Romeo Essay, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet EssayIn Shakespeare? s tragedies the chief characters die in the terminal, and in his comedies people marry. Since Romeo and Juliet is a calamity, Romeo and Juliet are traveling to decease in the terminal.

Some events have to take to their deceases, and person makes these events happen. The people who started it all and did something that led to all the other events that caused the decease of the & # 8220 ; twosome & # 8221 ; . The Capulets and Montagues would be the most responsible 1s for the deceases of Romeo and Juliet because if their households didn? t start the combat, and they didn? T continue it, nil bad would hold happened.The first lines of the book state us about the hatred and enviousness between the two houses. The whole battle started a long clip ago with truly stupid small things, and so grew into immense battles affecting many people. No leader of either household even thought about doing peace, they were all excessively busy to botch everything for the rival household. Merely after the decease of their kids they realized how incorrect they were.

Romeo and Juliet foremost met each other at a party at the Capulets house. They fall in love with each other at the first sight without cognizing that they are from households who hate each other, and when they do larn about it, it is excessively late. Juliet realizes that it was a error to fall in love with Romeo, because he is one of the people she should watch out for. He is her first and merely love, but he is an enemy of her household. Lucky for Romeo, Juliet is smart, and such dense thing as hatred between their parents wouldn? t halt her from loving Romeo and acquiring married with him. She is regretful that their households are enemies, though, because everything would be much easier if they weren? T. So this is the first clip when the hatred between Capulets and Montagues becomes job to Romeo and Juliets felicity.

Merely after their kids dice, the Montagues and Capulets come to their senses. The Prince accuses them of killing Romeo and Juliet. The Prince makes them see how incorrect they were all the clip, that all because of their hatred, because they couldn? t allow their kids love each other, Romeo and Juliet died. After that, Capulets and Montagues make up one’s mind to name it quits.

No more combat, and Montague even says that he will do a gold statue of Juliet, but what is that traveling to make? It is excessively late, nil will convey them back.It is wholly Capulets? and Montagues? mistake that Romeo and Juliet died. If they didn? t hatred each other so much, they would allow their kids get married, and they would be able to populate merrily of all time after. There was merely one individual that realized how unreasonable the combat was and even tried to halt it, and he was Benvolio. Benvolio was a Montague, but the Capulets didn? Ts have a conciliator like Benvolio. They merely had Tybalt, whose lone end was to destruct all the Montagues. We don? t truly cognize how Romeo and Juliet? s parents would hold reacted if they had known that their kids were in love with each other.

Romeo and Juliet didn? T even seek to state them about love between them because they were afraid that their parents wouldn? t understand, but possibly they would hold. But, Capulet and Montague learned about their kids? s love when they were already dead. It is still largely Capulets? and Montagues? mistake that Romeo and Juliet died, but possibly it was merely their destiny to decease.

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