Scanners are very useful for those accustomed to dealing with documents or archiving data. Each office usually has at least one scanner to facilitate its employees. Its large size makes this tool difficult to carry everywhere. We also need to connect the scanner to the computer so we can use it.

The inconvenience is when we are meeting outside the office and need to scan our documents. One of the usual alternatives we use is to take a picture of the document with a smartphone camera. Because taken with the use of hp camera so that the results are less than the maximum, sometimes there are parts that are less clear or size that is not appropriate.With the advancement of technology that is growing so many technology products that can help people simplify their work. One of them is a pocket scanner that we can carry everywhere.

The scanner is Pup.With this tool, we can scan, store, and share our documents with just one click. Pup has 135mm tall, 36mm wide, and weight 200gr. The results of the scan will be sent directly to our chosen destination with a Wi-Fi connection such as cloud, email, or other media. Pup also has storage for up to 2000 pages if you are offline.Pup can scan papers from A3-A8 sizes such as a small poster, book, paper, magazine, payment receipt, or business card. Pup also supports Optional Character Recognition (OCR), so the documents we scan can also be directly edited in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

The features that make this tool very helpful are Auto-Crop, Auto-Compress, Auto Upload, Auto-Rotate, Curve Fixing. It has a built-in LED light to ensure your target is perfectly illuminated.Pup has a battery life of 8 hours. At the back, there is an On-Off button that allows you to turn it on when you need it and turn it off after it’s done.

This function can also make the battery can last longer because we do not need to turn it on when we no longer need it. When the power has run out, there is a USB-C port on the back for charging.

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