Save Hearts an Application to Help Heart Attack Victims Find Faster Emergency Response.

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A heart attack, also called a myocardial infarction, happens because of decreased blood supply to your heart’s muscle. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs when your heart goes into a dangerous heart rhythm and suddenly stops working. Heart attack is rarely fatal, but SCA is fatal in 95 percent of cases. Heart attack accounts for more deaths than all forms of cancer combined and it affects both women and men. But in the modern smartphone age, we can provide ways to get people the medical attention they need faster. Over the past decade, more people are connected to the internet using smartphones due to advances in the mobile phone industry. Now, smartphones are cheaper and available for everyone. Using smartphones we can provide means of health support. Ranged from tele-health to fast ambulance services and more.


Keywords—Application (App), heart attack, cross-platform



Using an application (“app”), we can provide direct means for patients to get the medical attention they need. The intention of this mobile app is to provide the user with different symptoms of heart attack in the application and a user profile that mentions all of his health status. When the user identifies symptoms of a heart attack, user informs the app by tapping an alert button. At this point the application via GPS will alert nearest ambulance service and alerts the other users who use the application and the person’s added list of families and friends. They will be alerted of the situation by sending to their phones the location of the patient. That leads to faster rescue of the victim by first aid provided from other users and increases the chances of person living.

A person suffering from heart problems can have a heart attack at any time. In these circumstances, it is


vital that medical personnel can treat the patient as soon as possible. There are currently no cross-platform apps that have the ability to alert medical personnel the location of a patient suffering from a heart attack, or early symptoms such as chest pain. The time it takes for medical personnel to reach a patient may be too long, and the consequences can be fatal.

A large percentage of the population suffer from heart problems. In many cases, victims of heart attacks could have had their life saved if they had easier access to alerting medical attention. In the modern age, many people are only able to communicate via mobile phone. In rural areas, mobile phones are the only means for people to call emergency services. By the time the ambulance gets to the victim, too much time has passed. Often times, these response times were because the ambulance was located too far away, and yet there are people proximate to where the victim is located, that could offer help much more rapidly. This technology could be used to decrease the response time of medical personnel to get to a victim, potentially saving further health problems.

The solution to this problem is to develop a mobile phone app that is cross-platform, meaning it can be used on any phone, that allows the user to report his potentially life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain, to anyone in the nearby area that can offer help, perhaps someone with a vehicle that could provide him transportation, or a nearby nurse, or an ambulance passing by. The doctor receiving the patient will also be able to access the patient’s medical history instantly through the app, thus saving even more time.

The objectives of the project are:

To enable the user to communicate his heart problems to important stakeholders including his doctor, the nearest available help, and his family members. Also to notify the closest person in the area that uses the app, the GPS location of the patient and what he is suffering from, as well as the informing of the nearest hospital.


Furthermore, provide the doctor treating the patient with his or her medical history instantly. Last but not least, normalize the app by making it cross-platform, and available on any phone whether IPhone, Windows, Android or Blackberry, etc.


A.    Scope of the Work

To ensure a successful project, it is fundamental to determine the scope of the project. This will help assess the boundaries of the project, ensuring every step is part of a cohesive plan.


The primary goal of development is to build an app that is fully functional, and contains no glitches, bugs, errors across all platforms. It should be an app that is easy to operate for the end-user.


“Save Hearts” Will be an app that allow the user to quickly and easily alert nearby people who can help him, as well as alert medical personnel, the nearest hospital, and family members, in the event he is suffering from symptoms of heart problems. The user will download the app and simply input his medical information and contact details. His profile will be viewable to other users of the app. This allows the app to link people together with important information such as symptoms being felt, exact GPS location, and other pertinent information during emergency cases.


By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of other relevant apps in the market, the developer can determine what is lacking, and therefore what problems aren’t being solved. This app seeks to lower the response time of medical personnel or individual citizens to help and assist those suffering from heart problems. This app can alleviate long term damage or even fatal consequences of heart problems. Using the most up to date technology, such as GPS, real-time communication, and sensor technology, the app will be multi-functional and cross platform. It will help maximize the amount of care a patient can receive from heart related problems, and be widely available for everyone to utilize.



A.    Cross-platform

The aim is to create the app responsive and cross-platform so that it is available to as many users possible.

To develop this project, we need the following tools and programs:

·                IDE (VS Code, Command Line)

·                Languages ( JavaScript, ES5, ES6,    Typescript, HTML5, CSS)

·                MongoDB for Database

·                Express JS for REST API

·                Angular JS & Ionic for UI

·                Node JS for non-blocking server

·                Apache Cordova for native device library interaction


B.    Targeted Users

·                User (Patients)

Patients suffering from heart problems can link themselves with people in his community.

·                End User (Responder)

Those who can assist the patient including medical personnel, those who can perform CPR, nurses, family members and friends, or fellow members of the community.


C.    Diagrams

The diagrams each play a unique role in helping the developer ensure that the app he creates is successful. The activity diagram in Figure 1, shows all the flow of activities in the application, depending on the input it receives from the user. The use case diagram in Figure 2, shows how the end user of the app can interact with the UI of the app. The sequence diagram in Figure 3, shows what processes are operating at any given time, and in what order. The class diagram in Figure 4, simply shows the attributes and values of the programming behind the app. The data flow diagram is a graphical representation of where data needs to be sent to/from within the app itself. Finally, I have shown the interface design, which is the one the end user would be seeing if they opened the app. These diagrams help the developer in visualizing the final product which helps him finish it with as few mistakes as possible.


Activity Diagram



Use case Diagram


3)     Sequence Diagram


Class Diagram



A.    Significance of the Project

This project has clear importance for the general public because it is a matter of life and death. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of fatality killing over 17.5 million people on Earth in 2012 alone. If patients don’t have rapid response times to symptoms they may be facing, it could have severely damaging or fatal consequences. It is essential that an easily accessible, cross-platform app is widely available for relevant people are notified and might be able to provide assistance. This will save lives.


B.    App Screenshots

                i.         Figure 5 shows the alert page or default page, this is where user can alert an emergency case and request for help.


















              ii.         Figure 6 show profile & setting page of the user, in this page user can modify his information and settings of the application.











             iii.         Figure 7 shows the notification panel where notifications for emergency requests are displayed to the user with the victim’s name and distance.











             iv.         Figure 8 shows the step by step directions to the user to follow the victim’s location.










The Save-Hearts app is developed using the Waterfall development approach, because the requirements were very well understood. At the same time this model is very easy to understand and use. Because each phase is processed and completed one at a time. Figure 9 shows all the phases included in waterfall development approach.



To conclude, Save Hearts is an application for heart attack patients to help them find faster rescue and it could be potentially helpful for cases like if a user is alone in a location where no one is there to help. Save Hearts provide direct means of communication for the victim to request for help.

On top of that, Final Year Project INFO 4998 & INFO 4999 was an opportunity to practice and value what mostly we have learnt in the classes in a period of 4 years. The project helped me on how to write academic reports, work on a project and its pipeline, and deal with stress and meeting deadlines. Also, how to prototype and develop a project from scratch. Overall it was a great experience.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to International Islamic University Malaysia and Kulliyah of Information and Communication Technology for providing the guidance and facilities to conduct this project.


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