Recently there has been talk about kids being bullied in school. Those kids are sometimes even bullied until they kill themselves. Recently the government has been trying to prevent this from happening and they even passed a law. People should really stop and see what goes on in schools very carefully because if we don’t our kids will get the worse out of it and it might be too late to help. School violence has been a very important topic ever since what happened in Newton, Connecticut. What had happened in Newton was that a man went into

Sandy Hook Elementary and started to kill teachers and students. At the end after he killed about 20 students that never deserved to die and had their future taken away from them, he took his own life. There was an investigation and they found out that he actually had more ammunition to keep killing the kids. This was a very sad day all over the United States because we all felt the pain that the families were dealing with. In Chicago, Illinois a 14 year old brought a gun to school. The good thing was that before someone he did anything drastic, somebody saw him and reported it to the police.

The police searched him and they found the unloaded gun and the boy was cited. The reason that the boy brought a gun to school was because he was bullied. He wanted to show the bully the gun so that he would stop. And in Maryland, Baltimore a superintendent wants to stop all kinds of violence in his school after 3 kids brought guns to school. He wants to provoke school violence and promote a safer environment. The bad thing about this is that teachers are more worried about their pay than the kids’ safety in their community. The United States isn’t the only place where school violence is happening at.

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It is also happening in South Korea. In South Korea a 13 year old was bullied until he committed suicide by Jumping from his window. This happened because the boy didn’t go to anyone to help him out with his major situation. Not even his parent’s knew anything about their son being bullied and his mom was a teacher. Another thing that makes this worse is that 6 months before this a girl committed suicide because she was bullied too. What does this mean? It meaner that nobody is doing anything to stop the violence in schools. School Violence is a very serious problem and it is happening all over the world.

Even if you don’t think it is because you live in a perfect place it is still happening. School violence isn’t a new thing in our world. It has been around ever since school started. Even our parent’s had school violence in their times and there is still nothing done about it. What is school violence? School violence is any kind of violence that is done in school that can hurt a person physically and emotionally. School violence can be someone physically hurting someone by hitting the person or someone saying something mean to someone else and hurting the person with any weapon like a gun.

School violence is sometimes known as bullying. Bullying has been a major problem in the world and it is Just getting worse each time. About one-third of students age 12 and up are the victims of school bullying. 10% of 12-18 year olds were called hate-terms at school, and 35% saw hate-related gar tilt at school. Sometimes school violence isn’t always in school. Kids go home and spend a lot of time on the internet and social networks. Kids can find anyone in the internet and bully them when the person is home. This known as cyber bullying and it is the most common type of school violence.

Kids do this because they know that they are doing something wrong and because they really don’t Even though we’re different in many ways, school violence is the same all over the world. People get bullied because of race, sex, religion, color, sexuality, and mainly just being themselves. People think that being different is wrong and that people should learn the hard way to be normal. But the thing is that nobody is the same or even normal. Everyone has something that people think it is weird and don’t want anyone to find out about it. People shouldn’t let anyone decide who they should be.

It’s like this quote” Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself. ” In this quote Harvey S. Firestone is trying to say that the victims of bullying should never let themselves be bullied and should always speak up. You shouldn’t change to be liked by others because all that matters is that you like yourself. The effects of bullying are very serious. It can hurt them mentally, physically, it can hurt their self-esteem and it can hurt their feelings.

Kids will start hiding in school, not going to school, and even move to another place. Kids might sometimes think that what the bully is doing is right and they won’t tell anyone to help them with their big problem. Another effect is that the kid that was bullied will become a bully in the future because he wants someone to feel the way that he did. Another effect and the most common one is suicide. The kids are Just tired of getting bullied and think that the way to solve their problem is killing themselves so that they don’t feel this pain anymore.

The ways that kids commit suicide are brutal and depressing. They take their life away by hanging themselves, using a gun, taking drugs, and even Jumping if a tall building. Instead of looking for help they Just take the situation under their hands and don’t make the best decision because they are afraid. Suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades. If people really cared about their kids they would’ve done something to change their lives to help them out. So why do bullies bully others kids?

