The article discusses how school prayer is unconstitutional and why it is this way. The case is a reliable source that is unbiased and gives a look at an issue from 1962. This source will be useful to give the opposing point of view for my paper. The case is from 1962 which will give me another point of view for my paper. It is very detailed and gives a full understanding of this side of the argument.

Bennett, Tom Folders, George. “Our Father In Heaven”: A Legal Analysis Of The Recitation Of The Lord’s Prayer By Public School Coaches. ” Clearing House 81. (2008): 185.

Masterful premier. Web. 29 cot. 2012. Bennett, Tom Folders and George discussed coaches’ rights to pray the Lord’s Prayer before games. It discusses the court’s ruling on student-led prayer and coach-led prayer.

It also discusses school-endorsed prayer which was officially declared unconstitutional because public schools should not show a preference towards any religion. This article is a reliable, unbiased source that will support my argument for the right to pray in school. It also has a little bit of the other argument in it which will help me purport my own side.This authors support my paper and has a little bit of a point of view from the other side of the argument.

Weber, Paul J. , and Linda Stewart Ball. “Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Texas Graduation Prayer. ” San Antonio Express-News. 04 June 2011: n. P. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web.

25 cot 20112. Paul J. Weber and Linda Stewart Ball declare that a prayer can be said before graduation in Texas as of June 3, 2011. The defendants argued that the invocations and benedictions excluded their beliefs. The valedictorian was able to pray at her radiation, and prayed thanks to god for allowing her to pray at graduation.This article is unbiased and describes the court cases tort boot sides. One student was asking for prayer to be banned and the other to allow for a prayer to be said; the final conclusion supports my argument.

Weber and Ball is a good source to support my belief that students should have a time of prayer during the school day. It also gives both sides of the argument which will help with my rebuttal. “School Prayer. ” Issues & Controversies On File: n. Page. Issues & Controversies.

Facts On File News Services, 14 May 2009. Web. 23 Cot. 012. This article discusses an Illinois court case concerning a moment of silence at graduation in September 2011.

The article discusses topics such as religious freedom, Americans support of prayer, and religious equality amendment. It states that most Americans wish to allow some form of prayer in public schools and are in favor of a “Religious Equality Amendment. ” The article is useful to my paper; it makes several points that are not covered in any of the other sources.

It also gives several solutions to school prayer that I believe in.This article has helped me come up with real solutions to the problems with school prayer and how to make school equal for everyone yet allow for a time of prayer. It supports my beliefs and will help me explain my point of view better. MacDonald, Joan Voss. Religion and Free Speech Today: A Pro/Con Debate. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enclose, 2009. Print. McDonald’s book covers religion and public life, faith of the Founding Fathers, prayer, religion in school, holiday celebrations, symbols of faith, respecting America’s heritage.

It discusses different court cases such as Engel v.Vital, Abnegation Township v. Schemes and Murray v. Current. It covers the cases in great detail, and discusses the Pledge of Allegiance and the addition of “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

MacDonald gives both sides of the argument but seems to support the pro side of school prayer more than the con. The author does fully cover all of the court cases involving school prayer though. This book supports my beliefs and shares the other side of my argument; it is a good source for all the different cases about school prayer. This is a good book that I will SE.

“R. I.Teen Faces Community Backlash After Courtroom Win Over Prayer Banner. ” Church & state 65. 3 (2012): 19. Masterful premier.

Web. 1 NOVO. 2012. This article discusses Beam’s view on birth control, a Delaware school’s battle to pray before public speeches and a Kansas house speaker praying for Beam’s days to be tee. It also covers a court case about a student in Rhode Island whose school had a prayer banner hanging in its auditorium. The student believed this was unconstitutional and the court ruled in favor of the student. The article gives both ides of the argument.

The author does fully cover the court case and gives what seems to be an accurate account for the case. This case gives the con side to my argument. It supports the belief that school prayer in public schools should not be allowed. Colloid, Pamela. “They Haven’t Got A Prayer. ” Texas Monthly 28. 11 (2000): 116.

Masterful Premier. Web. 1 Novo. 2012.

Pamela Colloid describes a Santa Fee school that lost a court case which ruled that school-sponsored prayers could not be spoken before a game. The article discusses how everyone one in that crowd had on shirts tit bible verses, had painted their bodies or had a poster proclaiming their beliefs.This was the schools way of fighting the new law that doesn’t allow for their rights to say prayers before games. This court case had results that show that Just because the court rules something, we still have our freedom to fight back in small ways.

This school is a great source for my paper. Colloid supports my beliefs that schools should be allowed to decide if they want to have a school prayer before a game. It is a time for everyone to pray that no one gets hurt and that they will play fair. Van BEMA, Dovetailing, Richard N. “Spiriting Prayer Into School. Time International (Canada Edition) 151. 16 (1998): 38.

Masterful premier. Web. 1 NOVO. 2012. Sterna, ghosting and Richard report on the spread of after-school prayer clubs across the United States as to overturn the 1963 Supreme Court ruling banning prayer in public schools. They also discuss efforts of prayer club members to bring worship back into schools. These clubs pray after school to help raise awareness of the problems with not being allowed to pray freely.

This article discusses both sides of the argument but seems to purport the pro side of the argument more.The article seems a little biased but each author seems to see another side to the argument. This article supports my beliefs well and I will probably use it in my paper. It shows people fighting the law in a peaceful way that will help more than getting angry. “Florida Senate Panel Advances School Prayer Bill. ” Church & State 64. 11 (201 1): 22.

Masterful Premier. Web. 1 Novo. 2012. This article discusses a bill that allows students to offer prayer during school events. The bill was finally passed after three years and states that students ay offer a non-sectarian prayer at school functions.

It still has to go through the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the House of Representatives. The article seems to support this bill, but doesn’t say anything that diminishes it either. The article is reliable overall but doesn’t seem to be very detailed. The bill is a tangible thing that I can use to my advantage because it supports my beliefs and is a real thing going on now. I will most likely use this article in my paper.

Boston, Rob. “First Amendment TOUCHDOWN!. ” Church & state 53. 7 (2000): 4. Masterful premier. Web. Novo. 2012.

Rob Boston focuses on the United States Supreme Court’s ruling on school-sponsored prayers before football games in Santa Fee, Texas. He questioned the legality of student led prayers before a football game. The Supreme Court ruled that these prayers were unconstitutional and are not allowed. Boson’s article is very descriptive and shows full support for the opposing side. He shows little understanding for the other side of the argument. This article describes the court case trot boot angles . It seems unbiased not support my beliefs, so I will probably not use it in my paper.

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