“Schooling the World” is an excellent approach for us to
see how modern education is affecting the way that we think as individuals. Are
we actually helping others when we are schooling them? What truly happens when
we supplant a conventional culture’s standard of information with our own? Are we
improving their life? Are they getting better or is there a cultural
superiority message hidden behind the concept of education?

Many of us in our intent to fight for equal and better
opportunities for everybody (especially for indigenous people), frequently
think that the only way to help them is making sure that every child is in
school, without realizing that we are creating another problem too, a lacking
of identity.

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With this in mind, the role that schools are playing in the
society is to damage the traditional sustainable ecological and agricultural
knowledge, by separating extended communities and families, and in the
devaluation of heritage traditions.

By accepting that foreign
people come to our countries to educate us, we are also giving up in the opportunity
to think differently. We abandon our culture, we abandon what we are and
sometimes even what we believe in. What happen in a country like Honduras
(where I am from)?  Modern education set
our mind to think the same. It doesn’t promote the freedom to think differently.
We are unconsciously taught that we are inferior. Even more concerning, is the
fact how in spite of being in the same country you lower the importance of the
moral values that a person may have just because some people did not have the
opportunity to learn how to write, read or attend school/college.

The whole system is breaking
our minds to think, in what is better for certain groups. People use the
education as a way to control the social behavior.


In essence, we have to realize that different cultures have
as much to tech as we have to learn from them. There is an undebatable that
these sustainable and unique societies may host information which is crucial
for our own particular survival in the coming millenia.

The documental destroys the myth that we cannot acquire valuable
education from developing countries and that our schooling system is the superior
or the best.  The idea presented, it
should be considered by the authorities of these countries who believes that all
‘foreign’ is better.

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