Despite being best friends.

Romeo and Mercutio’s positions on love are really contrasting. In act 1 scene 4. Romeo is portrayed as person who views love as a negative thing. whereas Mercutio has a more positive position on love. We see this in act 1 scene 4. when Romeo says ‘sore enpierced with ( cupid’s ) shaft. ’ ‘Sore’ indicates that Romeo is in uninterrupted hurting as a consequence of how love has bruised him. This leaves us with the feeling that he is profoundly affected by love in a negative manner.

and that this injury that love has given him will take a long clip to mend. On the other manus. Shakespeare uses a homonym to contrast Mercutio’s thought of love with Romeo’s.

We see this when Mercutio says ‘borrow cupid’s wings and surge with them. ’ The usage of ‘soar’ and ‘sore’ illustrates their contradicting ideas on love.Romeo negotiations approximately himself as being ‘sore’ in a negative mode associated with hurting ; nevertheless Mercutio uses the word ‘soar’ in a manner that suggests love’s felicity and freedom.

we can deduce this because people frequently associate surging with winging. and winging represents freedom. Furthermore. this citation non merely shows that Mercutio positions love as something that should do you happy. but the usage of ‘soar above common ground’ could convey the image that he wants to sabotage the common relationships of people in love.

The significance of ‘common bounds’ this suggests that Mercutio wants Romeo to borrow Cupid’s wings and surge above all of these ordinary lover’s frights and concerns. This to boot highlights their different positions on love. and how Mercutio views the importance of basking love instead than chew overing over what’s traveling incorrect. and Romeo would instead chew over over his jobs.

instead than basking love. It could besides be interpreted that Mercutio is stating Romeo to non be restricted. and that he is stating him to travel on from Rosaline and happen new love.Furthermore.

Romeo and Mercutio have different positions on how love should be treated. and weather love is a load or non. We see how heavy hearted love makes Romeo feel and his position on love being a load when he says ‘soul of lead so bets me to the ground’ Shakespeare uses the contrast of the weightiness of lead to a ‘soul’ which is normally considered as light and aired. This suggests that Romeo is weighed down by love’s load instead than elevated by it. Mercutio on the other manus thinks that love is burdened by Romeo.

instead than Romeo being burdened by love.We see this when Mercutio says ‘too great subjugation for such a stamp thing. ’ The word ‘tender’ demonstrates how he looks at love to be light and soft. and hence mercutio thinks that love should be treated with attention. and non so laden. that it ends up interrupting.

Besides Mercutio think that Romeo is demuring excessively much from love. and that he should non be weighed down by something so soft. and this is the ground that some may believe Mercutio is mocking Romeo because he is so broken by something that is so tender.

Alternatively. he could merely be seeking to soothe him by stating him non to allow love convey him down.We could reason that Mercutio is really different to Romeo because they have different ideas on Dreams. Mercutio believESs that dreams are undependable. We see this in act 1 scene 4 through extended metaphor in the queen mab address when he compares dreams to ‘the hints of the smallest spider’s web.

‘Traces’ emphasizes how the dreams are barely seeable. merely like a dream that is barely seeable when the dreamer wakes up. Therefore you can’t rely on something that is barely seeable.

‘Spider’s web’ besides shows how breakable mercutio thinks dreams are. and ‘smallest’ farther reinforces how small. fragile. and hence undependable he considers dreams to be.This is really different to how Romeo views dreams because he obviously thinks that dreams are really dependable as he says that it wouldn’t do sense to travel to the ball. strictly based on the fact that he had ‘dreamt a dream. ’ This demonstrates how he believes that his dream would be a dependable beginning to establish his determinations on. Besides Mercutio think that dreams are powerless and pathetic.

This is apparent through the quotation mark ‘O’er lady’s lips. who straight busss dream. ’ Ladies desire love. and so this suggests that dreams merely reflect what we desire.

and keep no existent significance. therefore he thinks powerless and pathetic. However Romeo doesn’t think they are powerless or pathetic.

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