1. ) Which minerals are stored in castanetss?Solid mineral crystals in your castanetss leave them with the strength and rigidness to back up your organic structure and withstand powerful physical emphasiss. Calcium and P are the most abundant minerals in your castanetss. together organizing Ca phosphate crystals.

Your castanetss contain approximately 99 per centum of the Ca and 85 per centum of the P in your organic structure. Other minerals stored in your castanetss include Mg and fluoride.

) Which type of bone provides a big. level surface country for musculus fond regard? level bone3. ) Describe the location. composing.

and map of the epiphyseal home base? epiphysial home base: located in the metaphysis. composed of hyaloid gristle. is the growing home base ; articular gristle: covers the portion of the epiphysis where the bone forms an articulation with another bone. composed of hyaloid gristle. reduces fiction and absorbs daze at freely movable articulations ; periosteum: surrounds the bone surface wherever it is non covered by articular gristle. is a sheath of dense irregular connective tissue incorporating bone-forming cells.

maps to protect the bone. aids in break fix. nourishes bone tissue. and serve as an fond regard point for ligaments and sinews
4. ) Which sort of bone marrow is found in squashy bone tissue? hematopoietic ( ruddy ) bone marrow5. ) Which ossification method would organize a thighbone?The thighbone is formed through the endochondral ossification procedure.

This is where bone replaces the gristle. There are six stairss in this type of ossification and they are as follows ; one the development of gristle theoretical account. two the growing of the gristle theoretical account. three the development of the primary ossification centre.

four the development of the medullary pit. five the development of the secondary ossification centres. and six the formation of articular gristle and the epiphyseal home base
6. ) Why is bone reconstructing necessary when a individual reaches adulthood? it renews osteal tissue before impairment sets in. it heals injured bone. it redistributes bone along lines of mechanical emphasis.

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