Rose and Star decorationare popular with Cakes The basics to decorating is practices upon practice.  STARAND ROSE 1. Practice with tip. Hold the bag at 90 degress with tip between 1/8 or ¼ inch above the cake.

Always use the other hand to keep tip steady.   2. -Squeeze the bag to form a star apply more pressure for a bigger start and less for smaller stars.   -Stop squeezing the bag before you lift the tip from the star.   – Rotate in a clockwise manner moving upwards to create a rose.(for cupcakes)       ROSETTES Rosettes are perfect to hold birthday candles  1. – Hold bag at 90 degress with tip slightly above surface. Squeeze out icing to form a start without releasing the pressure.

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  -Move the tip into a tight clockwise rotation starting at 9:00 moving to 12:00     2. – Move quarterly on the clock 12:00 to 3:00 3:00 – 6:00 6:00 – 9:00   -Stop applying pressure and lift tip away           ROUNDTIP DECORATIONS  These tipsare used for designing balls , writing and circular cupcakes designs. They aresimple and easy to use.Dots and Balls  1.

– Hold the bag at 90 degress with the tip slightly above the surface. Squeeze the bag per usual. Squeeze to the right size for you. Creating a pearl necklace or football these are easy to do .   – Stop squeezing the bag before you lift the tip.      Writing   1 –       Write on the cake first with a toothpick   –       Freehand and trace the pattern with the tip     –       Hold the bag at a 45 degree angle with tip slightly touching the surface   2 –       Write using a steady and even pressure, squeeze out a straight line.   –       Lift the tip off the surface to let icing string drop.

This is to prevent tails forming .   –       Stop squeezing before you touch tip to surface.     –       Clean tip before you start a new line of writing.   3 –       When squeezing glide along the surface in smooth motion.   –       Keep your wrist straight   –       Use your arm not fingers to give you a clean smooth writing.   –       When you master the curves on writing lift the tip up slightly as you write.

This will give you more control.        

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