell instantly in love and they shared a sonnet together. This is merely a affair of destiny and opportunity.

The drama is in a flood tide after Romeo and Juliet decided to acquire married the following twenty-four hours after they meet at Juliet & # 8217 ; s balcony that dark. Romeo & # 8217 ; s felicity after the matrimony is contrasted with Tybalt & # 8217 ; s visual aspect which cause Mercutio & # 8217 ; s decease, Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease, Romeo & # 8217 ; s ostracism and all the calamity to go on.

While Romeo was banished, Juliet is at that place, in her ain house, trusting that Romeo will be at that place tonight to consummate their matrimony.

Romeo was in Friar & # 8217 ; s cell, experiencing really incapacitated and desperation, as he could non travel to see Juliet tonight and he must go forth for Mantua immediate because of his ostracism.

The Nurse brought back bad intelligence of Romeo & # 8217 ; s ostracism and Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease. At first, Juliet was devastated as she misunderstood Romeo is the 1 who is killed by Tybalt. But after farther inquiring, Juliet so realized that Tybalt is the 1 who is died, non Romeo. She felt relieved.

Friar eventually agree to allow Romeo travel to the Capulet & # 8217 ; s topographic point that dark. But ONLY with a camouflage.

They shared their passion that dark. Sadly, Romeo must go forth Juliet for Mantua the following forenoon.

Juliet was forced to get married Paris. She didn & # 8217 ; t want to get married him, and with Friar & # 8217 ; s aid, she drank a potion which would do her to & # 8216 ; die & # 8217 ; for 72 hours. On that twenty-four hours, Friar tried to inform Romeo about the program, but his missive did non make him. Alternatively Romeo receive the unpleasant intelligence from Balthasar. Romeo so went to Juliet & # 8217 ; s grave, he killed Paris, he drank the toxicant, and when Juliet woke up, she killed herself, and decease excessively.


In the late 1500 & # 8217 ; s, in Verona, Italy. There were two truly powerful households, the Montagues and the Capulets, who had been enemies for about decennaries.

One twenty-four hours, the caput of family of the Capulet household, which is Juliet & # 8217 ; s male parent, decides to throw a party and to ask for all the relations and friends of the Capulet. Bing the feuding household, the Montages, of class was non invited. Romeo, as the Montages, planned to acquire a expression at a immature miss, Rosaline, who he was prosecuting so. Therefore he disguised himself in a party apparels

and in secret slips into the party. Once he went indoors, he saw no Rosaline, alternatively he saw an attractive miss — Juliet. His attending was instantly stolen by the attractive miss he saw. He fell in love immediately.

But after that, when Romeo found out that Juliet was a Capulet, and frailty versa, they both feel really defeated.

That dark, Romeo in secret crept into the garden of the Capulet so as to trust to catch a glance of Juliet.

Juliet was standing on her balcony, squealing her out love to the stars. Romeo heard her confession and he stepped out from the shrub which he was concealing in. Romeo admits his strong feelings to Juliet and programs to get married her in secret the following twenty-four hours with the aid of his friend, Friar Laurence.

On the nuptials twenty-four hours, both of Romeo & # 8217 ; s friends, Benvolio and Mercutio was confronted by Juliet & # 8217 ; s cousin, Tybalt, while walking down the streets in Verona. Tybalt was at that place to acquire Romeo. When he couldn & # 8217 ; t happen him, he started contending with Benvolio and Mercutio. After that, Romeo shows up but he didn & # 8217 ; t want to contend with Tybalt because he & # 8217 ; s already married to Juliet. One of his friend Mercutio, saw that Romeo did non stand up for himself and couldn & # 8217 ; t understand it. So Mercutio stepped out to contend for him. But he was killed. Romeo couldn & # 8217 ; t command his choler any longer. So as to revenge the decease of his friend, Romeo kills Tybalt. The prince of Verona so banishes Romeo off from Juliet, to another town, Mantua. Not cognizing Juliet & # 8217 ; s matrimony to Romeo, Juliet & # 8217 ; s male parent, the old Capulet, decided to get married his girl to a immature adult male named Paris.

Not cognizing what to make, Juliet consults Friar Laurence. He told her to hold to the matrimony, but in the forenoon of her nuptials twenty-four hours, she will imbibe a potion specially made by Friar Laurence to her. The potion will do Juliet expressions like she is died. Then he will direct Romeo at that place to deliver her. Therefore, on the twenty-four hours of matrimony, Juliet did as what she was told.

But the bad thing is, bad intelligence reaches Romeo & # 8217 ; s ears before Friar Laurence reaches him. Over coming with heartache, Romeo buys a toxicant before traveling to Juliet & # 8217 ; s tomb so as to decease beside his married woman. When he reaches Juliet & # 8217 ; s grave, he was forced to kill Paris for non allowing him inside to be with Juliet. Romeo drank the toxicant and died. Moments subsequently, Juliet wakes up and found Romeo died. She learns what has happened from Friar Laurence who merely came in to the grave. Feeling really disquieted, She took Romeo & # 8217 ; s sticker to kill herself. Romeo and Juliet & # 8217 ; s decease had caused a deep impact on the Montagues and the Capulets. They promised themselves that they were ne’er to contend once more.

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