Well one of the reasons is that they were once bullied too and they Just want to get all that frustration out of their system. Another thing is that people have been investigating what kind of things provokes school lenience. They say that the student’s neighborhood and environment that are around affects how safe a student feels. So why is school violence still a big part of our economy? The reason is that not everybody is doing something to help. Kids watch other kids get bullied and they don’t do anything to stop them because they are afraid to get bullied too. 6% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school. This is too many to not make a difference and help. Teachers are also doing the same thing. If they see someone getting bullied most of the time they will stop it but after a while they Just onto care anymore and Just turn the other way so that they don’t have to deal with it at all. This will soon make the problem worse because kids will get used to teachers nit saying anything to them and they will make bullying a constant habit W go to school they want to feel safe and teachers should make sure that they feel safe.

Like in this quote “Violence in our school can never be tolerated. When children pass through the schoolhouse door, they should find safety, not violence. ‘What Elizabeth Dole is trying to say is that the only way that violence I the school is going to happen s people and teachers allow it and Just look the other way. Even though there are some people that are not helping out with the problem, there are still some people that are doing something to make school violence an important issue. An example would be the creator of Glee.

They make school violence one of their major themes. They try to make people with different interest work together instead of go against each other. They have the school Coco sing, the head cheerleader dance and sing with people that she hated in the beginning but at the end started liking them. They also have the Coco fall for the weird girl. They have homosexuality as one of their themes. They show how life is for them and how hard it is to be them. In one episode they even showed one of them trying to commit suicide. Another thing that glee shows is how everyone is different.

They have people from differences and disabilities work there problems out and they don’t care what others think about them because they have people who like them Just the way they are. This show makes people think about how bad people can make someone feel and it shows them how to be a better person. Another company that is trying to make a difference is Disney and Nickelodeon. They make shows about kids in school and their everyday lives. What they try to do is show that with friends you can face any obstacle in life and have a good life. They make the characters in at least one situation where they are being bullied.

They then have the friends stand up for that person and they make a change in that person’s life. This theme is very important because it shows how friends can always make a change and save a life. Another thing that has really helped make bullying an awareness is the movie Bully. It’s a documentary about kids who Just go through their life being bullied in school. It shows how one of the kids thinks that the kids are Just playing around with him because they are his friends when they are not. It also shows how the kid is being physically being bullied on the bus and the bus driver doesn’t do anything to stop the kids.

It also talks about a girl who brought a gun to her bus because she was tired of being bullied. There is another girl that had to move schools Just because she was treated unfair because of her sexuality. Another thing that is talked about in this documentary is the lives of the parent’s whose kids had committed suicide because of lulling. It shows that they think that the school system isn’t doing anything to stop the school violence in their community. There are also people who are making a change. One of those people is Lady Gaga. She is really against being bullied and has tried to get laws passed against bullying.

She calls her fans little monsters because she wants to make them understand that being different is okay. She also made a song called Born this Way. This song talks about how we shouldn’t care about what people think about us because we were born that way and were proud of it. One of her biggest and Houghton actions was when before her concert had started she took some time to commemorate the concert to a kid that had committed suicide because en was bullied. Another group of people that are trying to make a change are the WE wrestlers. They are part of a group known as Be a Star.

This organization is to help young children that are being bullied and lead them to a better life. They have also had some of the kids go to their matches to see them wrestle and that puts a smile on the kid’s faces. Another person that is making a big change is the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. After what happened in Newton, he has been fighting to get rid of guns when people don’t u SE it the right way. He also worked with Lady Gaga to make bullying a crime. This will help so many victims get Justice and a better safer life. Bullies are also making a difference.

Former bullies are trying to make u for what they did in the past. They make organizations that are against bullying and share their experience to so that others can learn from their mistakes. They help bullies with their problems and help them stop. Even though we don’t understand how those kids feel, we should still try to put ourselves in their shoes so that they can get the same opportunity we have and in order for that to happen people should really stop and see what goes on in schools very carefully because if we don’t our kids will get the worse out of it and it might be late for us to help.

Those kids should remember this, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. So if you see anyone who is a victim of school violence then help them out.

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